Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So I had an interview.. & Taco Tuesday!

I did! I had an interview today for a Volunteer Coordinating position. I would be great at that, so we'll see how it goes. I think the interview went really well, and that makes me happy. I'm hoping to have more.. I'm going to go to Express Personnel tomorrow and see if they can help me out too. Nothing as far as 'radio' careers, but hey, a career at all is good! Plus, it might be time for me to do something NOT in radio.. I love radio more than anything, but at this point in my life, it just might not be possible to stay in the industry, and I need to find a job..So thats the plan for now..

Its Taco Tuesday! Which means this afternoon I will join my friends at Iguana Grill for $1 Tacos, and Tecate, and Swirls! Then we will go to Sara Sara Cupcakes for a fabulous $2 Cupcake! Its a great day on Taco Tuesday!

So I think I may have talked MJ into getting an Iphone.. He has been with Sprint forever, but his mom, me, my mom, and all his other friends have ATT, so he could switch and then talk to us whenever he wanted (like he doesn't do that now..lol) but he could do it for free.. and my fabulout friend Whitney works at the ATT store so she could help us out. I seriously still think the Iphone is the greatest invention ever.. and Now, Yes, I want the IPAD too..ridiculous..

Loved "Dancing" last night.. I thought Pamela was good, and Kate did better.. I don't think she's going to hang in much longer thought.. the Bachelor guy did pretty good too, and the Ochocinco guy.. I really like watching it this season. Also glad to see Jet & Cord survive another day on Amazing Race.. I LOVE those guys! Such great ambassadors for rodeo, and the state of Oklahoma.

I taught my final Class at Francis Tuttle last night..I'll try and teach again sometime, but I can't do much not knowing what my 'work' schedule is going to be.. Its going to be so odd working an 8-5 job.. weird.. I've been 'early morning' for so long!
Talked to Leslie last night (Bill's Fince') and he's doing a great job with the kids right now while she plans her wedding.. A CAR ran through their house last week! RIDICULOUS! Apparently the kid was texting or something, and lost control and rammed the car right through their house.. It was awful. They got it patched up, and no one was hurt, but they've been in the process of trying to get that worked on.. Scared the crap out of the kids for sure! Thankfully no one was hurt, even though they WERE home at the time.. They will still have the Vegas Wedding in July.. so he's moving on with his life too.. We are trying to just be positive, and not worry about all the Crap going on with KKNG..Onward & Upward friends! Thanks for your kind words!


  1. Hello from Yukon, America! A co-worker and myself were at lunch today (wishing for mini-tacos, :)) and got to talking about why you weren't on the air. Neither of us had any idea that life had changed so much~guess we're not very up-to-date. I can tell you that I can't find any good reason to listen to KKNG anymore; there's no entertainment value without your accordion! I wish you all the best in your job search; with your outlook I bet it doesn't take long!

  2. Howdy KC! I USE to listen to KKNG everyday. Loved you guys....Especially the morning crew:) I do NOT listen to 93.3 or 97.3 at all. There is no personality to either one of the stations. I know that Lynn is still there in the mornings (97.3) but it just isn't the same. It all seems so robotic:( I remember when you first came to KKNG and I wasn't sure if I would like a third person but by golly you fit right in and brought the show to the next level. I so miss you and Bill (& Friends) in the mornings. My drive to work is full of station switching because I can't find one that I like. Best of luck to you and Bill in your future endeavors. Know that you guys are truly missed!!! <3 Lisa Dillard, Pauls Valley

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