Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Essential Oil Magic Wonderment and Pizzazz.

The Essential Oils weird me out.. They weird me out because I realize when i'm talkming about them to peole it sound like I practice weird voodoo on my family.. But time and time again when I use them they work.. so I guess I just need to be comfortable saying "Hi, I'm KC, and I practive weird voodoo oils on my family"..

The girls have had a cold for about a week (its over now) and it was annoying.. Runny Nose, and coughs mainly.. I didn't take them to the Dr because I know there is nothing they can do for colds and babies.. So I started putting the oils on them. Now, there are two main companies for Oils.. Young LIving and Doterra.. I've used both, they are both great.. but right now I'm using YL.. So I start putting thieves on their feet, RC on their Chest, and Melrose behind their ears.. They start getting better...but then I get paranoid that they have ear infections, or RSV, or Flu, or something terrible.. Why? Because when we came home last Wednesday after church Crosslee didn't go to bed until 4AM! Seriously.. MJ and I got up the next day and he said "Man, I think that is the worst night we've ever had.. even since newborn time"... I agreed.. She was just fussy.. not wanting to sleep.. not really crying, but not sleeping.. we tried everything, but since its so weird for her not to sleep I thought "something has to be wrong with her!"

So I decide to take her to the Kids 1st clinic after work.. I hate taking them to the Dr.. MY pediatrician doesn't have a 'sick' room so all the nasty little sick, germ-infested kids are walking around in the same room, touching your perfectly well kid.. Its not ideal.. I don't know why they don't have a sick room, but they don't.. blargh.. So I rolled up at the after hours kids clinic at 4:45..was the first one in there, and dodged all the germy kids! Only to find out.. guess what? She has a cold.. no ear infection.. no rsv.. no flu.. no Croupe.. Just a cold.. So yeah.. we went home.. But.. I was glad that it was nothing more than a cold, because they honestly never really felt bad, and I think that is because I was oiling them and they were feeling better the whole time.. So Oil your babies. Thats the lesson.. lol.. In fact, this article was hilarious.. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TAKE YOUR KID TO THE PEDIATRICIAN. 

Then on Friday I started to feel kinda terrible.. My boss had the flu, so I was worried I had gotten it too.. even though I got a flu shot.. (which those appear to do SOOO much for us).So I made up a "FLU BOMB" and put it on the bottoms of my feet at night, and diffused it.. the next day I was better. Crazy. I know. Its so weird.. but anyway, here's the flu/cold bomb.. Enjoy!

We started our new small group at Church.. Its so great. Love the group, love the people, love our church.. Could not be more excited.. so that is an exceptional part of our lives. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year, Same Ol' Me!

Sometimes when Writing this Blog I feel like I need to put a disclaimer on it.. because it has come to my attention that *some* people can't wait to read it, so they can try to throw me under the bus. All of my facebook friends, &; former radio folks you are not who I am talking about.. But Basically.. No one makes you read this blog, so if you don't like it, or you don't like me, move on.. It's as simple as that.

Ok, now that that is out of the way! Onto 2015!

I'm Pretty excited about 2015. 2014 was Really Great.. In fact, the past Few Years has been full of truly Life Changing Experiences..
2012--Married the Love of my Life
2013--Had 2 perfect, precious girls
2014--Managed to Keep those precious girls and my Love alive for a year!

So the possibilities are endless for 2015. Our Sunday School Teacher (Terry Feix) talked to us about Goals for the New Year.. Not Resolutions..that are made to be broken.. but Goals.. Here's what you are supposed to do.
Set 1-2 Spiritual Goals
Set 1-Self Improvement Goal
Set 1-3 Family Goals
Set 1-2-Job Goals

As MJ and I were doing this with each other we had to really think about what Goals we wanted to set. Terry's Advice was to keep it simple..and write it down.. So here are mine:
Spiritual Goals-- 1) Be a Strong Leader for Our Small Group.
                            2) Have Good Conversations with God on my Way to work
Self Improvement Goal--Continue my Weight Watchers Success
Family Goal--1) Be More Present with the girls..No Electronics.
                       2) Pray Each Night as a Family
Job Goal--Asset Management

I think being 'present' is something that is very lacking in our society today.. We can't even be present when we are driving down the road anymore.. we have to be texting or eating, or applying makeup.. Which all should NOT be happening, but you get my point.. When I say be "present" I mean.. be in the moment. When I come home I don't want to watch TV with the girls. I want to play with them, engage them, and make them giggle.. But so many times I'll find myself getting a text and replying to it.. or checking an email. Today's society tells us 'We deserve it all, and we can do it all".. but why do we need to? My mom and Grandma didn't have an Ipad, and I loved my time spent with them! But nowdays we can be watching TV while texting on our phone and facebooking on our Ipad! Its insane..but its the norm. So while at home with my goats I'm going to just be Present and enjoy every moment of their lives.

I'm excited about what they new year is going to bring for the girls too. This is such a fun time right now. I look at them everyday and think "Don't get big!" But I also look forward to seeing the magical things God is going to do in their lives. Crosslee Amazes me with how smart she is.. She is already doing matching games, puzzles, and coloring..and she says almost everything. Londyn's mind is more analytic.. she watches..and studies everything all the time. She doesn't say much, but she finds ways to get her point across..

Cross loves all her real animals, and her stuffed animals. She names each one of them and takes them to bed each night.. then each morning she wants them out of her bed, and gives them all food and water. She puts the food up to their mouths and makes little sipping noises. Then she will lay them down and say "Shh..seepin".. lol..Its hilarious and also awesome. There's nothing quite like looking at a mini version of yourself.

We Finished up our Last Christmas last weekend.. even though the weather was Boot. GT & Nana came over to the house and brought the girls some goodies.. Cross opened all the presents because Londyn doesn't care much about it. They had a good time playing with their goodies. Londyn finally got on board with the Trampoline that Pops & Grammy got them.. at first she was like "No thank you"... but yesterday she was jumping in it.. so it just takes her a little longer to warm up to stuff. 

Crosslee's mullet can now be transformed into pigtails.. its pretty great. Londyn has been able to have pigtails for a while now. I love it.. Their daddy says "They are so cute I can almost not look at them!".. he's waited for them to have pigtails since they were born..

This weekend Pops And Grammy are coming up to play with the girls for a bit. MJ's Birthday was on Monday so we are are going to go to lunch and then to watch "Taken 3".. yeah yeah I know.. Taken 3.. but hey, I liked Taken 2.. I know its the same premise..but its still good! So we will do that.

Dogs are doing great too.. They had a joyful Christmas. They love being out at the farm and running free.. Even though the Weather throughout the whole month of December was terrible.. they still love running free and being dogs. Cross loves throwing the ball for them.. It makes her laugh when Banks brings it back to her. Pays sometimes tries to steal her Owl..but that is always short-lived. Cross is pretty serious about the owl..

What did we do on New Years? You guess it..Nothing.. lol.. I'm still just as lame as I always have been.. and I was tired.

Hope you guys had a blessed New Years! Very excited about what the New Year Presents! I saw this on Facebook and thought it was very good advice.. MJ & I have decided to follow this list and re-work our inner circle. Unfortunate, but it has to be done. No point in having people around you that only hurt your feelings and bring constant negativity. Here's to hoping those people change their tune in 2015.. Here's the list:

10 Toxic People You Shouldn't Bring with You Into the New Year

1. The people who make your life more stressful.

Stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing — in fact, it’s what you make it out to be. If you believe stress is bad for you, then it will be bad for you. If you use stress as the motivator it is, to motivate you to act, then stress can actually be rather healthy.
However, you should aim to only be stressed by situations and not by people. If you have people in your life who are constantly managing to stress you out, that’s your mind telling you — and trying to motivate you — to remove them from your life.
Life is stressful as it is. You don’t need someone making it more so.

2. The people who use you.

To be fair, everyone uses everyone — and usually it’s OK. We interact with others because we find that it will benefit us in some way. If we didn’t believe it would, then we wouldn’t find sufficient reason to interact with them.
Sometimes we find people in our lives who use us in ways that end up hurting us. Most people will use us and by doing so, either maintain or improve our wellbeing.
Then you have those toxic individuals who use you and leave you worse off, sucking you dry and feeding off you like a parasite.
These sorts of people have no place in your life; don’t bring them into 2015.

3. The people who don’t respect you.

Every respectful person deserves to be respected in return; that’s how respect works. If you find that you have a person or people in your life who have difficulty giving you the respect you give them, tell them to buzz off.
Have enough respect for yourself to never allow others to disrespect you and remain a part of your life.

4. The people who always manage to hurt you.

People can be silly sometimes. The people we keep a part of our lives are the people we care about — or at least, that ought to be the case. Some of these individuals, sadly, end up hurting us and causing us pain.
The problem is that when others cause us pain, we’re reminded of how much those people mean to us. If they could hurt us emotionally, we must care for them and what they think of us a great deal — so we allow them to remain a part of our lives.
Often, we’ll even allow these individuals to take up more room. People hurt other people — it’s just the way the world works. But if you have someone in your life who can’t manage to stop hurting you, do yourself a favor and cut that person off.
Pain is only good if it teaches you a lesson. In this case, the lesson is to stop allowing others to use you as a punching bag.

5. The people who can’t seem to stop lying to you.

Everyone lies. In fact, within the first few minutes of meeting a new person, that person is likely to lie to you a handful of times. Most lies are harmless, but that all changes when the people who are lying to you are the people you trust.
Fill your life with trustworthy people and you’ll be far better off. You can find lies just about anywhere. Finding the truth, on the other hand, is much more rare.

6. The people who smile to your face and then insult you behind your back.

These are the scum of the scum, cowards that don’t have the guts to speak their minds. These individuals enjoy pretending to be your friend while telling the rest of the world that you’re a piece of sh*t.
These people will ruin your reputation and, as most of us now know, reputation matters a whole lot in the world we live in. Only idiots would start a new year with these sorts of individuals in their life.

7. The people who don’t care about you, but love to pretend they do.

We’ve all had people in our lives who act like our friends only when it’s convenient for them.
These toxic individuals are “pseudo friends” — a lot of fun to hang out with, and more than willing to accept help, but when you need their help they’re miraculously nowhere to be found.
These individuals are especially toxic because they give you the illusion of a safety net. You think you can lean on them for support, but when you reach for their shoulder, you fall over and hit the ground.

8. The people who drag you back into your old lifestyle.

Life is only interesting and exciting if it’s constantly progressing. Only when we’re constantly moving forward, constantly improving ourselves and our surroundings, are we able to find contentment and happiness.
Most people always manage to keep people in their lives who are holding on to the life you once had.
You have worked hard to progress and make changes, but these individuals prefer life the way it used to be, and do their best to bring you back to the cave you just crawled out of.
Be wary of these folks, they’re often difficult to pinpoint and always manage to revert the progress you worked so hard to make.

9. The people who hold you back.

There’s a fact to life that I’ve grown to accept over the past few years — a fact that isn’t especially pleasant, but nonetheless necessary to accept as truth: Many people in your life, the people you call friends, shouldn’t be a part of your life.
As time passes, we change as individuals. Our hopes and goals change, often leaving the relationships we have in place outdated.
Many of the people in your life likely don’t want to live the life you’re building for yourself. Because they’re egocentric, they’ll do their best to create their version of their ideal life and drag you into it.
Most times, people fail to create the life of their dreams because they surround themselves with people aiming for something entirely different.
If your goals aren’t aligned, your lives aren’t either.

10. The people just taking up space.

Everything in life is limited. Resources are limited. Time is limited. Space is limited. What you can accomplish within a lifetime is limited. We can’t, and never will be able to, have it all.
This is why you have to be very careful with not only what you choose to do, but with whom you choose to do it with.
You can only maintain a handful of strong relationships at any given time — you just don’t have the time, energy or mental focus to handle more.
If you’re filling your life with half-assed individuals, you’re bound to create a half-assed life. If someone isn’t adding to your life, then, by default, they’re taking away from it.
Leave them in 2014 and build a better inner circle.