Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Essential Oil Magic Wonderment and Pizzazz.

The Essential Oils weird me out.. They weird me out because I realize when i'm talkming about them to peole it sound like I practice weird voodoo on my family.. But time and time again when I use them they work.. so I guess I just need to be comfortable saying "Hi, I'm KC, and I practive weird voodoo oils on my family"..

The girls have had a cold for about a week (its over now) and it was annoying.. Runny Nose, and coughs mainly.. I didn't take them to the Dr because I know there is nothing they can do for colds and babies.. So I started putting the oils on them. Now, there are two main companies for Oils.. Young LIving and Doterra.. I've used both, they are both great.. but right now I'm using YL.. So I start putting thieves on their feet, RC on their Chest, and Melrose behind their ears.. They start getting better...but then I get paranoid that they have ear infections, or RSV, or Flu, or something terrible.. Why? Because when we came home last Wednesday after church Crosslee didn't go to bed until 4AM! Seriously.. MJ and I got up the next day and he said "Man, I think that is the worst night we've ever had.. even since newborn time"... I agreed.. She was just fussy.. not wanting to sleep.. not really crying, but not sleeping.. we tried everything, but since its so weird for her not to sleep I thought "something has to be wrong with her!"

So I decide to take her to the Kids 1st clinic after work.. I hate taking them to the Dr.. MY pediatrician doesn't have a 'sick' room so all the nasty little sick, germ-infested kids are walking around in the same room, touching your perfectly well kid.. Its not ideal.. I don't know why they don't have a sick room, but they don't.. blargh.. So I rolled up at the after hours kids clinic at 4:45..was the first one in there, and dodged all the germy kids! Only to find out.. guess what? She has a cold.. no ear infection.. no rsv.. no flu.. no Croupe.. Just a cold.. So yeah.. we went home.. But.. I was glad that it was nothing more than a cold, because they honestly never really felt bad, and I think that is because I was oiling them and they were feeling better the whole time.. So Oil your babies. Thats the lesson.. lol.. In fact, this article was hilarious.. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TAKE YOUR KID TO THE PEDIATRICIAN. 

Then on Friday I started to feel kinda terrible.. My boss had the flu, so I was worried I had gotten it too.. even though I got a flu shot.. (which those appear to do SOOO much for us).So I made up a "FLU BOMB" and put it on the bottoms of my feet at night, and diffused it.. the next day I was better. Crazy. I know. Its so weird.. but anyway, here's the flu/cold bomb.. Enjoy!

We started our new small group at Church.. Its so great. Love the group, love the people, love our church.. Could not be more excited.. so that is an exceptional part of our lives. 

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