Friday, May 5, 2017

Your Time is Limited, so Limit how you spend your Time

Man. When you get to a point in life where you have to make real life decisions that affect other people.. its boot. I don't love it.. Like right now, we are in the process of deciding what to do with the girls next year.. Trying to decide how you spend your time when you are busy.. is rough.. Trying to decide how your kids spend their time is also rough.. Do we sign up for T-ball? Soccer? Music class? How will they learn? Where will they go? What are their friends doing? Its exhausting. We are doing a Study in small group called "Breathing Room" and I do think its so important to understand that our time on Earth is limited.. so we need to be limiting how we spend our time.. spending time with people who are worth our time, and taking our kids to things that will allow them to flourish.. Figuring out those things is hard though.. lol

My girls have had a nanny since before they were born. We found early on (by talking to other twin parents) that hauling two newborn babies around was NOT ideal.. So we opted to have someone come to us, and we have been so blessed in that area. We had our First Nanny (Lapoppins) for the first 9 months, and we've had our current Nanny, Leslie, from 9 months to now. They were both amazing, and we are so grateful to have them. They have saved us from having to take two babies and all their garb around.. Leslie has helped us in numerous ways.. picking up after us.. picking up after the girls..Taking the girls to the library.. shuffling them to Mothers day out a few days a week.. taking care of the dogs.. letting service people into our house to fix things.. among taking great care of the girls..

AND.. AND.. We found BOTH of our amazing nannies on Yes, we took some flack from that from moms that said "You are just going to hire a STRANGER to take care of your KIDS! Blasphemy!".. Well let me tell you.. both of these STRANGERS have turned into amazing people for my girls.. Care does such a great job laying the groundwork for you.. background checks.. resumes.. etc.. And then you setup the interviews and decide who you want to pick. WE picked wisely both time (Or Rather Crosslee did) and we are beyond grateful for them, and for So Don't let people tell you it can't happen.. WE also found some great babysitters on there.. Its been very helpful to us.

But now we are at a Crossroads.. Our Girls have a Late May Birthday.. which means we can choose to send them to Pre-K now, Pre-K at 4, then Kindergarten at 5, or Kindergarten at 6.. We've heard 'theories' on about which is best.. But at the end of  the day, the girls will decide. They LOVE going and doing.. in fact everyday when I get home Cross says "Mama, where we go today".. because she always wants to be going.. They both have LOVED going to Crossings MDO (Mothers day out).. They get so excited everyday when they know its a school day. They've made sweet little friends, and they love their Teachers.. So I know they are probably ready to go and learn daily.. But I also know they like lounging in the morning while eating pancakes and watching bubble guppies.. And there lies the conundrum.. Trying to figure out what is best for your kids. Man, I feel like we do this the second they are in our bellies, and for the rest of their lives. And you second guess..and you wonder.. and you wait..and you trust That God has provided you good direction and will provide you Wisdom and discernment when it comes to your kids.. and you Pray.. You pray a LOT.

In other news.. WE had a GREAT Easter.. so many Eggs.. so Many Bunnies.. SO. MUCH. CANDY.. lol.. its never ending.. but the girls had a great time. But.. in case you haven't noticed.. My babies.. do NOT look like babies anymore.. and they are about to be FOUR years old!!!