Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Well here we go!

Sawyer resting in his new puffish bed..

We had a great time at the farm..We had the best Ribs EVER! They were so good! The Volleyball game got a little obnoxious, but I suppose thats to be expected with the crowd I hang out with.. Bill & Leslie got to come out and it was good to hang out with Bill for awhile..We definately miss laughing with each other every day so it was nice to have that back..He was on my volleyball team, and for a guy with a jacked up body, he did pretty well! lol.. We had fun.. The dog babes had a blast..but as you can tell, Sawyer played his little heart out, and was pretty sleepy by the time we got back home. He just LOVES being a farm dog!

All weekend long I helped Mom get ready to open the dog store..Spent hours doing inventory, pricing things, and making sure she had everything she needs..If you want to see the store, look over to the right..I put a "Like" button that shows the facebook account for "Woofs Gone Wild".. We don't have a regular site, other than Facebook just yet..But we'll be posting stuff under Twitter too, and here..Here's just a few things that we are going to have.. I'm so excited!

We have the cutest harnesses, treats, beds, cuddle cups, collars, toys, and some amazing things! It will be great. The Grand Opening is June 4th in Elk City, inside the Attic Door on Main Street, so if you have time, come on by..We'll be doing some specials, and some give-aways.. It will be great!

So I just had to pause from writing this blog to go to the cellar..Its a severe Weather day today in Oklahoma and its just wild..We are now out of the cellar, and everyone is okay, but I believe Piedmont got Hit, and now Noble is in its path..Scary stuff..Always is when its storm season in Oklahoma..Hope everyone is okay.

Well I was so glad John Rich won celebrity apprentice..I got to hang out with that guy last year and he's just awesome..he's fun, smart, and talented, and I always want the country star to win! Plus St. Jude is a great charity, so I'm very happy for him..He's a good guy. I do kinda hope that he and Big Kenny get back together..they were better as Big & Rich, than as solo Artists..Kinda like Brooks & Dunn..Have you all heard his new song? Bleed Red? Yeah, its not that great..He needs to go back to Kix, and be Brooks & Dunn again..

Still no word on my new job..Hopefully it will be something soon. I'd really like to get my 'life plan' back on track..being a planner, I like having a plan, and when the whole radio thing fell apart, that pretty much RUINED my plan. I honestly thought I was meant to be on the radio my whole life..I loved it, I was good at it, and I worked hard at it..so this whole thing has been bizarre to me..I mean, how could I have got it so wrong?? Maybe I didn't.. Maybe I just am not seeing 'the big picture' right now..So every day I pray for God to let me know what I'm supposed to be doing..because I obviously don't know!!! lol..

Hey, the Dog Jog is coming up on Memorial day..We are going to be having a jog, and a contest for 'best trick' 'best dressed' and much more.. So if you have time, come on out..I believe the Jog starts at 8, tricks and treats at 10..I'll be the emcee, so bring it on down and meet the shih-tzu babes..Payslee & Sawyer will give you a kiss! Click on the link to sign up..Proceeds go to benefit my therapy dog group, "New Leash on Life".. see you there!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Boys & Girls getting down on the farm..

Well I'm having a big farm party this weekend..Should be funtimes. Sitting around with my friends and family, having beverages, cooking out, eating smores, and playing Volleyball.. Should be a nice relaxing time. Thats the cool thing about the farm.. you don't HAVE to be doing something for it to be fun..You can just hang out, enjoy nature, and chill out.. so I'm excited to be doing that.

Well we haven't really looked at houses much anymore..No point in doing so really until I get a permanent job somewhere, because I can't really plan how much we can afford finacially until I'm not a contractor anymore...So I guess we'll just keep waiting on that. I have been busy with "Woofs Gone Wild" though.. Keeping track of everything that we have and everything we need..We are getting closer and closer to the grand opening on June 4th.. I'm excited!

We just got back from taking the babes to run in their field..There are some Kildee birds there that have built a nest, and they really hate it when Payslee & Sawyer get to close, so they swoop down and pretend their wing is hurt..Sawyer falls for it every time and goes over to see about them, then they fly off, lol.. Payslee just tries to chase them away..they are very funny to me.

I'll post pics after the farm party..have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What Fun, what fun! Woofs Gone Wild!

Well I Have been having an amazing time for the past few weeks..For awhile Mom & I have takled about opening a dog store, and now it seems that time has come! Its actually just mom that is opening it in Elk City, and its not really a store, more like a Booth in the Attic door, but its a start! I've been having a blast helping her pick what to feature and buy, and of course Payslee & Sawyer have given their imput too.. In fact Payslee just insisted that she sell some dresses from her favorite seamstress, doggiedudsbydeb, so now all the other Celebridogs will be able to steal Payslee's fashions! lol.. Deb's latest creation is featured above..and its turned Miss Pays into a "Sweet" cupcake! So cute! And yes, she smiles..all the time..but why wouldn't she? She pretty much has the best life ever.. So we are planning on having the Grand Opening of "Woofs Gone Wild" on June 4, in Elk City, Oklahoma..Hope to see you all there! We will feature toys, all natural dog treats, fashions, chews, and all kinds of adorable doggie stuff..so come out and visit if you are in Western Oklahoma!

For Mothers Day I had the perfect Idea for mom, but it took awhile to figure out. While shopping at TLC she saw a little green tree that she really wanted, but when she asked about it, they were out of it..so I decided to track it down and get her one..So I had to call TLC, like an idiot, ask them to go out to one of their flowerbeds and try to find a green tree..Well after a few guesses, we found the "Little Green Smoke Tree" so I got her one for Mothers day..She was excited, and so was I.. I was also excited to find out that Jordan had got me a doggie-mom card and signed Payslee, Sawyer, and Rally's name to it..then he gave me some OSU jewels..How freakin cute is that!

We went to see "Fast 5" two weeks ago..and it was awesome..Lots of delish eye candy with Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, and The Rock.. plus cool cars, and lots of action..then Friday we went to see "Thor"..once again good eye candy with the Thor guy, and Anthony Hopkins was good as his dad.. It was a good movie too.. This weekend my parents are coming up and we are going to go see "Priest".. it looks good and scary..

I was so glad Star Jones got booted off Celebrity apprentice..I can't stand her..Never have been able to, and she irritates me. I thought it was Crap that Nene pussed out, because if she had stuck around she would have seen Star go home! Dumb..Also still cheering for Kirstie Alley & Ralph Macchio on Dancing with the Stars. .And I LOVE "The Voice".. Blake Shelton cracks me up, and I think the premise of the show is really good. Also been enjoying watching and cheering for the Thunder..I hope they win!

Things are looking positive on the job front..so I'm excited about that. I cannot complain. I have a blessed life, awesome dogs, awesome family, and an awesome guy in my life! I've decided to sign up once again to volunteer for hospice, so Payslee & I will do that. We are also going to pick up a new visit on Tuesdays at Bradford Village..And don't forget, coming up Memorial day is the Dog Jog.. Its something my Therapy Dog Organization puts on every year.. You get to walk/jog with your dogs for a great cause, and I'll be emceeing the "Best Trick" contest with some amazing prizes..so if your dog knows a good trick, come on out! For more info, or to sign up go to New Leash on Life.. See ya there!