Thursday, May 19, 2011

Boys & Girls getting down on the farm..

Well I'm having a big farm party this weekend..Should be funtimes. Sitting around with my friends and family, having beverages, cooking out, eating smores, and playing Volleyball.. Should be a nice relaxing time. Thats the cool thing about the farm.. you don't HAVE to be doing something for it to be fun..You can just hang out, enjoy nature, and chill out.. so I'm excited to be doing that.

Well we haven't really looked at houses much anymore..No point in doing so really until I get a permanent job somewhere, because I can't really plan how much we can afford finacially until I'm not a contractor anymore...So I guess we'll just keep waiting on that. I have been busy with "Woofs Gone Wild" though.. Keeping track of everything that we have and everything we need..We are getting closer and closer to the grand opening on June 4th.. I'm excited!

We just got back from taking the babes to run in their field..There are some Kildee birds there that have built a nest, and they really hate it when Payslee & Sawyer get to close, so they swoop down and pretend their wing is hurt..Sawyer falls for it every time and goes over to see about them, then they fly off, lol.. Payslee just tries to chase them away..they are very funny to me.

I'll post pics after the farm party..have a great weekend!

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