Thursday, December 21, 2017

You're Gonna Miss this..

Man, what a magical time of the year if you have kids.. Is it insanity and dang near impossible to keep the perspective on Jesus? Well sure.. but its also magic.. I feel like the months from May to Now have just FLOWN by..and I'm waking up and its 3 days until Christmas!

The girls are so much fun.. they love everything Christmas.. I look at my other friends who have older kids and know they are missing this age.. 4.. 3 was fun too, but 4 has been a lot of fun with the girls because they are starting to 'get it'.. and you can still totally threaten them with Eliza the Christmas Elf and Santa! So.. winning.. But this year they have just seemed to take it all in, and really love it.. They giggle with Glee when they see Awesome Christmas lights.. or really anyone who made the tiniest bit of effort on lights, lol.. They watch Christmas movies over and over.. And they even ask to watch the old classic versions of Frosty, Rudolph and the Grinch.. because their little minds have no idea what CGI is.. or High Def.. or all the new technology that makes Cartoons nowadays.. they are just as happy with the weird old Snow Monster and Rudolph with his stoic leg movements.. They sing Christmas music so loud and love it! Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus is coming to town, Jingle bells..and I'm still trying to get them to love the Il Divo Christmas Collection and Clay Aiken's version of "Mary Did you know".. We may have to save those for next year..

Its really been fun so far.. but with all the Commercialism of Christmas these days.. and so many trying to leave Jesus OUT of Christmas.. Jordan and I have been trying to fit him back IN.. I realize they are only 4.. but each day on the way to school we talk about the Gift that Jesus gave us by coming to the world as a baby.. They love The Christmas Story so we take time to tell it (and yes, they do still think their Donkey, Kris, is THE donkey that carried Mary to Bethlehem) I somehow think finding out that part is not real might be worse than finding out about Santa! We have been rehearsing how we say "thank you" for gifts that we didn't always ask for.. and how we should always be Grateful for something someone gets us because they thought enough of us to get us a gift.. But man.. It feels like a daunting responsibility.. to teach your kids to be Thankful.. Grateful.. and Peaceful. Marty Preached about Peace last Sunday and it was a great message.. a Message that no matter what happens over the stressful Holiday season we can feel Peace because Jesus has overcome the world.. But its still hard.

We have 4 Christmas's to go to.. It makes our life hectic trying to get to everyone's house on time.. make everyone happy.. haul the girls around.. haul the dogs around.. Get everyone's hair fixed, packages wrapped, food cooked.. All while reminding the girls that we are NOT going to ask about opening Presents 6542 times, and we are NOT going to tattle on each other every 5 minutes.. Its stressful. Its easy to lose perspective and forget the Reason for the Season.. Its easy to lose your peace.. and your mind when the girls are trying to slap each other in the back seat.. Its hard realizing at some point this holiday season someone is probably going to be upset about something.. But.. We have to keep our Peace.. We have to keep our perspective.. Especially this time of year. I just read an amazing blog from my awesome friend Karen that talks about how easy it is to let Satan steal your Joy and Peace..(Read Karen's Blog because its awesome, so click here)  and its so true.. I'll admit this morning when that person in the Audi rode my car bumper all the way to work.. or when I ordered all my groceries online to avoid the crowd.. and then realized they forgot the dates for the date roll.. it was tempting to let my Peace be stolen.. But if I look at the big Picture, man, I'm so blessed. So Very blessed.. like beyond anything I deserve..

This has been an Amazing year. I love my Husband and the fact that he puts up with me telling Puns to MYSELF and then also laughing at MYSELF until I can't breathe.. The girls have grown and said some of the funniest things ever to me.. and each day we see more and more of their awesome little personalities. My family has been healthy and happy. We've had so much fun at the farm this year with getting chickens, riding 4 wheelers.. playing with Cows..  Jordan and I have good jobs that help us provide for our family. I love my bosses and my co-workers.. I LOVE my Minivan.. Yup, I said it.. I freakin love that minivan..I found Orange Theory Fitness and my heart and my waistline are healthier.. I also made some amazing friendships there that I have really enjoyed this year. I love my church.. the blessings I get from that place are incredible.. I love my Small Group and all the people who give me perspective, and a kick in the butt when I need it.. I love the girls Pre-K Teacher, Mr. Daniel, who is by-far one of the most patient men I've ever know.. (he has to be right?) I love my radio gig.. Even though its part time, its still allowed me to be back doing something I love and that is a Great Blessing. Its not hard for you to look around and see your blessings. I realize sometimes its harder to see them because something else is happening that makes you forget them.. but remember.. Have Peace.

I'm going to wake-up in 4 days and Christmas with my twins is going to be over. I'm never going to get that time back with them. Its a once in a life-time deal.. So even when they are being annoying.. when your family is being annoying.. when your friends are being annoying.. You have to remember.. that moment is fleeting and once its gone.. its gone.. I know there's going to be a time when my kids are not as excited about Christmas.. or ME for that matter, so we have to celebrate these little nuggets they give us! Its an awesome thing that God Gave us for Christmas, so Celebrate it, and Enjoy his Peace this Holiday Season! Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Branson Vacation Magic!

Hey Everyone! We've been busy at my house.. A few weeks ago we all piled into Dolly (my Sweet Mini Van) and went to Branson with Gigi & Pa..

WE had an awesome time! Drive there was pretty and I'm not sure if I made us stop more to pee, or the girls.. but the beauty of having girls is I can blame it on them either way.. The girls watched Wizard of Oz and I read my book.. Overall not a bad drive with twin 4 year olds!

WE did a bunch of fun things.. But here are a few of the highlights.. First the place we stayed was incredible. IT was called The Lodges at Timber ridge.. From the Welk Resorts.. Holy Moly.. Awesome. 3 bedroom lodge/type place, 2 fireplaces, giant balcony, big Porcelain Tub.. I mean it was just beautiful and awesome..and we all loved it! The other great thing they had.. was tons of stuff to do, including a Christmas Elf that came to tell your kids bedtime stories, and gave them Cookies & milk! The girls loved that.. and even though the elf mispronounced "Rendezvous" (which made us laugh secretly at her because it was a rhyming story and she said "Ron-Dee-Voss).. she was still pretty awesome.. And the girls loved her. So that was amazing..

The Butterfly Garden was also great. We had bought a Groupon before we went, so it saved us a little money.. And we had a great time. Now, I realize in these pics the girls look like Snow White.. just welcoming Butterflies to land on and love them.. however, that was not entirely accurate.. Cross may or may not have swatted and ran from them at some point.. Londyn liked them pretty good and she was not bothered by them.. but Cross didn't like them swarming her (which they do b/c you are holding a nectar flower up to them) so there's that..

They showed a cool litter Monarch Butterfly Movie and the girls got some butterfly treasures that they liked.. Londyn is still talking about it..

Next Stop was the Drive-Thru Zoo.. (WHO KNEW).. The Drive Through Portion was not as awesome as the part where we got to get out. Cross got to see TWO huge live Owls.. which made her day.. Later that night when she was saying her Prayers she said "Thank you God for those owls".. lol.. We got to feed Kangaroos, Goats & Camels..

The weather was nice, so we just walked around and enjoyed the animals.. Next Stop was the singing Diner.. Mel's Hardluck Diner is in the Grand Village Shops, and the wait staff all sings songs while you eat.. Well one of the waitresses of course found Pa to sing too.. (this always happens to Steve.. they can sense fear and discomfort and go right for it) and the girls thought this was amazing.
Then we had to go to the giant Chair and let the girls sit in it.. (because thats what everyone who visits Branson does) 
We also happened to run into Santa and Mrs. Claus while we were there.. He was a really good Santa, and Mrs. Claus had Candy canes, so winning! There was a lot of times on this trip we heard "Are they twins?"..........Me-- YES.. "REALLY???".. We get that a lot.. 

WE saved one of our evenings for the Dixie Stampede.. Let me tell you Jordan was less than enthusiasitc about this.. He thought it was going to be a Dolly Parton Concert.. which would have been fine with me.. but we all had so much fun! The show was awesome, food was awesome, service was aweosme and the girls loved it! They bring you out chicken, bread, potatoes.. all to eat without utensils.. which yes, does get messy, but it was really good food! They did a really moving Nativity Story and some really funny horse-riding racing fun! It was great! 

The girls also got to sleep in a big Queen bed together which they thought was awesome.. I tell you, they may fight.. and tattle.. and everything else, but their sweet little bond makes my heart happy! Did I mention that our Lodge also had an Indoor waterslide? YUP! So Saturday we spent swimming and going down the giant waterslide 223 times.. I saw WE.. I mean Pa and Jordan.. Mom and I supervised from the side-lines.. But the girls had a blast with their daddy and Pa catching them at the end of the slide! 

Oh.. and did I also mention that we all dressed alike one day? Yeah.. how could I forget that magic!!! (Watch for matching PJ's at a later date) 

On Saturday we went down by Table Rock lake and looked at all the sites.. they had a Riverboat Party Cruise.. but it was docked because the wind was blowing really hard that day.. but it was pretty scenery.. the leaves were changing and everything looked pretty. We had pretty good weather the whole time we were down there.. 

The only Schmowy, ruiney portion of the trip was Silver Dollar City.. A cold front moved on and it was COLD.. Now I realize this is probably user error on our part.. But I was calling it bad named that rhyme with "City" by the end of the evening.. WE didn't leave to go out there until around 3..and there had been a wreck on the main highway to get out there.. so traffic was backed up for about 1.5 hours.. in which I had to pee.. and I couldn't hold it.. so yeah, I had to pee on the side of the road.. #country And by the time we got to the front of the line for 'Preferred parking".. they were SOLD OUT and sent us on down to the commoner parking.. which was about 982 miles away.. in which we had to get on a BUS to get to the entrance.. so after we do that it was almost dark and we got in line to ride ONE ride.. That ALSO closed once we got to the front of the line #thisshouldhavebeenasign... But we powered on.. by then it was very dark.. lots of awesome lights, but we have no idea what we are doing, or where to go.. so we ended up staying for the Light-up Tree, and the Lighted Parade which was really good..  But overall.. we would do something different with that.. go earlier.. stay later.. etc.. We will be ready next time! 
ON Sunday morning we got up to go have Breakfast at this great little Place called Grandma Ruth's Cinnamon Rolls or something like that.. and it was great.. and we even had a guy.. at EIGHT O CLOCK IN THE MORNING performing.. He sang "Somewhere over the Rainbow" and Londyn was an instant Fan! She jumped on stage with him to help him finish and he gave her a picture.. it made her day.. 
Now.. why is he singing at 8? No clue.. Was he on key? Not really.. But.. We appreciated the effort.. What we didn't appreciate was Crosslee spilling her 'coffee' all over the floor..then somehow flipping out of her chair and into the floor.. Because that was NOT ideal.. but #kids  So there you go.. It can't be perfect ALL the time.. But we did have a pretty perfect trip. The girls loved it, and we also had a much better time than we thought we were going to have! We will be ready to do it next year.. 

Now we have moved into the Christmas Season.. Hope you guys had an amazing Thanksgiving.. ours was EVENTFUL.. but I'll write about that next week.. b/c too much drama for one post.. see you then! 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Fall Festivus

 OH Man. This year is flying by. I cannot believe we are already in October. This is by FAR the girls favorite month.. I think even more than Christmas. Cross was so excited to make our house "Spooky" and put out the pumpkins out.. Thankfully we had lots of decor left over from "Twin O Ween" their 4th birthday party..  We also inflated the Giant, they still really love him.. But of course... The most exciting thing.. was when we drove home and found that our neighbors had put out the girls bestie, "Bloody Clown"

They immediately jumped out of the car, and ran over with the other clown from our house.. claiming that that bloody Clown wanted to be with his "Dad".. and wanted to hang there by him.. I don't know what to tell you.. they are weird kids. Londyn even wants to be a 'bloody Clown' for Halloween.. I mean I can honestly say, I'm happy they aren't scared of things.. and I'm happy they even treat bloody clowns with respect and kindness.. lol

I even made them some weird creepy pumpkins with their eyes and mouths on them.. Most people found them bizarre, but the girls did enjoy them.

Radio gig is going well. I love being back on the air. I've been talking about all the Pumpkin Patches that are opening, and all the fall events. We went to the State Fair this year. It was the first time we had taken the girls and they LOVED all of it.. but Especially the rides. They wanted to ride every roller coaster and ride! They had a blast.

They are doing a little better with School, and I just love the place they are going. Their teachers are awesome and they come home talking about all the things they learn. They have "homework" on Mondays and we go over the latest letter they are learning drawing and tracing it.. its pretty cute.

We tried Karate.. we tried Dance.. We tried Gymnastics.. and I'm going to be honest.. I don't care. I mean I was worried about having them in things to do.. but honestly with school and church and all the visiting with the grandparents.. We don't really NEED more to do. They aren't that excited about anything we take them too.. they like it, they do it.. but they don't really ask about going again.. so right now we are just going to relax a little bit and enjoy them being kids. When they get home, they like playing with the Barbie Dream house and just hanging out, and thats ok with me. They have the rest of their lives to do Sports and activities!

This weekend we are going to take pictures with Ponies.. Because why wouldn't we? The lady (Tammy Hall Photography) that has taken our pics in the past now has ponies so we are going to take some cute family pics.. Jordan & I are not riding on the ponies, just FYI. It will be outdoors so hopefully this awesome fall weather will stay awesome. The girls went to Gigi's last weekend and found some kittens they loved.. they are also still obsessed with their chickens. They just love all animals really..

We are just plugging along in this thing called parenting and life. I'm so grateful everyday for the blessings God has given me. I watched the footage on the Vegas Shooting and it was just heartbreaking. Being a country air-talent, I've been in that same situation so many times.. just enjoying a great concert with good people around me doing the same.. and to think That some heartless moron would open fire on innocent people like that is just heartbreaking. I hate thinking that I'm raising kids in a world where people like that exist.. But I know I'm also raising them in a world where God prevails. We don't always understand why bad things happen to good People, and we Certainly can't fathom the evil of some people's minds.. But we can Trust in the Lord to lead us through the trials, and know that we will come out stronger on the other side. Hope you guys have a great week!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Fall is in the Air! Can you feel it!

Well here we are.. Fall is almost here.. State Fair is in town, and I can practically smell My Favorite "Leaves" candle burning in my house! The girls are starting to get excited about getting "The Giant" and the "Bloody Clown" out because Halloween is just around the corner. They have decided on being a Skeleton (Londyn) and Queen Elsa (Crosslee) and yes.. I'm over Elsa.. but she's strong-minded on Being Elsa, and You are only little once.. However, I will tell you they both have about 15 Halloween costumes they could choose from at this point! Halloween is my favorite, so I'm looking forward to that too!

This year has literally flown by.. You know what they say "They Days are long, the Years are short" and I do find myself thinking that.. I mean I can't believe the girls are 4 and in Pre-K! They are doing pretty good.. Cross has really struggled with the amount of change that has been going on.. She is going to be a little girl that does not love Change.. Londyn on the other hand, loves everything all the time. She's truly fine with whatever situation you put her in.. so I'm 50/50.. Cross has had a hard time with going to school on a daily basis.. She was bored at home, but she likes to do things on her own time.. so She really liked only going to MDO a few days a week at Crossings with all her peeps, and then doing what she wanted on her 'days off'.. Well.. I mean don't we all love this? I'd rather do what I want all the time too, but.. thats not very realisitc..Especially for School.. because yeah, you have to go.. She loves her Teacher though, and once she gets there she has a blast. She's just a very complex little kid who already acts like a 4 year old Lawyer.. Lucky us.

Londyn on the other hand has been perfectly happy to go to school daily. She has met all kinds of friends and tells me all about her adventures daily. She is just happy like 90% of the time wherever she is at.. with whoever she is with. She's just a jolly soul. Some things never change.. like their faces.. lol She said she wanted to "Dance like the people on TV".. (we were watching those little kid dancers on America's got talent".. So we tried dance.. She loved it.. She loved Gymnastics.. We did Karate last week, she also loved that.. she's just pretty much happy doing whatever at any time.. I think we will go back to Karate though. We went to a place called "Christian Karate Academy" and it was so so awesome. They pray before.. set goals, teach respect, teach manners, teach self-confidence..and......Karate! It was the cutest thing ever to watch! So we will go back there next week.

We also had Neighbors night out in our Neighborhood and it was so fun! I love our neighborhood of always doing fun things for the kiddos and neighbors. We've still been swimming when we have time, and this weekend Gigi is Taking the Girls to Disney on Ice to see Queen Elsa.. they are very excited about this. State fair is a fun time!

Meanwhile I'm still buzzing along with my new radio gig. I have 4 jobs now.. but I love them all! I'm doing my regular Job as an IT Project Manager at Loves, I'm selling my Lipsense and loving that with all my girls, I do marketing for Spades Boutique, a cute little childrens online shop, and I've got my radio gig. On Hank FM 99.7. We stay plenty busy. If you haven't listened yet.. its an awesome station, and I'm on from 1-5pm on Saturdays, and 12-4 on Sundays.. so give it a listen! I'm enjoying it, and hoping to do more in the future.

Yeah My birthday is around the corner.. blah blah.. I'm old. I know.. blargh.. Anyway.. MJ has volunteered to take a few friends and I to a winery in Andarko for dinner and drinks.. that will be a good time.. Once again proving how awesome it is that I have a mini-van! So that will be fun.. Hope you guys are starting off your September with a bang! I'm blessed beyond I deserve and don't take it for granted! XoXo

Friday, July 28, 2017

Knock Knock.. Who's there.. Its me! I'm baaaaack!

So.. I'm back on the airwaves! I know! Can you believe it! Its been 7 years.. a LONG 7 years... but a really good 7 years.. I've done a LOT in those 7 years.. Lets see..

I met the man who would become my Husband.. I became an IT project manager.. We bought a house..  I married the Love of my life... We decided to have a baby... ONE Baby.. We prayed about that baby.. God laughed at us and gave us TWO babies.. AT THE SAME TIME.. I started leading a small group at Church.. We survived years 0-4.. We changed jobs a couple of times.. And here we are! 7 Years later!

All of that.. its a Lot.. happened in those 7 years.. and while I've loved every second (well most of those seconds) I've never stopped wanting to go back to doing what I love.. which is Radio. I was blessed early in life to find out what I'm supposed to be doing with my career, and got to do it for 13 years.. and its true.. if you do what you love, its never a job.. Now.. does it still have crap that comes with it? Sure.. but I was still doing what I loved everyday.. at least for 4-5 hours.. and I could suffer through the other 3, and the other ridiculous people that came along with it..

But.. a few weeks ago I got to thinking.. I have a little more time now that the girls are older.. and I think I'd like to get back into it on a part time basis. But there was really only ONE station I wanted to start with, Hank FM 99.7. So I pulled up their website, and hit the 'contact us' link.. and emailed them.. Shockinly enough.. they actually emailed me back! Within a few day we had setup an interview and I went in and met with Hank's Program director, and Morning show guy, Joe Friday. I told him what I wanted to do.. which was to be a really great part-timer for Hank.. He was excited.. I was excited.. and the rest is history! I start the new Part time Gig tomorrow! I'll be on the air from 1-5 on Saturday and 12-4 on Sundays.. so please.. Crank it to hank! You can listen online, and they also have an app! What! So that is something I'm super excited about!

In other news.. girls are still swimming up a storm.. Cross without Floaties, and Londyn with hers.. Pops & Grammy (Kirby and Joni) took us all (Grant, Lexi, me, Spouses, and Kids) to Great Wolf Lodge last weekend and man we all had a great time! We had 6 kids 4 and under! All the Cousins love each other, and were so excited to see one another! They all had a blast hanging out with each other and racing around Great Wolf.. doing slides, water guns, swimming, splashing and just having fun.. and we all got to hang out and enjoy each other and the kids! It was pretty crowded on Saturday, but on Friday and Sunday it wasn't that bad.. and the kids enjoyed it the WHOLE time anyway! Its actually really nice because you really don't have to leave the place if you didn't want to.. they have restaurants, little stores, arcades, shops, etc.. And.. there's a groupon right now for it if you want to check it out!  We were also celebrating Pops Birthday so we took him out to Pappadeax, which was excellent.. So Thanks Pops and Grammy for a great weekend!

I can't believe its almost time for the girls to start Pre-K.. They will go on August 21! So many things to worry about.. and so many things to celebrate.. but "School" makes it real that they are 4! I feel like age 3 just flew right past! The girls are very entertaining right now.. Cross told me this morning that she has 4 baby chickens at her work.. and she drives there in her purple car and makes 2 coins each day! lol.. Londyn will look at us and say "Hey Baby Baby" but it sounds like "Bay Buh Bay Buh".. They love Bruno Mars songs.. and their favorites are Uptown Funk, and 24K magic.. I've had to remind them several times how important the "N" is in Funk.. lol But.. they just love all music which I'm super grateful for.. Now to get them to love Me on the radio.. on Hank fm.. You guys have a great day! 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Always Running Behind..

Well its been a whirlwind of events this Summer for us!!

Since our Nanny Quit, we had to find a place for the girls to go on Short Notice.. ITs going really well so far, and they will start Pre-K in the fall.. They are still getting used to the idea that they have to go somewhere every day.. They would rather, actually, just do what they want all day.. But.. wouldn't we all! I think the hardest thing for me has been how she just left and didn't say goodbye to them. I mean she was with us for 4 years! Its really unfortunate when you 'think' you  know someone and you don't.. but that is a life lesson we are always learning right? Anyway..

We've also been busy swimming.. Now that the girls have finished Swimming Lessons.. all they want to do is swim! Cross wants to swim under water and see how far she can get to me.. and Londyn just likes splashing around and going under sometimes.. They can swim at Gigi & Pa's, Grammy's, and at GT & Nana's, so there's LOTS of swimming places, and that is what they like to do when they have a spare minute! Cross is getting braver and braver with her swimming, and Londyn is too.. She's come a long way from Slapping her swim instructor in the face and pulling his hair.. so there's that.

The girls went to the farm a few weeks ago and spent a few days with Gigi and Pa.. they had an amazing time and every day was a new adventure.. They went fishing for the first time at the Creek.. but they didn't like it when they caught a fish, so that was short lived.. but they love venturing into the water and wading.. and searching for things..

They also got 5 new Chickens.. they named two of them Rachel.. Yup, Both Rachel.. Then they have Tracy, Stacy, and Molly.. the others have not gotten a name yet.. I'm sure they will. For awhile Cross would say she was going to Eat Molly.. but she's stopped now, lol.. Both girls are at the stage right now where they say some hilarious stuff. For example today Cross told me she was going to work in her purple car, and I could come see her chickens while she worked on her computer! 
Don't judge me, but the girls love Bruno Mars music.. and I can't blame them.. However, when singing "Uptown Funk" I've really had to stress the importance of the N in FUNK.. lol.. if you  know what I mean! They both love singing that song, 25K Magic, and Perm.. But its catchy.. I like it too. They've recently started liking Taylor Swift (Shake it off) and Aretha Franklin (Baby I love you, thanks to gigi) and they really just LOVE music in general. 
They are also SUPER Tan.. I don't even know how.. I slather them in Sunscreen non stop.. But they are so tan. 

They've also been taking gymnastics, at Metro, and going to School Of Rock.. Its a place in Edmond where they learn to Play instruments. They don't get to go a lot, because we aren't around every weekend, but they like it. They get to beat on drums, play guitar, play on the piano and sing. Its fun, and since they love music, they love doing that.. So we've kept them pretty busy. We have not enrolled them in any 'sports' like Soccer, T-ball, or anything like that.. Because those things usually happen on the weekends and we really value our weekend time with letting the girls go to the farm. Plus, I honestly think.. if your kid is going to be great at sports.. he can still be great at it starting in the 3rd grade like I did.. lol.. "back in my day we didn't go to T-ball at 3!We Were playing in the Horse tank!!".. I know.. I know..

I'm still going to Orange Theory Fitness.. I've been going faithfully now for 4 months.. I started out doing 3 days a week.. then 4.. and now I'm up to 5.. Is it a kick in the butt? YES, Yes it is.. but I do love it. I haven't worked out in like 20 years.. So I knew I had to find something I really did enjoy.. and thats what I have at Orange Theory.. If you haven't heard of it.. its a go at your own pace full body, hour long workout.. You work hard, but you work at your own pace.. because Lord knows I was NOT in shape when I started, Heck I'm still not where I want to be! But.. I'm getting better.. You do Cardio, Rowing Machines, Weights, TRX equipment, and you do something different every day so you don't get bored. You also have a trainer who pushes and encourages you, and you get to work out with great people.. If you ever want to try it, let me know.. we are doing Bingo this month, so I get to take workout friends for free..

I'm also still doing my lipsense.. I'm having a Christmas in July Special until Sunday, so if you need lipsense, join my group.. Cross loves posting lips videos for me.. she's a natural.. Join me here: Talkin Smack with Shep. 

And.. this weekend.. we are headed to Great Wolf Lodge for the first time.. Pops and Grammy are taking Grant, Lexi & I, and all 6 grand-kids for the weekend.. Its going to be a great time with all the cousins! I think everyone will have a great time.. and I did look and they have a bar.. so maybe the adults will survive too! ha! You guys have a great weekend!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Twin o Ween!

Well.. we Successfully made it through the Girls 4th Birthday Party! We did TWIN O'Ween this year, because if you have followed the lives of my girls, you will know they have always LOVED Halloween, and all things creepy.. So.. Why not do a Halloween Party in the Middle of May right! RIGHT! If you guys remember, Cross started loving a Creepy Clown that my neighbors hung up for Halloween.. she cried and cried when we took him down, so Imagine how excited she was when he showed up for her party! Thankfully he didn't scare the other kids, and the girls squealed with delight when they saw him hanging there! lol You know who else was back?? The Giant!! Yup, we inflated a 20 ft Grim Reaper and put him in the front yard.. Cross and Londyn were pretty excited to see him there to greet!

It would have been 100% awesome.. but it ended up being 95 degrees that day.. so it was a little toasty in my back yard.. BUT.. the Lord always shines on me, and brought us some cloud cover and light sprinkles while the party was going on, so everyone ended up having a blast! The beauty of kids is that they don't know or care that its 95 outside.. We lined our fence with Giant Spiders.. added some creepy ghosts, witches, and skeletons.. and of course I had to draw Owl Balloons for Crosslee! I hung Eyeballs in the Photinas (beach balls) and Scarecrows from the trees! It was a Halloween Backyard Bonanza! 

We had an awesome bounce house from Dawn to Dusk Inflatables, and those folks are just AWESOME. If you ever need a bounce house rental, you should call them.. they are super sweet, setup/tear down for you, and they really try to make sure you are 100% satisfied and happy with an awesome party! We ended up choosing a castle, and the kiddos loved it!

We had an awesome cake again thanks To Chubby Cheeks Cake Love.. I asked the Girls what kind of cake they wanted, and they picked a "Bloody Clown Cake".. (I told you they liked Creepy) and it was a delicious little 6" cake.. then she also did some Cake Pops for us, and some delightful Halloween Cupcakes! The girls loved all of it.. all though I do think the kids liked the Cake Pops the best! 

 Unkie B made the awesome Watermelon Monster.. and it was delicious.. I got some amazing cheese popcorn from Kernals and Kandies here in OKC. I can't even talk to you about how yummy it was.. I'm still eating it.. WE had amazing Halloween Mini's from One Smart Cookie.. Holy Moly.. those are some delightful cookies! 
The Adults at the party enjoyed "Hallowine" and "Witches Brews" while the kiddos drank Boo juice! Which was Hawaiian Punch out of Jack O Lantern cups. We Made a Snake out of Deli Spirals with funny eyes, Cheese balls, and Yummy Fruit Salad! 

We also had Queen Elsa stop by for a visit, and I must say, she was the hit of the party! 

The girls agreed that she wasn't 'spooky' but they were very excited to have her there.. WE booked her from Upstage Theatre, and she was so awesome! She sang "Let it go!" with all the kids and took pictures, and then even painted snowflakes on their faces! They all had the best time singing and dancing with her! 

I of course, went all ridiculous.. with the invitations.. chalkboards, Stamps, Goodie Bags, Ants that carried Strawberries, I mean.. you know.. ridiculous.. Overboard.. Aweseome. I love the lady that does these chalkbaords for us thought, because I hang them in the girls rooms all year. They are 11 x 13's, and I love looking back at each year because she puts a picture in them! They are from: Paperie Lane. 

This year I designed all the invitations and thank you's myself. I also did the goodie bags, which consisted of all kinds of fun goodness! Floam, glow sticks, masks, Londyn & Crosslee Hershey Kisses, Halloween suckers, Ghost Suckers, Gummy Monsters and more! If you want to see more pics of the whole party... here they are! 

Overall we had a great time. The best part was watching the girls have ALL their people there.. the family and friends that they love so much all in one setting! They went around from each friend, to each family member and their little faces were so jolly. They had two little friends from their Church MDO show up,  and some more friends from our Small Group, and all of their cousins. Aunt Martha even flew in from Wisconsin for the party!!!  I've always said its such a blessing to have so many friends and family around our girls that love them, and take the time to love on them and hang out with them.. Even when its 95 degrees outside!! So Seriously, thank you to all of those peeps.. it means the world to Jordan and I and the goats. 

I honestly love the time of year for the girls party.. I love planning it about 6 months out. I'm crazy that way, but I do love Party planning.. Its a way for me to be creative! So if you ever need help planning a party, hit me up! 

In other news.. our nanny quit.. gave us no notice..So we had to find an immediate place for the girls to go during the day..and Our Air Conditioner died, BUT.. since this is a happy birthday girls awesome post.. I'll save that post for next week.. XXOO