Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tron was horrible..Christmas is good!

So here is my Christmas tree this year. MJ said he wanted to do an OSU tree, and I'm thinking he means a "small" one.. Um no..he comes over with a giant 7th tall black tree! We put the orange bulbs on it, but it needed a little more sparkle, so I grabbed some glitter twigs and jazzed it up..we liked the end result.

We also went to see "Tron" on Friday night.. Now pardon me, but I didn't see the one in the 80's, so I didn't know what to expect, but it didn't look like my kind of movie from the previews..and boy was I right! I just hated it! I had a hard time even sitting through it! MJ loved it, but I wanted to scratch it off the screen! Blargh.. Next time I will be watching "Black Swan" instead..

This is Payslee!s Christmas dress.. It's another sweet one from http://www.doggiedudsbydeb.com/, and I just love it. She wore it to work on
Sunday, and I took her a little early to pose for pictures..but as you can see she was more interested in going TO work, and waited outside
the door until someone let her in.. She does love going to work!

I had my christmas party on Saturday, and we all had a great time playing A new Wii game called "Just Dance".. Watching my friends try to dance was flipping hilarious! We had some great food too..I'm only working till Thursday this week, then we will have Christmas with MJ's mom on Christmas eve, then my family on Christmas day.. I'm so blessed this year! Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Well Hello Christmas Magic!

So I've been working at "Paws around Town" and yesterday Payslee & I just had a blast.. Lots of fun customers, and she's quite a sales person because she stands at the edge of the doors till people see her..then when they try to pet her, she races inside, so they have to come IN the store to shop if they want to pet her! Its funny..and she's such a good greeter! We are having a lot of fun there.. Plus when Miss Pays gets home, she is just BEAT.. (see side pic)..

Last week I went to an awesome Christmas party and won a gift certificate to the Movies, and an Ulta Gift Certificate..AWESOME! I'm going to try to finish up my Christmas shopping this week, and start making plans for my Christmas Party on Saturday.. I've been working quite a bit, but things are slow this week at one of my jobs, so hopefully I'll catch up and get ready for some party festivus!

I believe that Santa is going to bring me some new Landrollers..I'm pretty pumped about that, seeing that the last wheels I bought threw me into the pavement! Plus the babes are ready to rollerblade again. I'm also getting a new bike..It belonged to my dear friend Dick Johnson that I did morning with in Weatherford..I loved loved him, and sang at his funeral 2 years ago..I can't believe he's been gone that long, and I still miss him..But..I LOVE his sweet wife Ellen, and when she told me she wanted to sell his bike, I knew it was meant to be mine! I'm going to see if I can get one of those wagon things that the babes can ride in while I bike along.. Oh what a sight! lol

Hope everyone is having a great time Christmas Shopping..If you still have stuff to shop for, heres a list that helps you pick something for every person on your list. The Consumer Queen has done a great job putting together an awesome list! Check it out! Plus she has great coupons! score!

Also, if you haven't read my friend JOEL's BLOG..Do so, he's entertaining..

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmastime's a Coming..

well I had my hair done again.. This time I added blonde to the red.. It's pretty delicious. Nicole at "Changes hair salon" in Edmond is who does my hair, and she does a great job! Mj likes it, even though he thinks I would look good with brown hair, I politely declined.. Lol

Well I'm working my fingers to the bone.. I work at Chesapeake all day, then tonight I'll go to work at "Paws around Town" till 8pm, since we are staying open late on Thursdays or the holidays.. The irony of all this working is that I still have no money! How does that happen! It's the time of the year when I do need to be buying presents.. I have bought a few things, but I have more that I need to get. Hopefully that will happen next week.

Last night I took Payslee to the new alzheimer unit called "Cyprus springs".. She was sweet to all the residents and we had a good visit. We go there every two weeks. I've been missing our regular thursday visits because of working late, but will start back up again in January. Payslee has a new Christmas dress thanks to Deb.. She has the cutest things at www.doggiedudsbydeb.com. She does such a great job..so between Miss Deb, and working at the dog shop, Miss Pays has all kinds of cute Christmas clothes!

Did you all watch the repeat of Wynonna Judd yesterday on Oprah? I watched it for the 2nd time and I've decided I need a life coach.. How cool would it be to have a life coach! Soeone that just reminds you how fantastic you are..offers great advice..listens to you cry about your issues and offers encouragement.. Tells you you are pretty..etc.. Yeah, I'm on board. I'm going to try to find one when I make enough money to hire one.. Lol. Better yet, I'll ask Santa for one!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Legs of the Living

You know, back when I was in High school I used to love my legs. I loved them because they were strong, and they would help me push post players out of the lane.. or they would help me push people over the half-court line when the ref wasn't watching (Yes, I played 6 on 6..shut it)..They helped me stand my ground when someone was pushing me around the lane..Now I just want to shave them off..Seriously. Isn't it so funny that the things you used to love about yourself when you were younger, now torment you? I hate my thighs..I'm sure this is not a new revelation for a woman to say, but I do..I don't mind having a little junk in my trunk..but I hate having TREE Trunk legs.. Why am I blogging about this? Who knows.. lets move on..

I've started my 2nd job at Paws around Town. Payslee & I went to work on Sunday and Pays was quite the little sales person..She would stand by the door and people would see her, and try to come pet her, then she would race into the store so they would HAVE to come in and look around! How funny is that! We will go to work again tomorrow, then again on Saturday & Sunday..I'll be working 7 days a week through December, but I'll be able to do some Christmas shopping at the store!

We had a great Thanksgiving.. It was just a few of us, but delish food, and always nice to be with my family.. MJ didn't get to join us, because we decided to come back on Friday to do some shopping..We went to Penny's, but it was a madhouse, so settled on the Market, where mom got some awesome stuff, and I picked up a few gifts.. Saturday we all went to Stillwater to tailgate with my brother, Randy..He set up 4 tents, and cooked all kinds of goodness.. Calf fries, noodles, stew, Frito-pies..and of course drinks! He had the TV setup in the tent so we could watch stuff.. It was fun..didn't like the result OF THE game, but I'm very proud of my OSU Cowboys!

I downloaded that song "Brand new Key".. Its the song off that HP Baby commercial where the baby is traveling down the road in the walker and the lady is singing "I've got a brand new pair of rollerskates, you've got a brand new key..".. I love it. It makes me happy when I hear it..

Monday, November 22, 2010

What are you Thankful For?


Went to Church yesterday and the sermon was called "Thankful People Have Perspective" and Pastor Marty went onto say that they have Perspective, because they Count their blessings.. I can honestly say, I count my blessings every single day. Not a day goes by that I don't give thanks for the life I live. Even though right now, its not exactly where I want it to be, I'm still very thankful. We make a choice everyday where we put our perspective. We can start off grouchy because some fool is druving too slow in tge fast lane, or we can choose to be thankful because we actually have a car that takes us where we need to go. Its our choice. Marty summed all his 'Blessings' into 3 categories because it basically fell under one of these three Umbrellas...the first one was:

GRACE: Where would we be without the Grace of God? G R A C E=Gods riches at Christ's Expense.. Which is a great way to sum up Grace. Being that God has offered Grace to us, it's our purpose as Christians to offer Grace to others..and with recent radio events in my life, offering grace to others who have wronged me, is VERY difficult. I have realized that I do forgive, but I do not forget, and I think that's ok.

The 2nd one was Purpose: We all have to know that there is a reason we exist. God has a purpose for us. Sometimes we don't realize our true purpose until we discover our spiritual gifts. Spiritual gifts bring new purpose & perspective. God can use our gifts in our struggles & our weaknesses.. This is very true, because I think sometimes it takes a heartbreak, or the loss of something that makes us get a new perspective about how God may be trying to work in our life. He starts out with a whisper, but sometimes we are so self absorbed tat it takes a yell! Lol! So when you pray are you making a to-do list for God, or asking him that he bless YOUR path? Because that's what I have been doing! We need to pray for his will to be done, not ours..even though he loves us enough to bless our will, we are probably going to miss out on all the amazing things that HE might have had planned with his will..
The 3rd thing was Peace: in the Lord we are all given peace. We can weather any storm, and he always gets us through it, and walks beside it. Ironically enough, we usually never see it at the time, but can look back and think: "thanks for helping Lord"..

As we get to Thanksgiving remember to count your blessings, and even in your frustration with family, friends, idiots, morons, Late people, obnoxious folks, negative people, and even smack talking OU fans..remember to never be lacking in compassion.. You never know for sure what burdens people have going on right now..so don't add to it, but try to help through it. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm getting emotional in Old Age

I have realized that as I am getting older, I am becoming less of a hard-ass, and more tender. How do you know this? Well because I never would have written a blog 5 years ago admitting that I was tender for one!

Growing up I was always the serious one..When I showed cattle my eyebrows were always down, always stern, and I had one thing in mind: WINNING. It was the same exact way in basketball. I have always been consumed with being first, being #1, being the best.. And as I've gone through this latest journey of being let go at KKNG, I realize that there's really no point in living your life that way. I did everything I could possibly do to make that station better..I went out of my way to do more than my fair share of work..I worked on things that no one else would do..I worked at events that no one else wanted to be with..I let work CONSUME me, and in the end it didn't really matter because I can't (and neither can you) change bad decisions.

I have been CONSUMED with radio for 13 years. I never had productive relationships, because the job always came first. I dropped everything when my bosses asked me to, and ran to the job. I put up with more crap than anyone should ever tolerate, because I was consumed with being the best..But what I've realized out of all of this, is that even when you ARE the best..Something around you is usually suffering..Your friendships..your relationships with your family..Your dogs..your body..lol, etc.. Something always has to give, and for me, it was always everything else BUT radio.

Now that I've had time to reflect on the past events I've realized how much "LOVE" and "JOY" I was missing. MJ coming into my life at just the right time..A church that has brought so much happiness into my life..a Family that I love to spend time with..And Dogs that make me smile every single time I look at them..And what am I missing? Nothing..The reason I loved radio is because it was all about me..now my life has shifted and God has tapped me on the shoulder and said, "How bout making it all about me, and my plan for a change?" and as I've accepted this challenge, I've grown more tender.

I can't watch anyone sing in the Crossings Church choir without tears welling up in my eyes. I am a person who is touched by music. All kinds..all tempos. I LOVE Music..I'm PROUD of music. I also love watching OTHER people LOVE music..When I look around my church and the choir is singing so beautifully that the congregation simply can't sit still..or they must stand up to give a standing ovation..that touches ME. When someone sings a song that truly moves them to emotion..that moves ME. When one of my favorite artists wins an award..I start crying for them, because I'm proud, and I know how hard they've worked..When I read a story about a sweet dog getting adopted, I cry, because of how awesome the person is for adopting the dog, and for how awesome that dog is going to make that person feel. When life is not focused all on me, I have a chance to look around and see what God is doing..And its really cool stuff. I can't even Watch Oprah pay off someone's house without crying because I'm thinking that Oprah is awesome for not just being a rich old bag..She shares..she loves..she gives back.. THAT is awesome.

So this week I challenge you to look for things that unite you with people..not separate you.. And I ask that you reach out to someone that you normally wouldn't because its the right thing to do..And don't just listen to music..HEAR it..Hear the words..Music is something that has always been so powerful to me..it led me to an amazing career for 13 years..it led me to an Easter Sunday at Crossings..and now its leading me into a brand new direction..I'll always love music because it brings me closer to so many things I love..So if you see me in church bawling on Sunday, Know that its because I'm moved, and not because I'm sad.. I'm moved because I'm blessed with so many amazing things, and excited to know what life can be like when I don't make it all about me..but about other people who need a blessing too.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

CMA Music Awards Chatter

Well I watched the CMA's last night, and If I'm being honest, I could have seriously done without Kid Rock. He sang an awful song, and the whole thing was awful..He, however was the worst.. I do love watching Reba, what I don't love is when she picks a Beyonce song to sing! She has that great song called "On the Radio" and I was so hoping she would Sass it up.. but then she comes out with that Beyonce song..NOT good.

I also didn't enjoy Miranda Lamberts outfits..It looked like she was seriously wearing Gunpowder & Lead! I'm glad she won though..and I'm glad Blake won. I also enjoyed Taylor Swift NOT doing the hair-flip,stomping, songs..I enjoyed her being more subdued and serious..Plus I liked that song. I thought Kenny Chesney sounded a bit off, and Alan was a little rusty, but I did enjoy King George getting emotional during "Breath you Take".. I'll still never understand why Hillary of Lady A wore a hip hugging dress, when she has a big butt, and big hips.. Someone should have told her..She's such a pretty girl, and that dress was just AWFUL!

Don't care about Gwynth Patrow's country music Debut..Don't care about Sheryl Crow.. I did enjoy seeing Kelly Clarkson sing with Jason Aldean, and I did enjoy Sugarland's fun, upbeat "Stuck like Glue".. Cute. That Jennifer Nettles just MAKES you like her!

So thats my two cents for now.. Where was Trace Adkins? James Otto? Gary Allan? Once again, my favorite loves..SHUT OUT..dang.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Its not always our plan..

Okay, first things first.. About 2 weeks ago mom found these two sweetfaces roaming in the Tree row, abandoned, and hungry..She took them in, and has been working with them..they are sweet, smart, labs, and have a great disposition..They would be excellent family dogs, so if you, or someone you know has room in your home for them, email me at kcsheperd@aol.com

Now moving on.. Today I went to Sunday School at Crossings and Terry had a great message today.. He was talking about how we are usually always asking God to bless OUR plan.. and what WE want.. Now God will do this, because he loves us.. but did you ever stop to think about what plan HE had in mind? God's plan is always bigger, better, and more abundant that anything we could have planned.. So sometimes its just best to say "Lord..Its all in your hands. I have no idea what you have planned for me, but I know its cooler, and more awesome than anything I could have come up with on my own, so have at it!".. But in our efforts to always have control of every situation, its hard to give it up to him, and let him take the reins. I'm doing that right now..and there are many days when I feel like I've been left hanging.. but I'm so excited about HIS plan.. For the last 13 years its been all about MY plan..what I Want..what I think is best.. and I've realized, that I'm not always the best decision maker.. Now I'm going to leave it up to the Master and let him do amazing things with me, and through me.

Tomorrow is Miss Dorothy's funeral. For those of you who don't know, she was the hospice lady that I visited on a weekly basis. She was 87 years old, and a spitfire.. When you sign up to Volunteer for hospice they tell you that the patient usually has 6 months or less, but I had Miss Dorothy for 2 years! I feel truly blessed to have known her, and been her friend. Tomorrow I will sing "Drinking from My Saucer" to celebrate her life at her service. What a neat, inspiring lady.. She didn't even enter the work force until she was 60 years old, and worked till she could not work anymore because the Cancer hurt her bones. She used to tell me she was "almost perfect" and now I know she truly is...

Lately I've been thinking a lot (Since someone has been sending me rude, hateful emails) that its really awful when people get to a point in their lives in which they don't care about hurting someone's feelings, or care about someone's feelings.. Like those who constantly act hateful to waitors and waitresses.. sending food back..barking complaints.. griping about the service. .I don't like to wait either, but these people are doing their jobs, so why try to be rude and make them feel bad about themselves? Or Road-ragers.. Unless you plan on seriously getting out of your car and fighting someone, don't act like you are a badass behind the wheel..We all have places to go, so lets all just try to be respectful when we are driving. .We all make mistakes, and driving mishaps..so lets just be nice about it. My point is this.. Instead of taking time out of our life to try to make someone feel bad..why not smile, or offer kind words to make someone feel good? Who knows what kind of day that person might be having, in which your kind words might lighten their load.. to quote my favorite band the Oak Ridge Boys

"You know a smile
Never goes out of style
So brighten up the one that you wear
Let it shine
And you just might find
You'll lighten up the load that you bear.

You know with all the trouble and sorrow in the world
It seems like the least we can do
Just take that smile into the street
And share it with everybody you meet.
Everyday (Everyday) I want to shake somebody's hand
Everyday (Everyday) I want make somebody know (that thinks they can) that they can (yes
they can)
Everyday (Everyday) I want to try (I want to try)
To show my brothers and sisters that I want to help them along the way Everyday, Everyday.

You know a kind work
Never goes unheard
But too often goes unsaid
And on the tongue
Of the old and the young
Gets swallowed up with pride instead."
I know with all the negative press, and crappy things we see and hear its easy to be negative.. But we can control how we treat people, and how we think.. So if you need to read "The Secret" and lets try to be better to each other.. Its a process, but one that I think is worth the effort..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Poppycock Festivus

Well I managed to pull off the "Princess Poppycock" costume this year.. It took forever! That white makeup is a beast..and after about 2 hours it starts cracking, and then you look like the Joker! I had all my friends over for a big party, and they had some pretty good costumes too.. We had Mario & Luigi, bad slumberparties, Cops, and all kinds of good stuff.

MJ dressed up as Luigi..Miss Paylsee was unsure of his weird puffish hands.. The picture of her to the left is at a therapy visit last week..We went to Sterling House and they enjoyed her Ballerina outfit..plus they had such a cute setup outside that I just had to pose her!

As you can see from the group pic, we all had a great time at the party.. MJ and I went to another Halloween party on Sunday..but I didn't do Poppycock makeup..I did more of a "Raggedy Ann" outfit..now that I have Red Hair, it wasn't that big of a stretch..There was a guy there dressed as Bret Michaels, and it was hilarious..

Well today is election day..I tried to vote by Absentee, but I didn't apply on time, so I'll be waiting in line today I suppose..I have to go vote though..last time I voted it took me 3 hours when we were voting for President..

Going to Eat Sushi tonight.. MMM! Usually its Taco Tuesday, but I'm thinking something different for tonight.. Speaking of Food, MJ & I drove to Medicine park on Friday to meet my brother..He just proposed to his girlfriend, so the whole family met up to eat and celebrate at The Old Plantation..
It was great food, and everyone was very excited for Grant & Jenny..He also picked out an awesome ring!

Well everyone have a great week.. PS, to the person that keeps emailing me hate mail, I've now blocked you.. and I'll continue to pray that you find some other happiness that doesn't include trying to be hateful and malicious..

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween is coming up!

I love Halloween.. So I had to do this pic.. As you'll notice, my hair is now RED! Yes! MJ wanted to see what I looked like with Dark hair..He wanted brown, I wanted NOT brown..so we compromised with Red. Its a dark Red, and its pretty great. Nicole at Changes Hair Salon and she does such an awesome job.. I love this look for Fall, and I knew I could pull off being a red head!!
I'm having a Halloween party this weekend and I'm dressing up as "Princess Poppycock" from America's got Talent..I'm thinking its going to take me forever to get my makeup on.. I have a giant, white, Wig that I'm going to use for my hair..and a fun hat that mom is mailing to me.. My friends have some pretty good ideas too, so I'll take lots of pics..I've invited quite a diverse crowd, and it could get quite entertaining..
Tonight we are going on a Therapy Visit. Payslee will be wearing her Ballerina outfit.. We go on visits every Thursday, and today we are going to Canterbury to visit those folks. We always enjoy our visit there. I went to visit Miss Dorothy, My Hospice friend, on Tuesday..She is not doing very good right now, so keep her in your prayers.
I've lost 4 pounds this week. I started up the HCG diet again..I know I can do it, and its what works for me..Yes, eating a low amount of calories sucks, but losing weight sucks period, so I guess its all a wash! The dog babes and I have been walking every night and we both enjoy that. Hope you all have a great rest of the week!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween Dog Babes!

Well this year I had a hard time deciding on the Dog Babes costumes.. Sawyer finally decided that he wanted to be a Dinosaur..so here he is.. DINOSAW! I swear..I hear people that say "Oooo poor dog"..but look at these babies faces, they love the attention! They are the happiest dog babes ever, and that makes me feel good.
Payslee's outfit came pretty natural this year..She is always wearing frilly, puffy stuff with lots of bling and sequins..So I had my favorite dress maker, Doggie Duds by Deb, who makes all Payslee's cutest outfits whip up a Ballerina Costume complete with matching bow.. I was NOT disappointed, as always, it was ADORABLE!

People think I'm full of crap when I say my dogs smile..but look at them.. Am I lying! They are adorable, and such a joy to me. We went to a therapy visit on Thursday to Sterling House in Edmond..Payslee wore her Pumpkin Oufit, and they charmed everyone.. Even Saw gave a few hugs. He's getting so much better at being a Therapy dog. I'm so proud of them.

The Job is going okay.. I'm still not sure I'm cutout for computer IT..Why? Because I feel like an idiot most of the time when folks are talking to me! I sure know a lot more than when I started.. Do I miss being on the radio? YES. I watched a Movie over the weekend called "RED" and it was about retired CIA people...and basically their life was similar to mine..When you do something you love, that you live for, that you look forward to going to everyday..its VERY hard to give that up.. And its very hard to just quit longing for that feeling..Thats my struggle right now.. MJ thinks I'm insane most days because he's never loved something like I love being on the radio. Most people don't.. Most people just have to go to a job that pays the bills, or that they got a degree in, or that they ended up with.. I get that..But man, I will say that I honestly hope that at some point in everyone's life, they get to go to a job that makes them SMILE and LAUGH every single day..thats what Radio was for me.. and I haven't given up on finding that same love yet.. Right now God is using me in different areas, and in different ways.. Stretching my boundaries, and taking me out of my comfort zone.. But I know in the end, he has a HUGE plan for me.. Something way better than anything I could have planned..So I need to be patient and wait for it to get here..

I'm having a Halloween party next weekend.. Pre-Halloween if you will, because a lot of my friends are already doing other things..I'm very excited. I'm dressing up as Poppycock from America's Got Talent.. pic's to follow..although it will be hard to top the Doggie Pics!! I watched "RED" and I give it 4 stars.. It stands for "Retired, Extremely, Dangerous" and has some great actors in it.. Bruce Willis, Helen Mirram, Morgan Freeman, and more.. Its very action filled, and good.. We also watched "You Again" with Jamie Lee Curtis..Its an awesome girl movie, so take your girlfriends when you have time.. I'm still not sure who I'm cheering for on Dancing with the Stars this year.. I will say its NOT Jennifer Grey.. I don't like her nose job, lol.. I know thats awful, but I don't.. I miss "Baby".. I love Grey's this season..so good, and so is Private Practice..

Love you guys..If you ever need me, its kcsheperd@aol.com..

Take care, and remember if you are going through something..No point in worrying about it, because that means you are saying 1) God isn't big enough to take care of it, or 2)God doesn't care. We both know that is NOT true..even if we screw it up, he's big enough to turn it into something good..So don't lose faith..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Miss Payslee!

Today is Miss Payslee's 2nd birthday.. Wow! It's been a fast two years. Seems like just yesterday when I was so heartbroken over losing my first shih-tzu, Pandora to pancreatitis.

Pandora was the first dog who taught me how to be a good dog mom. She was so ornery and just really had a mind of her own. There were several times when I would come home, and she would have eaten a bowl of candy..One time in particular I came home to find her sucking on a sucker with the stick hanging out of her mouth! She didn’t like to stay home alone, so she would push out my window screens on nice days, let herself out, and go across to my neighbors house. She would then let herself in through their doggie door, jump up on their couch, and watch TV with them until I got home. Many days I would come home to see the PSO guy, shirtless, cigar in his mouth, carrying Pandora under his right arm to bring her back home. He got used to her just going over there because she did it so frequently! Another time when I was letting her run off-leash, she ran into a pen full of Longhorns..My heart seriously quit beating when she walked right up to one of them and sat down in front of it, as if to say “Hello giant Friend, I’m a shih-Tzu!”.. Thankfully the Longhorn just bent his head down, sniffed her, and then walked away. At that point I raced in to get her..she seriously had NO FEAR. What a great dog.. My heart was so broken when she died that I didn’t think I would ever want another Tzu..But low and behold, when I went to schedule my hospice volunteering the coordinator had just had a new batch of puppies. A littler of two. One black and white, and One Red and white.. She asked me if I wanted to see them, and at first I said, No way.. But then she said “I know your heart is breaking for Pandora, but puppies make everyone smile”.. So I went back there, and that’s when I fell in love with Miss Payslee..

I knew I didn’t want the black and white one, since Pan was black and white..So I made up my mind that day, that a month later, I’d be taking home Miss Pays.. Except that wasn’t her name to start out with. At first I was calling her Harper. I would go visit her every week and take pics of her..She got to where she would dance around when she heard my voice..and the day I took her home, she didn’t even cry for her mom or sister. However, I knew at that point, that she was NOT a Harper..She was already turning into a little devil, and acting like a wild bird…So I decided on Payslee May. I thought Rally would be excited to have another girl in the house..WRONG. Rally couldn’t stand her..and of course all she wanted to do was bite at him, chase him, and act foolish.. There were times I thought “This ain’t gonna work”.. But thankfully Miss Pays was smart, and figured out her boundaries quick.

I started training her the day I brought her home. We put on a harness, and learned to walk on a leash. She weighed 1.2 pounds at that point. Such a tiny girl. But you couldn’t tell by her personality..She was feisty, and hilarious to me. If you tried to put her in a crate while driving she would wail, and cry like you had shot her. I told myself that she was going to be crated at night…You know how long that lasted? Not even one night..She wanted to sleep right by me in bed, and since I’m a light sleeper, I let her..She was potty-trained by 12 weeks..and I was so impressed with how smart she was, and eager to please..She completed her puppy class right on time, and she was therapy certified before even turning a year old..What a good girl!

Her favorite things? Running with Sawyer as fast as she can.. Cream cheese frosting, riding in her car-seat by me in the car, visiting her grandma Robbie at the farm, and pestering MJ because he won’t pay attention to her. She has brought me so much joy. Every day I try to do something that I know will make her life happier, because I know she does that for me, and all the people she visits.. Happy Birthday Miss Payslee, you are my sweet biscuit girl!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Great Birthday & New Ideas!

Well we had a great time on my birthday.. Who knew that giant white Van would be so much fun, but it was! We started things off at Dan O'Briens and had some dinner.. then we decided to try out "Murphy's Dueling Piano's" in Bricktown and it was SO fun! Leslie (Bill's wife) arranged for the piano guys to play me a song, to which they had the guys in the audience get down on one knee and sing "You've lost that loving feeling" to me.. Then Bill played the drums with the Piano too.. Its a very fun place to go!

I've attached some pics from the night.. the first one is Me & MJ..The next is Me, Shelly and Lauren..Then the last one is Me & Bill.. Good times.

Last week we all went to the State Fair twice last week..I tried some fried Mashed Bacon Potatoes.. and some Maccarroni & Cheese..then our second trip I had a Corndog. MJ had a giant corndog, and then I had a Strawberries newport..MM MM..Delish!

Last weekend MJ & I went to see "Takers".. it was okay..The weekend before we saw "Devil" and "The Town".. They were both excellent.. Devil is CREEPY and will make you scared of elevators for awhile.. The Town is about Bank Robbers and is action packed..Both good, go see em'..

Today while driving down the road I saw a man begging for money.. I guess he wasn't getting enough so he decided to upll up his shirt and show his abs.. (Like the Situation on Jersey shore does) and someone actually gave him money for it! What! What a strange world..lol..

Some new things are in the works for me.. I'll update as I know more.. XXOO

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Birthday Weekend & Dog Show

Well this is my Birthday weekend.. My friends and I are renting a 12 passenger Van and having MJ drive us around town for funtimes.. We haven't really decided what all we are going to do, but with my crew, I know it will be fun. This is the first birthday in 13 years where I haven't given awan presents on the air! Its so freakin weird not being on the radio anymore..I find myself thinking of funny stories to tell, then remember I'm not on the air! Blargh..

Last week MJ and I went to the farm..We saw two baby calves born, and MJ got to see Steve's giant tractor since he was sewing wheat. The dog babes of course ran around like Farm dogs, and I kept calling for Sawyer but couldn't find him.. Well I found him. Trapped in a patch of Stickers, with his face saying "I'm not moving mama".. so I go over and get him, and Mom, & I spend 20 minutes getting stickers out of his fur while MJ holds him..He's such a farm dog, lol..

We went and had a steak at Portobello's, and then met my dad, Kirby, for lunch at the Italian place in Elk City..Good food.. Plus, they were having a dog show in Elk City! So Mom, MJ, & I went and watched for awhile..MJ Is wanting a German Shepherd (To offset the fact that I have 3 shih-tzu's, which are the foofiest, girliest dogs ever)..I'm trying to talk him into an Italian Spinone instead..lol.. I like Big dogs too, I just fell in love with Shih-tzu's, and now I'll always have one..Speaking of, the show shih-tzu's were so cute with their big top knots, and cuteness.. Speaking of Cuteness.. I took Payslee on a therapy visit Thursday in her OSU Cheerleader outfit..Its so freaking cute. Doggiedudsbydeb made it for her.. Adorable! Shes such a good little therapy dog! Always smiling and loving people.

I've been taking an amazing class at Crossings.. Actually several. I've started going to Sunday school at 10:45, after I go to the regular Service at 9:30. The Sunday School class is called "Perspectives" and its taught by one of my favorite pastors, Terry Feix.. So good.. Then he is also teaching a class called "Angels & Demons" that I went to and it was AWESOME! There is nothing better than learning from someone who is so intelligent and knowledgeable about the bible! I just loved it..I start a new one that he is teaching on Wednesday night at 6:30 called "Worrying"..and its going to be excellent too, and right now, I really need the lesson of How NOT to worry..because I seem to be doing a lot of it. If you want to go with me, click on the link above and meet me there.. I think you all would love it too.

Last night MJ & I went to the Melting Pot for the first time.. I had heard my friends talk about it, but I had never been. It was SOOO GOOD! We started off with a 3 cheese Wisconsin trio and dipped Bread and apples into it.. MM MM! Then we had Ceasar Salads..then they bring out the meat and you cook it at your table..and there are like 10 dipping sauces! (MJ LOVES dipping sauces).. It was great, and then the best is the dessert! We chose the "turtle Chocolate" with nuts, caramel and milk Chocolate..they melt it all up and then you dip delicious strawberries, cheesecake, marshmellows, bananas, rice crispy treats, and more all into the melty chocolate..Ahhh! It was soo good! Its a bit pricey though, so keep that in mind..but for special occasions, its awesome! MJ also surprised me with another Brighton Bracelets! Its so pretty.. I'm going to put them all on and then take pictures..

More later, Love you all..


Thursday, September 2, 2010

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?

Do you ever wonder what you are supposed to be doing in your life? I'm there.. For 13 years, while I was on the radio I thought I was doing what I was supposed to be doing.. Then in March that all changed and I was forced into thinking "What ELSE am I supposed to be doing?".. Well on Sunday the pracher was preaching about how you have to TRUST God. He had the best analogy too. He put a chair on the stage and said "We all want to trust God, but most of the time we will just lean on him while we keep one foot on the floor, or we long to stand on our own two feet because we are control freaks. So many times we should just trust the lord completely (then he climbed completely onto the chair & sat down) and not stand on our own, but trust the lord to take care of us." Which makes so much sense. I like to feel like I'm in control of what I'm doing, and so many times I should just turn it over to God and trust that he will take care of it.

The Sunday school teacher also spoke about how sometimes we end up at the last place we think we should be..But that the whole time we are doing things that might be out of our comfort zone, we are learning new skills that will help us somewhere else down the road. Good to know, because I can honestly say I have no idea what I am doing in my life right now and just have to trust that it is helping me grow & teaching me skills I will need later.

There's are a lot of new opportunities coming into play for me. I'm going to try to think about what I'm supposed to be doing, and how I can make a difference. I'm excited about this weekend! For my moms birthday I got her tickets to the OSU opener against Washington Saturday. So we (along with MJ) will all head to Stilly.. My brother is tailgating so it should be fun times.

Tonight is a therapy visit in Edmond. Miss Pays is all ready! We had a great visit last week at Brighton gardens. Those folks are a hoot! We had a blast! I took Sawyer too & he was a good boy. We had 8 therapy dogs there in all shapes & sizes! So fun!

Surehopewe get some rain soon..last night I watched the CMA music fest on tv. Mom& I went to that a few years ago & had a blast.. The show was great last night,except for Kid Rock.. Why they allowed him of all people to sing 2 songs, I don't know.. Loved Blake & Trace, Alan, Justin Moore, Martina & others.. And loved Jamey Johnson, Dierks Bentley, and Miranda lambert singing "Bad Angel"..so many good country singers out right now. I miss being a part of it..

Watched "The last Exorcism" last weekend.. It's scary! But it is entertaining if you like scary movies..also watched "The Switch" and I really liked it. It's a chick flick, but a fun one! Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rock it Chaka Kahn

Well Hi.. Just got back from a therapy visit with Miss Payslee.. She had a fun time, and it is always a good visit at Canterbury..She wore an adorable little dress from http://www.doggiedudsbydeb.com/ Deb does such a great job with dog clothes, and Pays is of course a doll!

Well Bill & Leslie's wedding reception was on Saturday..MJ, Lauren, Shelly, Brandon & I all went and had a great time..I sang "Love me Tender" but of course I made it into a funny parody..I think they enjoyed it. I miss seeing Bill everyday so It was good to catch up.. Haven't really talked to Lynn much. I've called him a few times, and sent him some emails, but never really hear anything back, so I just left it..I think we are all a little 'weird' around each other now because we went from spending every day together to never seeing each other anymore..I miss them both, and I miss laughing at their stupid sayings everyday..

In the meanwhile, my parents got back from Alaska..They lost their luggage, but it got shipped to them on Tuesday. Mom was glad to be home. MJ is moving into his new house next week..I'm so excited for him. Its been something he has wanted for a long, long time and I know he will feel so happy having a place of his own..He bought some really cute stuff at Mathis brothers for his new place.

I had to take my car to Cummings in Weatherford to get a few things fixed..it has 99,000 miles on it, so it needed some work...I'm Rockin a PT Cruiser till then. Hey, I found a cool site that if you are like me and HATE being on hold, this website will actually wait on hold for you, and then CALL you back when they answer!! I know right! Awesome! Its called LUCY PHONE.. I haven't tried it yet, so let me know if it works.. Here's my delicious MJ and I..

Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm behind on blogging!,

Well good grief! I was reminded today that I have not written a blog in August..I can honestly say that I have officially become a “Real Job” having person..meaning that I go in for 8 hours and by the time I get home I’m uninspired to do anything else! My radio hours were always so bizarre doing the morning show that I usually was home early in the afternoons and had time to take a nap and just wake up and do whatever I wanted..but Now that I’m working ‘normal’ hours it makes doing my random “KC” things a bit harder..

This is going to be a fun weekend. Saturday is Bill & Leslie’s wedding reception. They have asked me to give a toast, and sing a song..I hope we are all still friends after I do that! Haha! Bill knows that I can’t just ‘sing’ a song.. Of course I had to make it into a Parody song! So I have taken Elvis’s version of “Love Me Tender” and made it my own..We’ll see what happens. Not sure if you all know it or not, but I would rather sing in front of 10,000 strangers as opposed to singing to 10 people I actually know.. So I’m thinking I might need some liquid courage for that..Which Leslie assured me we would have plenty of! So I’ll let you know how it goes..

My parents are in Alaska this week..Mom said its 60 degrees there. I told her I was jealous because all we have is triple digits here and no rain. How obnoxious. They are having a great time..they went zip lining, and watched the jumping Salmon, and have enjoyed the Wildlife part of everything. I feel so sorry for the guys that are painting and roofing my house. That would be miserable in this heat! They don’t start the roofing project till this weekend, but the painting is almost done. Blargh.. Yesterday I took Payslee to a therapy visit at Sterling House in Edmond. She wore a fabulous little denim overall dress with a heart on it. I’m having her seamstress Deb (doggiedudsbydeb.com) make another outfit for her with Pink Gingham..I saw it yesterday and just loved it! Yes, I’m starting to get quite ashamed of Payslee’s closet..She’s such a Fashionista!! Lol..

MJ was gone for a week to an IT conference in DC..I was glad to have him back. He leaves again in a week, then when he gets back he is moving into a new apartment! I’m very excited for him! Probably not excited enough to HELP him move..lol.. Just kidding..I’ll help, but good grief, why move in the middle of 103 degree summers! Blargh! The job is going well..Still learning stuff and trying to be helpful. I’m not sure what the plan for me will be. I’ve got a few things that are swirling around in my head.. I miss radio.. I think I should be helping the elderly..I think I should work with dogs.. who knows.. But I do know that God has a plan, and from what I’ve found so far his definition of “soon” and mine are quite different!! Lol.. So I must be patient!

I saw the latest Radio ratings.. Didn’t appear to be a good one for KKNG or JAKE. I’m not going to say anything mean, but sometimes it is nice to feel like they did make a wrong decision in letting us go. I’m thankful for it though because I know bigger things are just around the corner, but it is fun to gloat just a little bit.. I Hope you all have a great

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sometimes you feel like a fool..sometimes ya don't.

I tell you, this new job has really been an eye opening experience. I went from being one of the smartest computer people, to now being one of the dumbest.. lol.. I miss all the listeners, and all the aspects of radio. I've been talking to some folks about possibly doing it part time on the weekends just so I'm not totally OUT of the business. Its hard to completely change professions after 13 years, and its hard to realize that a profession you once loved is slowly dying.. But I'm so blessed to have been given this opportunity at Chesapeake, and I can't wait to see what happens with it. For the past two weeks at Crossings Marty has preached about the Serenity Prayer, and I really have to be mindful of that these days.. I start over thinking stuff, and getting nervous, and second-guessing myself, and I just have to say:

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.

I have a hard time with the "ONE DAY AT A TIME".. and have to remember that its always "One day at a time sweet Jesus" and hum the song in my head a few times. I must quit worrying about things and people that I can't change, and just appreciate each day God has given me with my friends, family, dogs, and blessings.

Speaking of dogs.. One of my fellow therapy dog friends has a business called "Edmond Critter Sitter" and she comes to your house and lets your dogs out during the day, or plays with them, or takes them to their grooming appt, or whatever.. I thought it might be nice to have her come over to my house once or twice a week and let my babes out..Especially on the days that I have to work late, or can't come home at lunch..She comes to Oklahoma City too, so look her up if you might need services like that..She'll also stay in your house with your dog babes if you don't want to board them... I know right! Awesome!

MJ & I went to see "Salt" this weekend with Angelina Jolie..It was really good.. Plus it was $1
popcorn day at AMC.. booya! Mom & Steve came up this weekend too, and we ate Sushi at a new place on May called "Saii".. it was delish..Then on Saturday we all got up early and went to the Farmers Market at OSU/OKC.. WE found all sorts of fresh goodness.. berries, fruit, okra, beans, corn, candles..etc.. If you haven't been to that on a Saturday morning, check it out..its delish and so awesome to shop local!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Yes, I can turn on a computer.

So I think the reaction to my getting a job in IT at Chesapeake has been kinda funny.. I agree that IT work is a long way from being an on air personality, but what most people don't know is that I studied Computer Science in College..In fact, I'm only 3 hours away from having a Minor in Computer Science..so listen, its not THAT far of a stretch! lol..
The job is going well..I learn some new computer lingo every day..and I learn something new everyday..which means my brain is constantly working, and I'm thinking that will keep me young and spry.. lol..NOt sure, but yeah, I'm thinking that.. People want to know what I do there, but honestly, if I told you it probably wouldn't make a lot of sense..I know it sure wouldn't have to me a month ago, but I like what I do, and I think I'm doing a pretty good job..

I'm still taking care of my hospice lady, Miss Dorothy, and still going on visits once or twice a week when I can. Its still mostly Payslee, but Sawyer goes sometimes now too. Last weekend MJ & I went to see "Inception" the new movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, and it was good..A little long, but really thought-provoking and interesting..Go see it if you have time.. Then yesterday my friend from Orlando, Chantry came to town and we had a lovely lunch visit.. He makes handbags, and clutches and for me, he made a satched for Paddy, my Ipad..How awesome is it! (pictured left)..He knows I love weird ladies on stuff, so he went with this design, and I just love it!! His website is The House of Chabanks..check out his stuff..He's fabulous.
Last night MJ & I went to eat at Olive Garden, which I loved.. Saturday night was Shelly's birthday party and we suprised her at Musashis..Good times had by all.. Hope you all are doing well too!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Flooding In Oklahoma & therapy

Wow..this Rain has been amazing..Watching that flooding in Hobart, and all around has been crazy! In fact this whole past year of Oklahoma weather has been odd..but hey, Its Oklahoma right!

Week 2 of work was very busy.. I stay busy most days.. I asked to come in to 7-4 instead of 8-5 because I'm just an early bird. I always have been since I was little, so that has been awesome..I like it so much better! I'd come in at 6 if they would let me! I still wake up around 5 each morning..But anyway, its been good. I learn something new about everyday, and found out that I had some folks who used to listen to me that I work with now, so thats been cool too..I'm making new friends, and just trying to work hard each day. Its a great place to work.

I took the dog babes to the groomer yesterday. They go to Ms. Jo's Dog grooming off 63rd, and now they are little fluff puffish angels..However, with all this rain, they stayed pretty and white for about 10 minutes..They love running outside in the evening and I take them to this big empty field and just let them be 'free' for about 30 minutes.. I let them run and play until their tongues are dragging the ground, then we go home. I took them BOTH on a therapy visit this week to visit with my hospice lady and her husband..Sawyer did really well! the Key is Payslee..If she's around, then he's brave enough to visit. I guess he figures if she likes them, he should like them to..so it was very cute..and I was proud of those little birds! The picture of them is them sitting on the bed letting George, Dorothy's husband pet them and love them..

Now to the crap news..The other day I get into my car and realize that it smells like dead carcass.. Since I don't know of any anyone putting any dead carcass into my car, I start to investigate and find that the wretched smell is coming from the trunk..I lift up the trunk bottom (where the spare is stored) and find that there is standing, rotting water in my trunk! How did it get there!! I don't know..but it was foul. So I had to get all these towels and glob the water out of there, all while it smelling wretched & foul.. So now its in the garage 'airing' out after I sprayed bleach in it.. Stupidly, I did all this after getting a spray tan, so now my tan is all jacked up and I'm going to look like I have a weird tan-skin disease..because its all blotchy..Plus I smell like carcass..So I'm going to go take care of that now, thanks,

Love ya, bye..


Friday, July 2, 2010

Week 1 Job Update..

Well I got the call on Monday afternoon that I was set to work Tuesday..so Off I went! I admit, in the beginning I was a bit scared.. On Tuesday it was a lot of setting stuff up like accounts, passwords, computers, etc.. So we did that, then on Tuesday we dove in..Bill is my Boss, and we are doing really well...I'm basically just trying to help him out in anyway I can..Right now its handling emails, checking on things, and tracking stuff down..Thankfully I'm pretty good at all those things, so Its been good.. There are still a BILLION things that I don't know, but as far as week 1 goes, I'd have to say we did pretty good.. I learned a ton of things, and expect to only learn more as I go along. The Chesapeake staff is AMAZING.. so nice, so helpful, and so resourceful..I'm very excited to be working for them! Yay!

Not sure what MJ and I are going to do for the 4th of July.. Work let out early today, and I'm off Monday, so it will be a fun holiday weekend. Yesterday I took Payslee to Copperidge Assisted living for a visit last night dressed in her Red/white/Blue..Everyone loved her of course.. She was quite a charmer letting the little people hold her, and cuddle her face..She's such a sweet girl..
I went back to the Ortho Doctor today..I had to have an MRI scheduled because there is some sort of grinding in my knee..The arthritis meds aren't really helping that much, and I'm trying to avoid being on pain meds the rest of my life..So we are going to schedule that and see whats going on..Boo.
Something kinda funny; The other day I had to go take a drug test for the Chesapeake job..Well when I walked in the guy hands me my Pee cup and says "HEY, Aren't you KC Sheperd from the radio?! Man, I just love you! What happened?" So I kinda fill him in..and he proceeds to carry on.. "Well you are just the best.. so go ahead and pee in this cup..and don't flush.. Remember that time you told that joke, wowza, that had me laughing in tears".. So I go and pee in the cup, and come back out and set it on the counter.. and the guy says, "Okay..great.. Attention Everyone!! This is a celebrity, This is KC Sheperd.. Go ahead and sign your name on your pee cup, and then go ahead and sign an autograph for me".. lol.. So I did..And Yes, thats a true story..Just goes to prove that just because I'm not on the radio that ridiculous things STILL happen to me! Have a good weekend all, Happy 4th of July!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Warm it up Kace, I'm about too..

Shelly, Whitney & I.. out on the town the other night..

Well ladies & Gents, I believe I've secured myself a job..Not sure of the start date, but it will either be MONDAY, or the following Monday after the 4th of July. I'm going to work for Chesapeake as a Contractor, which means Its not a permanant position, but a long-term contract, and its an exceptional opportunity. I'm going to work in (Are you ready for this?) the I.T. Department! Yes, I'm going to be helping people with computers.. The Irony in all this is that when I started college my Major was Computer Science, but I fell into broadcasting and just left that behind, and moved onto English..So Now I feel like I've come full circle.

So I'm excited. I had two really great interviews last week, and I've been offered two other positions, but I really feel like working for Chesapeake I will have a lot of opportunities to learn something completely knew (although not foreign to me) and look forward to learning, and meeting new people. I've been in the radio business for so long, and while its been some of the most amazing times of my life, I'm anxious to work in a place where I think my work ethic, creativity, and loyalty will be rewarded. I'm very excited about it!

Yesterday was MJ's & I's 6 month anniversary. We went to PF Changs where they have an amazing 'dinner for 2' option with a soup, appetizer, entree, and dessert.. MM MM! I had egg drop soup, Lettuce Wraps, Almond & Cashew chicken, and Carrot Cake. It was all soo good for $20! YUM! MJ had Sweet & Sour soup, Lettuce Wraps, Kung Pao chicken, and Chocolate cake..Everything was soooo good, and we had an awesome time. He's such a great guy!

Let me just say to you.. I LOVE MY IPAD. Paddy is amazing. She does so many cool things, and I've enjoyed her so much this past week! MJ Loved her so much that he went and got himself one too! He named him St. Pat, and now Patty & St. Pat are in love too..lol..Ridiculous I know!! I took Miss Payslee to the Norman Hospital yesterday for a visit..She helped patients with their Physical therapy, and had a good time..she's such a good girl!

This weekend is going to be nice..I'm having a farm party. All my friends are coming out to the farm in Canute for some farm time fun. We will probably play volleball, have some good food, drinks, and conversations.. Its going to be good.. I knew if I would just stay positive enough, be true to myself, and hang in there things would turn around..and now they are..I do want to say again, that I truly appreciate every person who has reached out to me..whether it be to pass along a job suggestion, tell me they miss me on the air, give me words of encouragment, or just tell me Hi, I really do appreciate it.. you all are really good people.. thank you!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Things are starting to happen!

Well YAY Folks.. Things are starting to happen for Ol' Shep! Thanks to the help of some fabulous listeners, friends, and family the job prospects are starting to roll in. I went on Two interviews last week..and two this week, and got asked back for 2 second interviews. On top of those things, I have a new offer that I think will turn into something as well..So Blessings! Blsessings! And Thank you's!! I would be doing something I have never done before, but I'm excited about new opportunities. I'll keep you posted..

Last night Payslee & I went to The Fountains at Canterbury for a therapy visit..We had the best time. She loves this little lady in the picture..She visits with her, then goes and talks to other people..then she run backs and jumps on the lady's lap..its so cute. And the lady looks forward to seeing her each time she comes in..Its always fun there.

So More exciting news.. MJ surprised me with an Apple IPAD this week! Are you kidding me!! I had been wanting one for a long time and he told me that when I got a job he would get me one as my "Motivation".. but it came in early, so he just gave it to me and said he was being "Optimistic" about me getting a job soon (which I think worked!).. So here she is.. I named her "Paddy" the Ipad, and I LOVE HER!

She does amazing things..She even makes phone calls with an App called "Whisle".. And she is so pretty!! I've been playing Words with Friends, Facebooking, Tweeting, and more on her..She makes the screen giant, and I just love her..Mom gets to see her this weekend because we are going to the farm to visit..She's excited!
On a crap note, I found out I have arthritis in my right knee..and it sucks. Its been so painful that I can't sleep at night..So I went to the Ortho on WED and got some medication, so I'm hoping that will help..so far its helping a little, and the icepack helps too.. I'm hoping it gets better. If not I have to go back in 3 weeks for an MRI, because the X-Ray showed nothing so far..blargh. I'm in my 30's and I have arthritis? Can you say..LAME!! lol.. Oh well..
Oh, and I have some more great news too..I found an excellent website that has all kinds of magical things, it's called CSNStores.com. They sell everything from a bedroom vanity to home decor and dog stuff Coming up in the next blog or so, I'm going to do a review of a new collar for Sweet Sawyer..So pics, and the review coming soon!! Have a great weekend!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Had a great Wii-kend!

Its a nice lazy Sunday..although I'm about to saw my knee off.. I have a feeling that when I fell on my rollerblades a few weeks ago that it caused an old injury to resurface..blargh. Now its bothering me when I sleep, and I can only lay on it certain ways..I'm going to call an Orthopedic doctor tomorrow and see if I can get it figured out.

Friday night MJ took me to dinner at a place called "Manhatten".. its over off like 178th, and very good. I had stuffed chicken, and he had tilapia..Both were delish. Then we watched "From Paris with Love" with John Travolta..It was so-so..Travolta was good, but the storyline was kinda bizarre. We were going to go see the "A-Team" but I didn't feel that great so we just came home..
Last night I had everyone over to play "Wii".. we wanted to play Guitar hero and Dance Dance Revolution..We had an excellent time! Nita came over and was quite impressed with Payslee's LONG eyelashes..She does have really long eyelashes for a shih-tzu, but I just thought that was normal.. Sawyer kept laying on the dance dance revolution matt.. I guess he wanted to dance!
I made some excellent snacks, including my favorite fruit dip in which you mix marshmellow cream with Cream cheese..Ahh! Its the BEST..And I dipped some grapes & strawberries in it..Delish.
Still looking for a job. Went on the two interviews last week and should hear something from them at the end of this week..If you all know of anything, let me know..I've had several of you email me ideas, and I SOO appreciate it.. I've been following up on all leads..I haven't been out of work since I was 19 years old and this is just all so odd..I never thought in a million years I would be in this situation, but I know all things happen for a reason, and something new and exciting is just around the corner for me..Thanks everyone! kcsheperd@aol.com is my email if ya need me! Have a great week!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How bout a Couple of "Yes's" to go with the "No's"..

Man, I've been getting told "NO" a lot lately.. Mom says that every "NO" I get..gets me closer to a "YES"..lets hope so! I've been applying for any and every job that I think I might be qualified to do, and I'm doing everything that all my Resume books, and job coach books tell me to do..But its not resulting in any YES votes to me, so there ya go.. So if you know me, and you are reading this, and you are sitting here thinking, "You know, I know a so-and-so job that KC would just be great for"..or "You know I know so-and-so and I bet they could help KC get a job."..Please feel free to reach out and lend a hand..Supposedly "Networking" is the best way to get a job, and at some point in my life I thought I was pretty "Networked"..especially to all my fabulous listeners..But so far I'm coming up empty in the job world, so I thought this could be a way to reach out and say "HELP!" to anyone who is listening..I've got a new friend who is trying to help me find something at Chesapeake, which is one of my top places to work, so I'm hopeful that together we can get something accomplished.. email me if you want to: kcsheperd@aol.com

Okay..Now onward & Upward.. I've been working out at this new place called "KOKO FIT CLUB"..You do 30 minutes on these bionic weightlifting trainer machines, and then 15 minutes of HARD CORE cardio. I can't say what its doing so far, b/c I've only been doing it for 2 weeks.. but I'll keep you posted.

This weekend I'm having a "WII" party at my house to play Dance Dance Revolution..Bill was going to come by but he and his band have a gig..But all my regular friends will be here.. Should be good times. Tomorrow I go back to the denist, and YES..we are almost finished taking all the silver out of my mouth! I think I have 3 left..I had to have a root canal two weeks ago, but you know what, Dr. Cox is so awesome that it wasn't even painful! Booya!!

I'm VERY excited about the new Iphone..even though I can't have one for awhile..It does look amazing..MJ says when I get a job he will reward my efforts with one of those magical IPADS..How great is that guy! We watched "Splice" last weekend and it was so awful I'm not going to even go into why..but its bad..stay away..Hoping the Celtics beat the Lakers because I just don't like Kobe..Sorry Laker fans..

Found out last week that Tyler Media laid off another friend of mine, Nita Stacy..She is extremely gifted and talented in promotions, graphic design, art, and web design, so if you know of someone who needs an amazing graphic artist on their staff email me and I'll pass along her information to you..She's truly one of a kind, and even though, and we are both very excited to have some new opportunities!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

James Otto Concert in OKC!

Whitney, Lauren, James Otto, Me & Shelly
Well as many of you know, I love James Otto.. and last night he did a show at the Diamond Ballroom in OKC. Thankfully I still have some friends in High places who was kind enough to give me and 3 of my friends tickets to the show! So we put on our high heels and headed out to the Diamond Ballroom to see MDO (My delicious Otto)! We went to the Meet & Greet and Whitney had never met MDO, so she was excited to see him.. Notice in the picture on the left that yes, he is still wearing the bracelet I gave him last year at the Newface Showcase! Booya!

Anyway, he started the show with a brand new song called "Are you with Me" and its awesome. He did a few new songs and he has a new CD coming out in September..So excited for that..He also did some awesome covers of Bob Seger tunes, and even an awesome cover of "Help me Make it through the Night"! So good.. The whole show was excellent!

After the show my friends and I all went and hung out on the bus for awhile. His band and tour manager are very cool so it was funtimes to just hang out and talk shop. James Otto has been one of a few artists who has been keeping in touch with me, even after I lost my job at KKNG. We talk through Twitter, and he's just an awesome guy on the inside and out..and yes, he's very delicious..I didn't get home till after 2am! At least I didn't have to get up early right!

We all had a fabulous time and it was so good to see JO again..Plus Whitney has now jumped on board as an Ottomaniac!!!! Always fun to be with Good friends, listening to good music!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Brooks & Dunn at the BOK Center!

Well We had an excellent weekend at the farm! I got quite a surprise last week when one of my former Record Reps offered me tickets to see Brooks & Dunn & Jason Aldean Friday night at the BOK Center! So mom and I went up and Saw a GREAT show! A new 16 year old Artist named Tyler Dickerson opened up the show and did an excellent job..then Jason Aldean took the stage. I'm a huge Aldean fan and he sounded great. Lots of energy and he closed his set with Kid Rock's "Cowboy" which was awesome. We were both excited to see Brooks & Dunn and even more excited when they decided to do some of their early hits! They put on a great show..but Lordy, we got home LATE....

We had floor seats, so if you want to see more of the pictures click: HERE and you can see the whole show.

We went ahead and drove all the way to Canute from Tulsa because MJ was already out there hanging out with Steve..but it was nice because we had the whole weekend to do fun, farm stuff.. MJ got to drive the 4x4 tractor for the first time with the Ripper on the back, and he was stoked..He had never driven a tractor..EVER..(he's a city boy)..and he thought it was incredible..Plus this is a GIANT tractor with tons of power, so he was impressed. .Mom also had him Mow with our bionic mower..It goes very fast with a zero turn radius, so he loved mowing too! We may make a farmer out of him yet! He even has a Straw Cowboy hat now! He's so cute in it..lol.. The dogs of course had a great time too..Sawyer thinks he is a border collie and runs as fast as he can to keep up.. Rally does too, but Miss Pays is smart enough to stay with Mama and just be a girl.. Sawyer dipped himself in mud, and mom squirted him with the water hose, which he thought was great fun..Then I let him take a dip in the pool with Bear, her Aussie, that likes to swim..So they all had a great time..

UNTIL..I noticed Rally limping after he had come in from running as fast as he could with the other dogs..It didn't get better so I took him to the vet yesterday and sure enough, he tore his ACL.The Vets Suggestion was to watch it for a couple of weeks..Sometimes the dog just accepts it, and it doesn't really bother them, they just walk with a slight limp..That would be the best case scenario, and what we are hoping for. He gave me some pain meds because he said in the beginning of the injury its painful, then afterward its just kind of a nusciance, but not painful to him.. The vet has said that its not something that is a dire situation..meaning its not going to cause his health to deteriorate, or his leg to fall off, or anything awful, but I still don't want him to be in pain. It won't get any 'worse' than it already is..He didn't just slightly tear it, or injure it..he Tore it into..so it can't get any worse than it is now, and I guess that is good.

The last scenario is surgery. I'm not sure that surgery would be a good option for Rally..for one he is 12 years old, and even though he is in excellent health (He just had a geriatric exam in January, and everything looked great) the surgery would make him be basically bed ridden for 4 weeks..He can't go on walks..run outside..play, etc.. and that would just BREAK HIS HEART.. Rally is a pretty active dog and his daily walks are his favorite things..Plus the surgery doesn't always work. Sometimes the dog still doesn't like using the leg and they have to put weights on it to make the dog use it..Sometimes the ACL ruptures again.. Sometimes the dog rejects the materials they put in the leg.. So I'm just hoping and praying that Rallis continues to improve. (He did better yesterday).. He was still running around on 3 legs when we left the farm! Crazy dog!

Still job hunting, but I have some amazing people helping me, so hopefully I will find something soon!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Celebrity Apprentice, Brooks & Dunn, and LOST

Well I was glad that Bret Michaels won celebrity apprentice last night.. I mean seriously, the guy has a hemmorhage, then a stroke? Yes..he needs some good news! Plus I just like the guy. I loved the 80's hairbands, and Poison was one of my fav's of all time, so I was cheering for him all along..and I'm just glad he's going to be okay. Holly did a great job too, but she didn't sing "Unskinny Bob" or "Every Rose has its Thorn".. so Yeah, I like Bret better!!

As for LOST..I was LOST all season! I watched seasons 1-4 very dilligently, but I've been a slacker for the last two..Is there two? See..Lost again..But I did watch it a bit, and I did like the ending. I thought it was pretty fitting and left it kinda 'up in the air' so that one could decide what they DID think happened..

Now as for the Brooks & Dunn special..WOW! I LOVED IT.. I'm going to add some of my fav's here..Of course I LOVED Rascal Flatts doing "Its Getting Better all the Time"

And I loved Jennifer Hudson doing "I Believe" and Reba doing "Indian Summer"..Reba just cracks me up because ONLY SHE could pull off singing the way she does..but I do love it.. I also loved Lady A's "If you see him"

And I thought Miss Taylor did a good job too with "Aint Nothin Bout You"..I am seriously going to miss Brooks & Dunn..they are an amazing group, and Ronnie is one of the best singers of all time.. I hope they do a replay of it so I can record it and save it forever.

Still on the job hunt..so I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

HOLY Oklahoma HAIL!

Wow! I just sat through quite a hail storm! It hailed golf-ball sized hail for about 15 minutes..to the point that it flooded my backyard like snow..Thankfully I got my plants underneath the awning before it slapped them around, but the ones in the front will have some recovering to do. My neighbor said his roof is damaged. I rent, and nothing is leaking, so I feel like I'm good for now! Lots of fallen leaves, and beat up tree's, but I think everything else is okay.

Right now Payslee & Sawyer are in the backyard eating hail balls..lol.. they are weird little creatures. Rally hates the storms, so I gave him a doggie sedative called "Happy traveler" that is supposed to help with anxiety.. So far so good. He's been driving me batty during the storms, so I'm hoping this will help that.

Last night MJ & I went to "In the Raw" and had some delish Sushi.. Since MJ got sick on it about 3 months ago, he still hasn't been able to eat it..so I ate his share, and he had a noodle bowl. We were going to go see "Robin Hood" with Russel Crowe, but didn't get around to it, and instead rented "Daybreakers". It was pretty good too..about Vampires.

I had a really great feeling about getting a job last Monday..I really do feel like something is just around the corner for me. This morning when I went to church at Crossings the preachers sermon was about 'Getting out of your comfort Zone.' This really hit home for me, because Radio has been my comfort zone for the last 13 years.. I love it, and I always will..but I'm also excited about trying something new, and different..With 'normal' people who appreciate someone who is willing to work hard, get the job done, and make things happen.. So this week I'm going to work on cleaning my

room & my closet so I'll be ready when the new job comes calling!
Yesterday was my half/brother Grants Graduation. He graduated from OU law school, and they had bag-pipe players! How freakin cool is that! I didn't even know we had a bagpipe organization in Oklahoma..but I'm thinking they are a bit like Accordion players..while I find them very cool, maybe they are not saught after like say, guitarists..Whatever, I though they were awesome. Then we all went to Iron starr and had some Delish BBQ.. Here he is all excited about his graduation! Yay Grant! Hope everyone survived the storms!