Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmastime's a Coming..

well I had my hair done again.. This time I added blonde to the red.. It's pretty delicious. Nicole at "Changes hair salon" in Edmond is who does my hair, and she does a great job! Mj likes it, even though he thinks I would look good with brown hair, I politely declined.. Lol

Well I'm working my fingers to the bone.. I work at Chesapeake all day, then tonight I'll go to work at "Paws around Town" till 8pm, since we are staying open late on Thursdays or the holidays.. The irony of all this working is that I still have no money! How does that happen! It's the time of the year when I do need to be buying presents.. I have bought a few things, but I have more that I need to get. Hopefully that will happen next week.

Last night I took Payslee to the new alzheimer unit called "Cyprus springs".. She was sweet to all the residents and we had a good visit. We go there every two weeks. I've been missing our regular thursday visits because of working late, but will start back up again in January. Payslee has a new Christmas dress thanks to Deb.. She has the cutest things at She does such a great between Miss Deb, and working at the dog shop, Miss Pays has all kinds of cute Christmas clothes!

Did you all watch the repeat of Wynonna Judd yesterday on Oprah? I watched it for the 2nd time and I've decided I need a life coach.. How cool would it be to have a life coach! Soeone that just reminds you how fantastic you are..offers great advice..listens to you cry about your issues and offers encouragement.. Tells you you are pretty..etc.. Yeah, I'm on board. I'm going to try to find one when I make enough money to hire one.. Lol. Better yet, I'll ask Santa for one!

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  1. Write KAYSEE SHEPERD down the side of a piece of notebook paper. Out beside the letters write:



    Now put this on the frig or on your bathroom mirror and READ IT EVERY DAY! These are only a few words to describe what a wonderful individual you are inside and out!! KC you are AWESOME AND BEAUTIFUL!!!