Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Legs of the Living

You know, back when I was in High school I used to love my legs. I loved them because they were strong, and they would help me push post players out of the lane.. or they would help me push people over the half-court line when the ref wasn't watching (Yes, I played 6 on 6..shut it)..They helped me stand my ground when someone was pushing me around the lane..Now I just want to shave them off..Seriously. Isn't it so funny that the things you used to love about yourself when you were younger, now torment you? I hate my thighs..I'm sure this is not a new revelation for a woman to say, but I do..I don't mind having a little junk in my trunk..but I hate having TREE Trunk legs.. Why am I blogging about this? Who knows.. lets move on..

I've started my 2nd job at Paws around Town. Payslee & I went to work on Sunday and Pays was quite the little sales person..She would stand by the door and people would see her, and try to come pet her, then she would race into the store so they would HAVE to come in and look around! How funny is that! We will go to work again tomorrow, then again on Saturday & Sunday..I'll be working 7 days a week through December, but I'll be able to do some Christmas shopping at the store!

We had a great Thanksgiving.. It was just a few of us, but delish food, and always nice to be with my family.. MJ didn't get to join us, because we decided to come back on Friday to do some shopping..We went to Penny's, but it was a madhouse, so settled on the Market, where mom got some awesome stuff, and I picked up a few gifts.. Saturday we all went to Stillwater to tailgate with my brother, Randy..He set up 4 tents, and cooked all kinds of goodness.. Calf fries, noodles, stew, Frito-pies..and of course drinks! He had the TV setup in the tent so we could watch stuff.. It was fun..didn't like the result OF THE game, but I'm very proud of my OSU Cowboys!

I downloaded that song "Brand new Key".. Its the song off that HP Baby commercial where the baby is traveling down the road in the walker and the lady is singing "I've got a brand new pair of rollerskates, you've got a brand new key..".. I love it. It makes me happy when I hear it..

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