Friday, March 21, 2014

Swimming in Paradise

 Well here we are.. Girls are almost 10 months old now. We signed them up for Aquatots and we start tomorrow. I'm not sure what all they will be learning, but they will love it because they LOVE the water, so MJ and I are pretty excited to take them. Everyone always says "Are they always that happy".. yes, they really usually are.. even through teething and having a minor cold..They are always smiling.

 Yesterday we took them to the Park and let them swing. They thought that was a good time. We won't be able to take them anywhere this weekend because the weather is going to suck again. Isn't it supposed to be spring?? Geez..

 We took the girls to the farm a couple of weeks ago to visit everyone. Cross got to per her first Cow. She was pretty excited about this. LL isn't sure. She's pretty girlie, so standing in a cow lot with her socks on and pretty skirt might not have been so appealing to her.

Our New Nanny started, Leslie, and she's doing great. This is her 2nd week and she's got the hang of it. The girls are happy to see her when she arrives. We are so thankful we found her.

Crosslee is finally sleeping through the night.. LL.. Not so much. Blargh. She usually gets up at least once.. They still have been going to bed pretty early. I thought that might change with daylight savings time, but they are ready for baths around 5:30, and ready for bed around 6:30.. They are eating anything and everything. They LOVE food. I'm so glad we went the Baby led Weaning route because they so enjoy EATING and not just having a spoon full of baby food crammed in their mouth. Blueberries are one of their fav's, and we took them to Del Taco the other night where the dominated some taco meat. They both only have 2 teeth, but so far that isn't stopping them from sampling all kinds of great stuff! I'm hoping that by doing it this way they aren't picky.. because ain't nobody got time for that.

Everything else is going well.. Job is good. Still can't believe its been 4 years since I've been off the radio. Wow. I still think I'm supposed to be on the radio, so maybe I'll start a LOVES Radio station..I'm already thinking about it.. So we'll see where that goes. I have sucked when it comes to putting a Podcast on..with the girls I just literally have NO time to do it, and the time I do have is spent sleeping, or cleaning..blargh. Life of a twin mom!!

MJ and I are still loving our church.. our Sunday School, and our small group. That church offers so many things to so many people. I do the flower delivery once a month and last month someone had sent a thank you note about it.. Really cool deal. I miss getting to go on my therapy visits with the dogs, but I just don't have time to fit that in right now. I'm hoping to get Banks therapy certified too, so they can all go.. but right now I just have too much other magical things going on.. But I'll get back to it eventually! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Who is Sick of this Weather? (Raises Hand)

I cannot believe this crap weather we keep having. It really puts a bind in everything.. I wasn't able to go to work again yesterday because Lapoppins couldn't get out of her addition.. I can't take the dogs on a walk because we could all break our limbs.. I can't take the girls outside for sun.. because there is none.. We keep missing church..because its so awful that they keep having to cancel it.. We basically can't leave the house because we don't want to drive with the girls when there is ice on the roads.. so yes, Its just a RUINER all together..Stupid Groundhog..

I have no idea how people who have children and work do this.. I mean it seems like OKC schools have been OUT more than they have been in! As a working mom I can't imagine how these parents have to take off every single day the kids are out of school and are able to keep their jobs.. I hope the weather is more cooperative as the girls get older.. Thankfully I have a nanny and don't have to worry about the daycare closing and all that mess.. Speaking of nannies.. This is Lapoppins last week with us. She is leaving to go take care of her granddaughter now.. We will miss her, But never fear, we have found a new one! She's awesome and we are super excited to Welcome Leslie into our house.. I'm not sure what her funny, nanny name will be, so I'll report back on that..

 In other news the girls had their dedication at Crossings a few weeks ago. It was so great! All of our families were there to support us, and the girls. So nice to have everyone there, getting along, and being a giant family. We so appreciate that. Plus we love our church, and love sharing it with people. The girls were decked out in Pink tutu dresses, and our Sunday school class even snuck down and cheered for them as well when their names were called. Awesome.

The Girls also had their 9 month checkups. Everything looked perfect. Cross weighs 21lbs, LL weighs 19 pounds..both happy, healthy and doing great. No shots this time, so they liked that even better! They are getting heavy and dragging around those car seats makes me want to spit. They are so heavy.. ugh. We have bought the Convertible ones, but MJ has not installed them yet, but hopefully by this weekend.

We have ended up with another dog. Her name is Banks.. You all might remember that after Jordan and I got married he wanted a big dog to offset the fact that I had two little foo foo dogs that sometimes wore dresses.. So we got a Newfoundland named Dafnee.. However, she ended up hating Oklahoma, and was NOT how the breed was supposed to be (lazy, sweet, etc).. and was hyper and cried all the time.. So we gave her back.. So he has wanted a big dog since then.. Well my co-worker had a year old Goldendoodle named Banks that he was having to keep locked up a good portion of the day..and she was chewing up all his stuff and bored out of her mind.. so we took her. She's awesome and Jordan loves her. I'm going to get her therapy certified soon too. She's very smart and she's like a giant

Nanny to the girls..they love her! She is a gentle Giant..

 We also got the storm shelter installed. We did the kind in the backyard and they put the door under our Patio so it worked out quite nicely. They are still like giant Tombs to me, so I hope we never have to get in there.. but I'm glad we have it.. Last year we had the May 20 tornadoes the week BEFORE the girls were born, and then the Yukon Tornado's the week AFTER they were born so we actually had to run from the storms.. It was a pain, and I'm glad we won't be doing that again.

If  Winter is any indication of how terrible Spring/Summer is going to be, I'm thinking it will come in quite handy. Ophelia Optima is in the shop getting fixed from the 86 year old woman smashing her up... So I'm cruising in a Tahoe..Its pretty great because it has heated seats.. and who doesn't want a warm hiney during all this crap weather?!? Right! We are going to the farm this weekend to visit my family. Hopefully it will be a bit nicer..

We had a fun weekend. We took the girls to MJ's dad while we went and watched the new Liam Neeson movie "Non Stop".. it was kinda like watching "Taken" except it was on an airplane. We went to the Warren, so I got to have real butter on the popcorn which is legit. Love that. It was a good movie.. Liam doesn't do too many bad movies (Except "The Grey" was pretty awful) and it was nice for us to get out and run around.. The girls had fun, although they never took a nap.. just played the whole time, so then when we get them back they are like little crazies.(Isn't that what grandparents are for?! lol) .But they went to bed early and slept good, so thats all we can ask!

I already have some stuff for the girls 1st bday.. Pretty excited about this. Its going to be ridiculous, because thats how I roll. We are having it at our house and inviting the whole family over. Should be a good time!! Hope you are all staying warm!!