Friday, June 22, 2012

We're married!

Well, we are married! Wedding happened on May 29th..some of you may remember it as "The Hail storm of May 29th".. lol.. They say Rain on your wedding day is good luck..well, we were literally HAMMERED with it. If guests left after the wedding and went straight home, they were fine..if not, it cost you $500 deductible to go to my wedding, lol.. So sorry about that..

The Ceremony was beautiful. Robin Wood, the Chesa Pastor officiated and did a K.I.S.S Theme.. Meaning he tied verses of the bible to the KISS theme.. K=Kindness, always be kind to one another.. I=Intimacy..always find ways to show each other you love each other. S=Self Esteem--Use words that build each other up, not tear each other down.. S=Security..Be a safe place to fall for your spouse. It was a great ceremony.. The wedding singer (Barbara Albritton) was the best thing ever. I knew she would be. She sang "His eye is on the Sparrow" for the lighting of the Unity Candle, and then for the Recessional she busted out "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" and it was awesome! Everyone loved her, but no one more than me!

There are more wedding pics on my facebook page (Search for KC Sheperd) if you want to see the whole album. The following Saturday we had the reception at the farm. It was so beautiful and just my farm girl style! I took pics in the rye in my wedding dress, and of course we had to halter up a calf and take pics with it. I'll always be a farm girl in my heart. My mom's friends put together the most amazing atmosphere..Beautiful flowers (done by my fabulous friend Chantry) and tables decked out in bling, brown, and Pink. We had catered mexican food (our fav) from the folks at the Old Triggers near Elk City/Sayre.. and it was awesome! Guac, taquito's, fajitas, and tamales!So good! We had 15 dogs there, including my sweet babes, and all of them acted amazing!

It was everything I imagined it would be. All my friends and family.. a pretty dress, and my farm with dogs. My cup runneth over. Such a great day.

Didn't waste much time after the wedding.. lol.. Bought a house, closed on the house, and am now living in the house. We actually found a house that was almost finished, but still in the stage where we could pick colors, paint, carpet, cabinets, etc.. So we did. Jordan is amazing at that and did a great job. My kitchen is fabulous. Of course I picked bling knobs, but they aren't in yet, so when they come in, I'll post pics. We did hard woods in the living room, beautiful tile in the kitchen, white cabinets, and black granite counter tops.. I just love it!

And as if that wasn't enough excitement.. We are getting a puppy.. Yup. It was my wedding gift to MJ. He has been wanting a "BIG" dog to offset the foofy poofy shih-tzu's.. So after looking at breeds, our lifestyle, and what we want.. We decided on a Newfoundland. She is 8 weeks old now, and we'll go get her next week. We have named her Dafnee, and she is grey, which is very rare for a Newf. She will be the sweetest girl..they  have the best temperaments, and make the most amazing therapy dogs. MJ is beyond excited. Here's what she looks like.. (Pic courtesy of Her breeder is amazing, and she is a healthy, happy girl from Kansas. I'm thinking Sawyer will be beyond excited.. Miss P, I'm not so sure, lol
I do have some sad news, and I want you guys to keep this family in your prayers. Kristen Smith's little 3 week old boy is very sick in the hospital. They are family friends, and just the sweetest, cutest family. Aiden is in critical condition and we are praying for a full healing and recovery. To learn more about his story, and join the prayer chain, here is the address.. 50 for Aiden

I am so happy and blessed to have the friends and family I have. I was one of the rebels that waited till I was in my 30's to get married.. But I was waiting for the right one, and now I found him, and I begin my happily ever after. I still have hopes of being on the radio again someday, but right now, I'm drinking from my saucer, cuz my cup has overflowed. Love you guys,