Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Its a kick in the crotch.. literally.

Well.. I'm now almost 21 weeks, and I can tell you that having twins is literally a kick in the crotch.. I wake up in the morning, go pee in the night, sit at work during the day, and its all a kick in the crotch. I've *heard* that these so-called Pregnancy Belts are supposed to help, but so far its not helping me.. I've ordered two different ones, and I'm sitting on something called a Coxxys cusion at work.. For what? Yup.. a Kick in the crotch.

WE had a pretty productive weekend.. ON Saturday Lauren came over to help MJ paint the nursery. We decided on a light turquoise, because the colors of the bedding have turquoise in it.. I also (I'm sure you will be shocked by this) went to Lowe's and bought this glitter stuff you dump into the paint and it makes the paint glittery when it goes on the walls. MJ was scared at first because I dumped two packages into the gallon of paint.. but it looks awesome! Its not that glittery (I could have dumped another bag in there) but it shimmers and looks really pretty with the turquoise..

So then we headed off to babies R Us where I had 20% off coupon to use on the cribs.. WEll in case you didn't know, you get 10% off there for Twins when you buy two of something.. So we picked out our cribs and come to find out they had one in the back, so we took it home and ordered the other.. I was dreading have MJ put it together.. because while this IS a mans chore, its a chore no man really WANTS.. However, he powered through with his crescent wrench and away we went! I helped (and by help I mean I held the screws)  and it looked awesome when we got it together! The bedding is supposed to be in today, so its all just coming along. MJ has been pretty great.. I can imagine that it is not the greatest of fun to be married to a pregnant woman. Yesterday I went to 1smartcookie, and bought him an amazing iced sugar cookie.. He had a bite of it, and then I ate the rest of it..damn. My bad. I'm also thinking that at some point he's going to have to help me get out of the bathtub.. I love my bathtub, but its deep and awesome.. and I'm not going to be able to get out of it much longer unless my triceps kick it up a notch.

Last night we went to our first of many classes.. This one was called "Preparing for Multiples".. IT was awesome.. I tell you, being pregnant with twins is Way different that being pregnancy with one! You don't want to even know how much food I'm possibly supposed to eat in one setting.. Or the fact that I went from first trimester, to third with no magical "2nd trimester bliss" that others have. Its not plesant, but I'm going to power through & grow these babies into fluffy bunnies!
The Multiples class continues next week, but the other classes don't start until March.. March.. geez.. I'm thinking that I'll be like a giant back-ho with a beep...beep...beeep sound coming from my stomach by March.. I'll start my 3rd trimester on March 22. I have a checkup tomorrow with my regular OB (Dr. Goff at Mercy) and then I go back to the Perinatal Center (Dr. Mirable) for another Ultrasound on Feb 8. Everything makes me nervous.. being that I've never been pregnant before, I have no idea what is normal and what is not.. Here's my advice: Don't google.. it results in tumors and terrible images.

We still have no names.. Oh sure, I have some awesome names I love.. but MJ hates every. single. name. I. come. up. with.. so at this point, I'm not trying to name them with him anymore.. I'm just going to call them "A' and "B" until they come out, and they may leave the hospital with those names too! We can't agree on any names, and it doesn't look like there will be any compromise in that department anytime soon.. Its ironic to me that men act so insane about names.. Everyone has told us the most 'fair' thing is for him to name one, and me name one.. He said to me "No, we can't do that.. I hate your names so bad it will cause me to not like that child you named".. lol.. Geez.. I know its not fair to say, but as a girl you think.. "When you get kicked in the crotch all day.. then you can come to me with names".. go figure.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I build People.. I'm Pregnant blog

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Well, I have officially announced that I am pregnant now, so I feel I can go ahead and give you all the details.. So I shall start at the beginning..

The first, cool thing about my pregnancy is that I actually had a dream to pee on a stick.. I know, I know.. Bizarre.. So I get up, and do it, and I see a faint line.. Well everyone says any line at all, is a line.. so ironically, that morning I was going it to get my thyroid tested, so I told them to go ahead and do a blood test for pregnancy.. Well, wouldn't you know. Pregnant! This was before I was late.. no signs.. etc.. I was literally 10 days pregnant. Thats how cool God is!

So.. After I find this out, I call my mom.. She of course thinks I'm kidding.. Why? Well, because I've never really known for sure if kids was something I wanted.. I knew I didn't want them until I had the man to go with them..So after MJ and I got married, we were not really sure about when or if we wanted to have kids..After talking about it, we decided to give it a shot, not knowing how long it would take, or if I could get pregnant at all! I mean, I'd never tried to get pregnant before, so it was an unknown land! lol.So Mom was ecstatic.. over the moon.. So now onto How to tell MJ.. As many of you know, I'm not touchy feely, and I don't have a lot of 'gushy' ideas.. So this is what I came up with.. I went and got a Card that looked like a Monster..
littlemonster for mj
And on the inside I wrote "Hope you are ready for our own little Monster!"..And Put the pregnancy stick picture inside of it.. The irony for MJ is that he had been thinking about getting a Chevy Blazer.. and Old one..He had wanted one for awhile, and had found one online..well before I gave him this card he found out the Blazer was sold, so he thought I was giving him a sympathy card because his blazer was no longer for sale.. No. No I wasn't doing that.. lol.. So I give him the card at at first he is puzzled.. (Thats what I get for trying to be clever) But after he saw the "Pregnant" sign it came to him.. I think his first reaction was "THAT DIDN'T TAKE LONG".. which he should know..because I'm an overachiever.. lol..Mom decides at this point that 1 baby isn't enough and says to me "I really think we will need more than one".. I say "Sorry Boutcha..be happy with your one".. My dad is also excited because My sister has just had a baby the week prior, and my brother's baby was born a month earlier, so he's excited they will have a new friend.
So within the first few weeks after that those lovely pregnancy symptoms started.. I can say that I'm truly grateful that I didn't puke..but I was NOT grateful for the nausea, bloat, food aversions and all that good stuff.. I realized quickly that BBQ was not my friend.. the smell killed me.. Fast forward to me being 8 weeks (Which took FOREVER because I had known I was pregnant since I was 10 days, lol) and to our first Dr. Appointment..
We go in for our first Ultrasound and I have no freakin clue what is going on.. I have no concept of pregnancy, and I don't know what to expect at these things..They tell me to keep a full bladder which is like telling me to hang the moon.. I have overactive Bladder syndrome, so telling me that is like shoving hot coals in my eye.. But I do it.. I'm so nervous though! I need to pee.. I have no idea what to expect.. I'm about to vomit from needing to pee.. gotta go gotta go gotta go right now.. I was starting to think about peeing in the seat.. They call me back.. (FINALLY)
 So I go in, lay down, and they squirt that stuff on my belly which irritates me. (Still needing to Pee like a Mo'fo) Well they start moving it around (I should add, we had an ultrasound tech from OU Med clinic that was just 'practicing' until the regular tech came in) and she stops on a tiny flicker.. She says "Thats the heartbeat".. I'm going to be honest.. I couldn't tell it was anything.. I mean, yes, I saw the flicker, but everything else looked like black/grey lines and blobs.. then she moves over a little and says "Oh, there's two"..Like EVERYONE gets two! I said.. "TWO WHAT?!?!" She says "Two heartbeats"..At this point.. I still have to pee, I'm about to throw up.. and also pass out at the same time.. She says "We will look more, go ahead and go to the bathroom"..
I race to the bathroom.. I'm flipping out. I mean really.. I pee, then I'm nauseous, and also light-headed, so I decide to splash water on my face.. TWO? TWO? I have no idea what to think.. I never considered TWO babies. I was happy with just one! I was an only child to my mom, and loved not having to share. MJ was good with ONE.. ONE ONE ONE ONE ONE.. Now there are TWO? Holy hell.. I'm about to lose it, but I have to go back out there (there's no other door to leave, lol).. I come out of the bathroom and look at MJ.. He's obviously taking this better than me.. lol.. The tech tells me to put my butt on a pillow.. I don't remember this, and put the pillow behind my head.. My clothes are soaked, my face is flushed, and I'm acting like a wild person.. MJ calms me down, I get on the table, and the tech and MJ give me a wet towel for my face (Apparently I looked pretty insane at this point).. So she starts up the Ultrasound again.. Well sure enough..Two..Two Heartbeats.. Two babies.. Two Sacs.. TWINS it is! This is just another reminder for me that you can plan till you are blue in the face, but God is going by HIS plan, not mine.. So cool how things work out because after I found out I was having twins I had such a sense of peace, because I knew he was in control, he was building them, molding me, and his plan was going to be way cooler than mine. God is good!
Walking out of the Dr office is a blur.. MJ is in a trance.. I'm in a trance.. I call my mom, who squeals with Joy! "See! I told you I always get what I want!".. lol.. of course.. I call my dad.. He also flips out.. I tell you, its a whole new world when you say "twins".. Its like one baby..ehh.. everyone has one.. but when you say "twins" people FLIP OUT.. I mean I have random people high-five me everyday when they find out.. People saying "OMG thats amazing! I've always wanted twins!!".. I mean it seriously sends people loopy.. Its funny.. But perfect for me, because I never do anything like other people, and certainly not the Normal way.
When we go to our 2nd doctor appt we do find out that we have the safest type of twin pregnancy.. DI/Di.. which means they have their own sacs, placenta's etc.. At that point, they look fraternal because 75% of Di/Di twins are fraternal.. We would know for sure on Jan 11 when we found out the sex of the babies..but the were healthy, growing, and jolly.. I was not so jolly.. By week 10 I already felt like a bloated mess.. My Uterus felt heavy all the time and I was SOOOOO Tired.. You thought I was lame before? I can tell you pregnancy has made me MORE lame if that is even possible. I'm not lying.. I went to bed at 7 after almost falling asleep in the bathtub.. blargh.. lol. This is the 3D ultrasound..they look like alien gummy bears to me, but its cool to see them just kickin it in there..
At our Jan 11 appointment we found out we were having twin girls. There is still a slight chance they can be identical (If the egg split early).. So people wonder how the twin thing happens..Well in my case, my eggs were so excited they flew down the tubes 2 at a time.. and there you have it.. See, all those times I kept asking my Dr. "Are my eggs dead?".. well we all know the answer to that now! Not only are they not dead, they fly down two at a time in delight! lol.. MJ was a little bummed about having two girls..We thought it would be one of each.. But as my dad says "Girls take care of you when you get old".. so there's that.. lol.. I'm excited, mom is excited.. Bows and Glitter here we come!!
So thats where we are at.. I'm almost 19 weeks, in my 2nd trimester.. However, I've sadly realized that with twins, you don't get the 2nd trimester burst of energy that people with just ONE get.. I'm still tired, I feel like my Uterus is exploding, and I am still in bed by 8:00.. I already feel like a giant barn walking around.  Baby A is down low, and seems more peaceful and content.. Baby B is wild..flailing around in the womb..She actually waved at us at one of our Ultrasounds..They are both growing and healthy right now. We go back for another Ultrasound (being that I'm high-risk I go every month, but we get to see cool 3D images, so thats awesome) on Feb 8th. So far everything is on track! Thanks for all the well-wishes! This is going to be an entertaining Ride! One real babe for each dog babe!! :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Well Hi 2013

Well here we are.. brand New 2013. I could lie and tell you that I stayed up till midnight partying like a Rock star..but thats what it would be.. a Lie.. lol.. I was in bed by 9. MJ came in and kissed me at Midnight, and that was pretty much all I saw of the New Year partying.. What can I say.. I've always went to bed at 9, and I'm probably going to always do it!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas... We went to several of them.. On Saturday, we went to Jordan's moms house, and I got a real-life, Popcorn maker! Like you would have at a store! I was way more exicted about this than MJ.. Then on Christmas Eve in anticipation of the snow storm, we drove to Canute.. But went to my dads in Sentinel First. My new Niece & Nephew, Ava, and Joe were there and funny.. They got an OU Chair (I know, wrong school)..but never-the-less, they loved the chair and just sat there all Jolly together. Ava is 3 months Old, and Joe is 2 months old, but already outweighs her.. lol.. I got Joe a Mustache Paci, and he seemed to enjoy it, and rocked it pretty well, lol
                                          Ava Joe chair
How great is this! lol.. They are pretty jolly sitting there.. My dad gave MJ a new Knife, and my brother gave MJ some explosives.. lol.. My family is entertaining with weapons!! We also got some Christmas Cash, which was awesome.. We are thinking about getting a freezer with it, or a storage shed.. We are already running out of room in our NEW house.. shocker.

Then we had Christmas Day with my mom.. Our stockings are always our favorite there, because they come up with the most random stuff ever to put in there.. Like magic jumping beans, air horns, hand warmers, air freshners.. lol.. It goes on and on, and it makes us laugh.. MJ got headphones for his gaming system, so he was fired up about that, and I got a boom box that plays my Ipod and the radio.. we loved all our stuff, it was awesome. I also got this scary lady statue that I put by the fireplace.. Mom knew I would love her, but MJ is creeped out by her, much like he is with creepy Indian head guy that my dad gave me.. lol.. I love them both!

My brother Randy got us this amazing 7ft tall Pistol Pete.. He lives outside our house during football season. He's awesome! Here he is chilling outside our house.. Doesn't he look amazing! He has a friend that makes them.. The Crow's Nest You can see more there..

At the farm we got a TON more snow than OKC did.. it really was a blizzard for a little bit..they probably got 3" of snow out there.. and it was blowing, so there were drifts all over the place and such. MJ and I took his truck out there with the dog babes, so we were fine to drive.. At one point at Christmas at mom's house, we had NINE dogs in the house..NINE.. All playing and having fun, lol.. Of course Miss P will only play with Sawyer, and climbs on the back of the couch 'away' from the others, because she is a diva..

We came back to OKC on WED, and went to Jordan's dad's on Thursday.. His Aunt, Uncle, and Grandma came down from Tulsa so it was nice to see all of them..I got an amazing Nikon Camera, AND a video camera there, which is awesome..and MJ got a gaming monitor for his Xbox, so his is setup with that and his headphones for gaming pleasure, lol.. We had a really great Christmas.. Very blessed and thankful for all the people we have in our lives.

I took the dog babes (all 3 of them) to the Vet on Monday to get their shots..I was there for 2 hours.. geesh.. but, I was so proud of them for being patient, good babes.. The babies are in exceptional health.. Perfect weights, great teeth, good bones.. they got an A++.. Rally, who is coming up on 15 years old, is not doing that well, but hey, he's like 95 in dog years.. he has lost some muscle mass in his hips and back legs.. and some of his sight due to cataracts.. The Winter makes it much worse on him.. Not sure how much longer we will have him, but for now he is still getting around pretty good, and still plays with Sawyer. They are all good..

I'm so sick of my hair right now.. I'm going in on the 21 to hopefully do something different with it.. Nicole at Changes Hair Salon will hook me up.. I found this pic of me taken when I was doing radio.. I still miss it every day.. Hope everyone has a great 2013!!!