Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Its a kick in the crotch.. literally.

Well.. I'm now almost 21 weeks, and I can tell you that having twins is literally a kick in the crotch.. I wake up in the morning, go pee in the night, sit at work during the day, and its all a kick in the crotch. I've *heard* that these so-called Pregnancy Belts are supposed to help, but so far its not helping me.. I've ordered two different ones, and I'm sitting on something called a Coxxys cusion at work.. For what? Yup.. a Kick in the crotch.

WE had a pretty productive weekend.. ON Saturday Lauren came over to help MJ paint the nursery. We decided on a light turquoise, because the colors of the bedding have turquoise in it.. I also (I'm sure you will be shocked by this) went to Lowe's and bought this glitter stuff you dump into the paint and it makes the paint glittery when it goes on the walls. MJ was scared at first because I dumped two packages into the gallon of paint.. but it looks awesome! Its not that glittery (I could have dumped another bag in there) but it shimmers and looks really pretty with the turquoise..

So then we headed off to babies R Us where I had 20% off coupon to use on the cribs.. WEll in case you didn't know, you get 10% off there for Twins when you buy two of something.. So we picked out our cribs and come to find out they had one in the back, so we took it home and ordered the other.. I was dreading have MJ put it together.. because while this IS a mans chore, its a chore no man really WANTS.. However, he powered through with his crescent wrench and away we went! I helped (and by help I mean I held the screws)  and it looked awesome when we got it together! The bedding is supposed to be in today, so its all just coming along. MJ has been pretty great.. I can imagine that it is not the greatest of fun to be married to a pregnant woman. Yesterday I went to 1smartcookie, and bought him an amazing iced sugar cookie.. He had a bite of it, and then I ate the rest of it..damn. My bad. I'm also thinking that at some point he's going to have to help me get out of the bathtub.. I love my bathtub, but its deep and awesome.. and I'm not going to be able to get out of it much longer unless my triceps kick it up a notch.

Last night we went to our first of many classes.. This one was called "Preparing for Multiples".. IT was awesome.. I tell you, being pregnant with twins is Way different that being pregnancy with one! You don't want to even know how much food I'm possibly supposed to eat in one setting.. Or the fact that I went from first trimester, to third with no magical "2nd trimester bliss" that others have. Its not plesant, but I'm going to power through & grow these babies into fluffy bunnies!
The Multiples class continues next week, but the other classes don't start until March.. March.. geez.. I'm thinking that I'll be like a giant back-ho with a beep...beep...beeep sound coming from my stomach by March.. I'll start my 3rd trimester on March 22. I have a checkup tomorrow with my regular OB (Dr. Goff at Mercy) and then I go back to the Perinatal Center (Dr. Mirable) for another Ultrasound on Feb 8. Everything makes me nervous.. being that I've never been pregnant before, I have no idea what is normal and what is not.. Here's my advice: Don't google.. it results in tumors and terrible images.

We still have no names.. Oh sure, I have some awesome names I love.. but MJ hates every. single. name. I. come. up. with.. so at this point, I'm not trying to name them with him anymore.. I'm just going to call them "A' and "B" until they come out, and they may leave the hospital with those names too! We can't agree on any names, and it doesn't look like there will be any compromise in that department anytime soon.. Its ironic to me that men act so insane about names.. Everyone has told us the most 'fair' thing is for him to name one, and me name one.. He said to me "No, we can't do that.. I hate your names so bad it will cause me to not like that child you named".. lol.. Geez.. I know its not fair to say, but as a girl you think.. "When you get kicked in the crotch all day.. then you can come to me with names".. go figure.



  1. The wall color looks fabulous. Love that bedding. Is that what you ordered? You shouldn't name the babies till you see them anyway....when they come out...a name for each will come to you that will be perfect. They will just look like certain names. That is the way I name my puppies anyway....I get them and they just look like whatever their name should be.

    Has MJ come up with names. Maybe let him come up with names and then you pick the names of his you like.

  2. This just might be my favorite blog entry. I'm sure glad and blessed to somewhat be along this journey with you two. But even more blessed just to be your friend. Yay that. And I balls you.

  3. Brandon, I balls you. And I'm thinking this journey is just going to get more and more hilarious.. You know I have good names..

    Nita, yes, that is the bedding.. I want to name them so I can hang clever name signs on their walls or initials. Plus, I have two awesome names that I love and he keeps poo-pooing them.. MJ has come up with names, and I will like them, and then he will say "Nevermind, I'm over that one" and move onto the next, lol.

  4. Most of the time when I read this blog its funny and truthfully, well the whole name situation isn't entirely correct. I do agree that KC can't come up with any good names. Where as I have come up with names all the time! London, Kendall, and Piper just to name a few! KC buys the book of baby names yet doesn't read it nor come up with any other names then her select few (which is only 2).

    PS I balls both you

  5. Congratulations so happy for you! Dr. Goff is my dr. also and is AMAZING! Miss you on the radio and enjoy your blog. Thanks