Thursday, January 10, 2013

Well Hi 2013

Well here we are.. brand New 2013. I could lie and tell you that I stayed up till midnight partying like a Rock star..but thats what it would be.. a Lie.. lol.. I was in bed by 9. MJ came in and kissed me at Midnight, and that was pretty much all I saw of the New Year partying.. What can I say.. I've always went to bed at 9, and I'm probably going to always do it!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas... We went to several of them.. On Saturday, we went to Jordan's moms house, and I got a real-life, Popcorn maker! Like you would have at a store! I was way more exicted about this than MJ.. Then on Christmas Eve in anticipation of the snow storm, we drove to Canute.. But went to my dads in Sentinel First. My new Niece & Nephew, Ava, and Joe were there and funny.. They got an OU Chair (I know, wrong school)..but never-the-less, they loved the chair and just sat there all Jolly together. Ava is 3 months Old, and Joe is 2 months old, but already outweighs her.. lol.. I got Joe a Mustache Paci, and he seemed to enjoy it, and rocked it pretty well, lol
                                          Ava Joe chair
How great is this! lol.. They are pretty jolly sitting there.. My dad gave MJ a new Knife, and my brother gave MJ some explosives.. lol.. My family is entertaining with weapons!! We also got some Christmas Cash, which was awesome.. We are thinking about getting a freezer with it, or a storage shed.. We are already running out of room in our NEW house.. shocker.

Then we had Christmas Day with my mom.. Our stockings are always our favorite there, because they come up with the most random stuff ever to put in there.. Like magic jumping beans, air horns, hand warmers, air freshners.. lol.. It goes on and on, and it makes us laugh.. MJ got headphones for his gaming system, so he was fired up about that, and I got a boom box that plays my Ipod and the radio.. we loved all our stuff, it was awesome. I also got this scary lady statue that I put by the fireplace.. Mom knew I would love her, but MJ is creeped out by her, much like he is with creepy Indian head guy that my dad gave me.. lol.. I love them both!

My brother Randy got us this amazing 7ft tall Pistol Pete.. He lives outside our house during football season. He's awesome! Here he is chilling outside our house.. Doesn't he look amazing! He has a friend that makes them.. The Crow's Nest You can see more there..

At the farm we got a TON more snow than OKC did.. it really was a blizzard for a little bit..they probably got 3" of snow out there.. and it was blowing, so there were drifts all over the place and such. MJ and I took his truck out there with the dog babes, so we were fine to drive.. At one point at Christmas at mom's house, we had NINE dogs in the house..NINE.. All playing and having fun, lol.. Of course Miss P will only play with Sawyer, and climbs on the back of the couch 'away' from the others, because she is a diva..

We came back to OKC on WED, and went to Jordan's dad's on Thursday.. His Aunt, Uncle, and Grandma came down from Tulsa so it was nice to see all of them..I got an amazing Nikon Camera, AND a video camera there, which is awesome..and MJ got a gaming monitor for his Xbox, so his is setup with that and his headphones for gaming pleasure, lol.. We had a really great Christmas.. Very blessed and thankful for all the people we have in our lives.

I took the dog babes (all 3 of them) to the Vet on Monday to get their shots..I was there for 2 hours.. geesh.. but, I was so proud of them for being patient, good babes.. The babies are in exceptional health.. Perfect weights, great teeth, good bones.. they got an A++.. Rally, who is coming up on 15 years old, is not doing that well, but hey, he's like 95 in dog years.. he has lost some muscle mass in his hips and back legs.. and some of his sight due to cataracts.. The Winter makes it much worse on him.. Not sure how much longer we will have him, but for now he is still getting around pretty good, and still plays with Sawyer. They are all good..

I'm so sick of my hair right now.. I'm going in on the 21 to hopefully do something different with it.. Nicole at Changes Hair Salon will hook me up.. I found this pic of me taken when I was doing radio.. I still miss it every day.. Hope everyone has a great 2013!!!

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