Thursday, June 24, 2010

Warm it up Kace, I'm about too..

Shelly, Whitney & I.. out on the town the other night..

Well ladies & Gents, I believe I've secured myself a job..Not sure of the start date, but it will either be MONDAY, or the following Monday after the 4th of July. I'm going to work for Chesapeake as a Contractor, which means Its not a permanant position, but a long-term contract, and its an exceptional opportunity. I'm going to work in (Are you ready for this?) the I.T. Department! Yes, I'm going to be helping people with computers.. The Irony in all this is that when I started college my Major was Computer Science, but I fell into broadcasting and just left that behind, and moved onto English..So Now I feel like I've come full circle.

So I'm excited. I had two really great interviews last week, and I've been offered two other positions, but I really feel like working for Chesapeake I will have a lot of opportunities to learn something completely knew (although not foreign to me) and look forward to learning, and meeting new people. I've been in the radio business for so long, and while its been some of the most amazing times of my life, I'm anxious to work in a place where I think my work ethic, creativity, and loyalty will be rewarded. I'm very excited about it!

Yesterday was MJ's & I's 6 month anniversary. We went to PF Changs where they have an amazing 'dinner for 2' option with a soup, appetizer, entree, and dessert.. MM MM! I had egg drop soup, Lettuce Wraps, Almond & Cashew chicken, and Carrot Cake. It was all soo good for $20! YUM! MJ had Sweet & Sour soup, Lettuce Wraps, Kung Pao chicken, and Chocolate cake..Everything was soooo good, and we had an awesome time. He's such a great guy!

Let me just say to you.. I LOVE MY IPAD. Paddy is amazing. She does so many cool things, and I've enjoyed her so much this past week! MJ Loved her so much that he went and got himself one too! He named him St. Pat, and now Patty & St. Pat are in love I know!! I took Miss Payslee to the Norman Hospital yesterday for a visit..She helped patients with their Physical therapy, and had a good time..she's such a good girl!

This weekend is going to be nice..I'm having a farm party. All my friends are coming out to the farm in Canute for some farm time fun. We will probably play volleball, have some good food, drinks, and conversations.. Its going to be good.. I knew if I would just stay positive enough, be true to myself, and hang in there things would turn around..and now they are..I do want to say again, that I truly appreciate every person who has reached out to me..whether it be to pass along a job suggestion, tell me they miss me on the air, give me words of encouragment, or just tell me Hi, I really do appreciate it.. you all are really good people.. thank you!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Things are starting to happen!

Well YAY Folks.. Things are starting to happen for Ol' Shep! Thanks to the help of some fabulous listeners, friends, and family the job prospects are starting to roll in. I went on Two interviews last week..and two this week, and got asked back for 2 second interviews. On top of those things, I have a new offer that I think will turn into something as well..So Blessings! Blsessings! And Thank you's!! I would be doing something I have never done before, but I'm excited about new opportunities. I'll keep you posted..

Last night Payslee & I went to The Fountains at Canterbury for a therapy visit..We had the best time. She loves this little lady in the picture..She visits with her, then goes and talks to other people..then she run backs and jumps on the lady's lap..its so cute. And the lady looks forward to seeing her each time she comes in..Its always fun there.

So More exciting news.. MJ surprised me with an Apple IPAD this week! Are you kidding me!! I had been wanting one for a long time and he told me that when I got a job he would get me one as my "Motivation".. but it came in early, so he just gave it to me and said he was being "Optimistic" about me getting a job soon (which I think worked!).. So here she is.. I named her "Paddy" the Ipad, and I LOVE HER!

She does amazing things..She even makes phone calls with an App called "Whisle".. And she is so pretty!! I've been playing Words with Friends, Facebooking, Tweeting, and more on her..She makes the screen giant, and I just love her..Mom gets to see her this weekend because we are going to the farm to visit..She's excited!
On a crap note, I found out I have arthritis in my right knee..and it sucks. Its been so painful that I can't sleep at night..So I went to the Ortho on WED and got some medication, so I'm hoping that will far its helping a little, and the icepack helps too.. I'm hoping it gets better. If not I have to go back in 3 weeks for an MRI, because the X-Ray showed nothing so far..blargh. I'm in my 30's and I have arthritis? Can you say..LAME!! lol.. Oh well..
Oh, and I have some more great news too..I found an excellent website that has all kinds of magical things, it's called They sell everything from a bedroom vanity to home decor and dog stuff Coming up in the next blog or so, I'm going to do a review of a new collar for Sweet Sawyer..So pics, and the review coming soon!! Have a great weekend!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Had a great Wii-kend!

Its a nice lazy Sunday..although I'm about to saw my knee off.. I have a feeling that when I fell on my rollerblades a few weeks ago that it caused an old injury to resurface..blargh. Now its bothering me when I sleep, and I can only lay on it certain ways..I'm going to call an Orthopedic doctor tomorrow and see if I can get it figured out.

Friday night MJ took me to dinner at a place called "Manhatten".. its over off like 178th, and very good. I had stuffed chicken, and he had tilapia..Both were delish. Then we watched "From Paris with Love" with John Travolta..It was so-so..Travolta was good, but the storyline was kinda bizarre. We were going to go see the "A-Team" but I didn't feel that great so we just came home..
Last night I had everyone over to play "Wii".. we wanted to play Guitar hero and Dance Dance Revolution..We had an excellent time! Nita came over and was quite impressed with Payslee's LONG eyelashes..She does have really long eyelashes for a shih-tzu, but I just thought that was normal.. Sawyer kept laying on the dance dance revolution matt.. I guess he wanted to dance!
I made some excellent snacks, including my favorite fruit dip in which you mix marshmellow cream with Cream cheese..Ahh! Its the BEST..And I dipped some grapes & strawberries in it..Delish.
Still looking for a job. Went on the two interviews last week and should hear something from them at the end of this week..If you all know of anything, let me know..I've had several of you email me ideas, and I SOO appreciate it.. I've been following up on all leads..I haven't been out of work since I was 19 years old and this is just all so odd..I never thought in a million years I would be in this situation, but I know all things happen for a reason, and something new and exciting is just around the corner for me..Thanks everyone! is my email if ya need me! Have a great week!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How bout a Couple of "Yes's" to go with the "No's"..

Man, I've been getting told "NO" a lot lately.. Mom says that every "NO" I get..gets me closer to a "YES"..lets hope so! I've been applying for any and every job that I think I might be qualified to do, and I'm doing everything that all my Resume books, and job coach books tell me to do..But its not resulting in any YES votes to me, so there ya go.. So if you know me, and you are reading this, and you are sitting here thinking, "You know, I know a so-and-so job that KC would just be great for"..or "You know I know so-and-so and I bet they could help KC get a job."..Please feel free to reach out and lend a hand..Supposedly "Networking" is the best way to get a job, and at some point in my life I thought I was pretty "Networked"..especially to all my fabulous listeners..But so far I'm coming up empty in the job world, so I thought this could be a way to reach out and say "HELP!" to anyone who is listening..I've got a new friend who is trying to help me find something at Chesapeake, which is one of my top places to work, so I'm hopeful that together we can get something accomplished.. email me if you want to:

Okay..Now onward & Upward.. I've been working out at this new place called "KOKO FIT CLUB"..You do 30 minutes on these bionic weightlifting trainer machines, and then 15 minutes of HARD CORE cardio. I can't say what its doing so far, b/c I've only been doing it for 2 weeks.. but I'll keep you posted.

This weekend I'm having a "WII" party at my house to play Dance Dance Revolution..Bill was going to come by but he and his band have a gig..But all my regular friends will be here.. Should be good times. Tomorrow I go back to the denist, and YES..we are almost finished taking all the silver out of my mouth! I think I have 3 left..I had to have a root canal two weeks ago, but you know what, Dr. Cox is so awesome that it wasn't even painful! Booya!!

I'm VERY excited about the new Iphone..even though I can't have one for awhile..It does look amazing..MJ says when I get a job he will reward my efforts with one of those magical IPADS..How great is that guy! We watched "Splice" last weekend and it was so awful I'm not going to even go into why..but its bad..stay away..Hoping the Celtics beat the Lakers because I just don't like Kobe..Sorry Laker fans..

Found out last week that Tyler Media laid off another friend of mine, Nita Stacy..She is extremely gifted and talented in promotions, graphic design, art, and web design, so if you know of someone who needs an amazing graphic artist on their staff email me and I'll pass along her information to you..She's truly one of a kind, and even though, and we are both very excited to have some new opportunities!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

James Otto Concert in OKC!

Whitney, Lauren, James Otto, Me & Shelly
Well as many of you know, I love James Otto.. and last night he did a show at the Diamond Ballroom in OKC. Thankfully I still have some friends in High places who was kind enough to give me and 3 of my friends tickets to the show! So we put on our high heels and headed out to the Diamond Ballroom to see MDO (My delicious Otto)! We went to the Meet & Greet and Whitney had never met MDO, so she was excited to see him.. Notice in the picture on the left that yes, he is still wearing the bracelet I gave him last year at the Newface Showcase! Booya!

Anyway, he started the show with a brand new song called "Are you with Me" and its awesome. He did a few new songs and he has a new CD coming out in September..So excited for that..He also did some awesome covers of Bob Seger tunes, and even an awesome cover of "Help me Make it through the Night"! So good.. The whole show was excellent!

After the show my friends and I all went and hung out on the bus for awhile. His band and tour manager are very cool so it was funtimes to just hang out and talk shop. James Otto has been one of a few artists who has been keeping in touch with me, even after I lost my job at KKNG. We talk through Twitter, and he's just an awesome guy on the inside and out..and yes, he's very delicious..I didn't get home till after 2am! At least I didn't have to get up early right!

We all had a fabulous time and it was so good to see JO again..Plus Whitney has now jumped on board as an Ottomaniac!!!! Always fun to be with Good friends, listening to good music!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Brooks & Dunn at the BOK Center!

Well We had an excellent weekend at the farm! I got quite a surprise last week when one of my former Record Reps offered me tickets to see Brooks & Dunn & Jason Aldean Friday night at the BOK Center! So mom and I went up and Saw a GREAT show! A new 16 year old Artist named Tyler Dickerson opened up the show and did an excellent job..then Jason Aldean took the stage. I'm a huge Aldean fan and he sounded great. Lots of energy and he closed his set with Kid Rock's "Cowboy" which was awesome. We were both excited to see Brooks & Dunn and even more excited when they decided to do some of their early hits! They put on a great show..but Lordy, we got home LATE....

We had floor seats, so if you want to see more of the pictures click: HERE and you can see the whole show.

We went ahead and drove all the way to Canute from Tulsa because MJ was already out there hanging out with Steve..but it was nice because we had the whole weekend to do fun, farm stuff.. MJ got to drive the 4x4 tractor for the first time with the Ripper on the back, and he was stoked..He had never driven a tractor..EVER..(he's a city boy)..and he thought it was incredible..Plus this is a GIANT tractor with tons of power, so he was impressed. .Mom also had him Mow with our bionic mower..It goes very fast with a zero turn radius, so he loved mowing too! We may make a farmer out of him yet! He even has a Straw Cowboy hat now! He's so cute in The dogs of course had a great time too..Sawyer thinks he is a border collie and runs as fast as he can to keep up.. Rally does too, but Miss Pays is smart enough to stay with Mama and just be a girl.. Sawyer dipped himself in mud, and mom squirted him with the water hose, which he thought was great fun..Then I let him take a dip in the pool with Bear, her Aussie, that likes to swim..So they all had a great time..

UNTIL..I noticed Rally limping after he had come in from running as fast as he could with the other dogs..It didn't get better so I took him to the vet yesterday and sure enough, he tore his ACL.The Vets Suggestion was to watch it for a couple of weeks..Sometimes the dog just accepts it, and it doesn't really bother them, they just walk with a slight limp..That would be the best case scenario, and what we are hoping for. He gave me some pain meds because he said in the beginning of the injury its painful, then afterward its just kind of a nusciance, but not painful to him.. The vet has said that its not something that is a dire situation..meaning its not going to cause his health to deteriorate, or his leg to fall off, or anything awful, but I still don't want him to be in pain. It won't get any 'worse' than it already is..He didn't just slightly tear it, or injure it..he Tore it it can't get any worse than it is now, and I guess that is good.

The last scenario is surgery. I'm not sure that surgery would be a good option for Rally..for one he is 12 years old, and even though he is in excellent health (He just had a geriatric exam in January, and everything looked great) the surgery would make him be basically bed ridden for 4 weeks..He can't go on, etc.. and that would just BREAK HIS HEART.. Rally is a pretty active dog and his daily walks are his favorite things..Plus the surgery doesn't always work. Sometimes the dog still doesn't like using the leg and they have to put weights on it to make the dog use it..Sometimes the ACL ruptures again.. Sometimes the dog rejects the materials they put in the leg.. So I'm just hoping and praying that Rallis continues to improve. (He did better yesterday).. He was still running around on 3 legs when we left the farm! Crazy dog!

Still job hunting, but I have some amazing people helping me, so hopefully I will find something soon!