Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Brooks & Dunn at the BOK Center!

Well We had an excellent weekend at the farm! I got quite a surprise last week when one of my former Record Reps offered me tickets to see Brooks & Dunn & Jason Aldean Friday night at the BOK Center! So mom and I went up and Saw a GREAT show! A new 16 year old Artist named Tyler Dickerson opened up the show and did an excellent job..then Jason Aldean took the stage. I'm a huge Aldean fan and he sounded great. Lots of energy and he closed his set with Kid Rock's "Cowboy" which was awesome. We were both excited to see Brooks & Dunn and even more excited when they decided to do some of their early hits! They put on a great show..but Lordy, we got home LATE....

We had floor seats, so if you want to see more of the pictures click: HERE and you can see the whole show.

We went ahead and drove all the way to Canute from Tulsa because MJ was already out there hanging out with Steve..but it was nice because we had the whole weekend to do fun, farm stuff.. MJ got to drive the 4x4 tractor for the first time with the Ripper on the back, and he was stoked..He had never driven a tractor..EVER..(he's a city boy)..and he thought it was incredible..Plus this is a GIANT tractor with tons of power, so he was impressed. .Mom also had him Mow with our bionic mower..It goes very fast with a zero turn radius, so he loved mowing too! We may make a farmer out of him yet! He even has a Straw Cowboy hat now! He's so cute in it..lol.. The dogs of course had a great time too..Sawyer thinks he is a border collie and runs as fast as he can to keep up.. Rally does too, but Miss Pays is smart enough to stay with Mama and just be a girl.. Sawyer dipped himself in mud, and mom squirted him with the water hose, which he thought was great fun..Then I let him take a dip in the pool with Bear, her Aussie, that likes to swim..So they all had a great time..

UNTIL..I noticed Rally limping after he had come in from running as fast as he could with the other dogs..It didn't get better so I took him to the vet yesterday and sure enough, he tore his ACL.The Vets Suggestion was to watch it for a couple of weeks..Sometimes the dog just accepts it, and it doesn't really bother them, they just walk with a slight limp..That would be the best case scenario, and what we are hoping for. He gave me some pain meds because he said in the beginning of the injury its painful, then afterward its just kind of a nusciance, but not painful to him.. The vet has said that its not something that is a dire situation..meaning its not going to cause his health to deteriorate, or his leg to fall off, or anything awful, but I still don't want him to be in pain. It won't get any 'worse' than it already is..He didn't just slightly tear it, or injure it..he Tore it into..so it can't get any worse than it is now, and I guess that is good.

The last scenario is surgery. I'm not sure that surgery would be a good option for Rally..for one he is 12 years old, and even though he is in excellent health (He just had a geriatric exam in January, and everything looked great) the surgery would make him be basically bed ridden for 4 weeks..He can't go on walks..run outside..play, etc.. and that would just BREAK HIS HEART.. Rally is a pretty active dog and his daily walks are his favorite things..Plus the surgery doesn't always work. Sometimes the dog still doesn't like using the leg and they have to put weights on it to make the dog use it..Sometimes the ACL ruptures again.. Sometimes the dog rejects the materials they put in the leg.. So I'm just hoping and praying that Rallis continues to improve. (He did better yesterday).. He was still running around on 3 legs when we left the farm! Crazy dog!

Still job hunting, but I have some amazing people helping me, so hopefully I will find something soon!


  1. james otto is going to be in okc tomorrow! didnt u love him?!

  2. Oh Heck yes! And Heck yes I'm going! And Heck yes, I'm going on the bus!! Pics soon!