Monday, May 24, 2010

Celebrity Apprentice, Brooks & Dunn, and LOST

Well I was glad that Bret Michaels won celebrity apprentice last night.. I mean seriously, the guy has a hemmorhage, then a stroke? Yes..he needs some good news! Plus I just like the guy. I loved the 80's hairbands, and Poison was one of my fav's of all time, so I was cheering for him all along..and I'm just glad he's going to be okay. Holly did a great job too, but she didn't sing "Unskinny Bob" or "Every Rose has its Thorn".. so Yeah, I like Bret better!!

As for LOST..I was LOST all season! I watched seasons 1-4 very dilligently, but I've been a slacker for the last two..Is there two? See..Lost again..But I did watch it a bit, and I did like the ending. I thought it was pretty fitting and left it kinda 'up in the air' so that one could decide what they DID think happened..

Now as for the Brooks & Dunn special..WOW! I LOVED IT.. I'm going to add some of my fav's here..Of course I LOVED Rascal Flatts doing "Its Getting Better all the Time"

And I loved Jennifer Hudson doing "I Believe" and Reba doing "Indian Summer"..Reba just cracks me up because ONLY SHE could pull off singing the way she does..but I do love it.. I also loved Lady A's "If you see him"

And I thought Miss Taylor did a good job too with "Aint Nothin Bout You"..I am seriously going to miss Brooks & Dunn..they are an amazing group, and Ronnie is one of the best singers of all time.. I hope they do a replay of it so I can record it and save it forever.

Still on the job I'll keep you posted!

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