Monday, May 3, 2010

What am I doing..dang.

I need to get on the horn updating this thing! Its hard to remind myself because I'm so busy.. NO. I'm not..Who am I kidding.. But really, it does seem like I'm staying very busy even though I don't have a job. There are two jobs that I applied for that I really want, so be sending positive thoughts my way that I get at least one of them..

I still appreciate getting emails from all of you, but I do feel like I should clarify something. JAKE-FM is still a Tyler media station..meaning, that if you email the folks at JAKE, they are still the same KKNG people..meaning they still dont want me. I say this because a couple of folks have been sweet enough to email me and say "KC, I just emailed that JAKE station telling them to hire you because you are the best!"..which I truly appreciate..BUT the same people who got rid of me, are the same people running that station, so they probably don't appreciate But I do thank you very much for caring enough about me to send the email. Some folks that KKNG sold to another company..It didn't..Just switched the format to JAKE..but all the same people are still in managment and still own the station..So thats why I'm telling you this.. But anyway, thank you..

I had a great weekend! Finally we didn't have wind.. I joined mom & Steve at the Farmers Market and picked up some plants for my flowerpots and planted them on the beautiful Saturday we had. Sawyer had a friend over, Max, a Mini-Aussie, so they had fun playing all weekend..Miss Payslee was ready for him to go home, lol.. She's such a diva dog!

MJ took me to see "Death at a Funeral" on Saturday afternoon..It was very funny. It has Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, and some other folks..Good movie.. Then Sunday he wanted me to meet his mom for the first time. They invited me over to the house for a Crab boil, which was pretty delish! We all had a great time, and she's a very nice lady..Next weekend I'll go home for Mothers Day on Sunday..but on Friday I have a big girls night out planned with Shelly..which always proves to be entertaining!

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  1. I have been listening to KKNG since the beginning.
    I can't believe they let you and Bill go.
    I loved the moring show with all three of you guys. just made my mornings each day.
    I really miss Bill's characters and your humor.
    Good luck, I hope youe find a good job soon.
    I'm hunting a new radio station!!!!!