Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Great Storm of 2010..

Well all the Weather people won't quit talking about how this Winter storm thats coming in is going to ruin our lives..I'm being optimistic and hoping for a light dusting! Although today I'm going to the store to make something Winterish..Like Chili, Stew, or maybe Potato Soup. I'm hoping the weather doesn't keep me from going to see my friend Joel do stand up comedy..He's at the Speakeasy tomorrow night, and he's very funny, so I want to go see him!

My dad's already called and told me to be careful..He cracks me up.. He knows I'm old enough to figure out how to get out of a storm but he still calls me to remind me! I told him that when I go to work NO ONE is on the roads..The only problem I ever have is getting BACK home when I leave the station..Thankfully, the guy I'm dating has a big awesome truck, and he said he would come rescue me if I got stranded somewhere.. Yes..I am dating someone! And yes, He's pretty awesome! Details to
So I taught my first class at Francis Tuttle on Monday Night..I had 7 students and we had a good time. I'm teaching "Principals of Broadcasting". Its a good class and I think it will be fun for the students. I'm going to teach it this summer too! You should come on over if you like..I try not to be boring or lame as an
Well we kick off our radiothon tomorrow for St.Jude..You can become a partner in Hope now by going to

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fun Pun time..and weekend fab

Hi there..I had an entertaining weekend!! Friday Night I had some girls over to the house to play Wii..All was well, we were having a fabulous time. Bill's girlfriend, Leslie came over to hang and we were all enjoying ourselves..Then Bill came to pick her up so she went outside and I heard screaming..So I didn't know if she was beating the crap out of Bill or what! So I raced outside, and wouldn't ya know..It was my crazy neighbor hollering like a fool at Bill saying, "GET YOUR ____ CAR OUT OF MY DRIVE WAY YOU ___ IDIOT" The irony? Bill was parked NO WHERE NEAR his driveway..So at this point I've had enough of her tyrades and I scream back, "NO ONE'S IN YOUR DRIVEWAY CRAZY!!".. Well apparently her grandkids heard me hollering and decide to charge after me..which in turn makes the crazy lady charge after me..Fortunatley, for me, she's only hitting me with racial slurs and not her fists! Then she raced back into her house..So I talked to her grandkids, and they realized that no one was trying to harm their grandmother, and that Bill was NOT parking in her driveway..But by this point the Cops had been called and were on their way..Once they got there, He went to the door, where the crazy woman screamed, "Where's the Black Police..I don't want No Kracka!".. So yes, you see where this is going..Well finally I got to talk to her children who told me that if she forgets to take her meds, this kind of behavior happens..So I took down their phone numbers, and hopefully if she starts to spit on people, spray cars with her waterhose, or holler at us..I can call them and they can come over and calm her down. RICICULOUS!

Then Saturday night I went on a double date with someone my friends Amy & Brandon hooked me up with..We went to the Mont for Swirls, and then to their place to play Wii..Which I got beat at..dang..Tried to win at Guitar hero, and couldn't make that happen either!! Dang!! But on the flipside..Had a blast on the date, and have seen the gentlman several times since then!! So I'll keep you posted on my dating rendezvous!!

In case you missed my delicious Pun this morning..Here Ya go. I love puns so much!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Men, would you like to look slimmer?

We talked about these on the air this morning..If you want to hear the audio you can go to the KINGPOD. Take these tips to heart, use the weekend to go out on a brotherly shopping spree with your buddies who also think they could stand a lose a few, and pick-up of some of these sure-fire slimmers! You'll be having your coworkers asking you if you've been working out (assuming you haven't) even before the coffee huddle is over, come Monday morn'. How could you lose?

**Speedy Slimmer: Crease-Proof, Tailored Blazer or Suit Jacket
These are great because they can help to hide your generous booty and/or gut. Also, left unbuttoned, it will create a vertical line to your handsome face, drawing people's attention there, instead. The "tailored" aspect is important, as well, because there won't be any excess material adding to your figure. And, of course, the fewer creases, the lesser the visual betrayal of an issue with fit.

**Speedy Slimmer: Shapewear
This is the most obvious solution. Shapewear for men will hold you together so you don't have to make the extra effort to suck-in and puff out your chest every time a cutie walks by. It'll also contour your body to give you that tighter look.

**Speedy Slimmer: Dark Colors
Male or female, dark colors are always a winner, with black serving as the king to that winning crowd. Wearing colors like navy, charcoal gray, chocolate brown, dark green, and black will smooth out your bulges and thus, your silhouette. Also, dressing as closely to monochromatic as possible will slim your form, as well. You can incorporate pops of color, if you wish, in your layering.

**Speedy Slimmer: Well-Fitting Pants with Belt
Well-fitting pants that sit on your natural waistline, and are loose enough to drape, will do the trick. The belt, buckled just enough, will hold your pants comfortably in place and will help to define your waist. Just make sure it is not cutting into your gut, or it will be obvious what's going on there.

**Speedy Slimmer: Light-Weight Fabrics
Easy. Cutting-down on your clothing's bulk, will cut-down on your overall bulk. Find some light-weight clothing here.

**Speedy Slimmer: Long Sleeves
The shorter the sleeve, the more your middle will stand out. Make sure your sleeves are just long enough to cover the base of your hand, when your arms are resting at your sides. Also make sure that they are fitted closely to your arms, to avoid an unflattering baggy effect.

**Speedy Slimmer: Vertical Stripes
Now, I'm not talking Beetle Juice-style stripes. The focus is more on pinstripes. Subtlety is paramount. Vertical pinstripes will elongate you, whereas horizontals and diagonal patterning will bring your look closer to "short 'n stout"--yes, like the teapot.

**Speedy Slimmer: Vests
Here's a great way to conceal your middle. Shy away from baggy fits that will add bulk, and make sure the vest is not screaming at the seams, or you'll be alerting people to that region. The vertical cable design also will help to elongate your body. .

**Speedy Slimmer: Conservative-Width Ties
If you're of heavier proportions, skinny ties (about 3" or 3.25" across) will really emphasize that fact. Skinny ties can also make your face/head look bloated/inflated. And, while wider ties add to a man's apparent confidence, overdoing it is also just overemphasizing your larger size. Choose something more conservative, and it'll compliment and flatter you.

Tonight I'm taking Sawyer on a therapy visit..lets home he's not Rude to the residents at the Assisted living Center! Church was good last night, but the storm knocked the power off so we had to shut down early because the children's wing & nursery was dark!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Therapy Visits, lunch, and fun.

Yesterday was a busy day! First we had lunch with an office full of Fellas from ONG at Denny's.. We went to the one on Meridian where I had a delish Black & Bleu salad..Jim Roundtree is the owner there, and he took GREAT care of us!! I love all the new menu items..MM MM!

After that I had to race home and get Miss Payslee ready..We had a Therapy Visit at Bradford Village in Edmond. We love going there because they bring all the residents into the foyer and they all get to watch Payslee Do Tricks and love on her.

As you can see, Miss Pays is wearing a fabulous plaid dress with a huge white bow, and lace collar..It was so freakin cute! I had a matching plaid green bow made for her too..She was quite popular in her fabulous little dress..The little ladies just LOVE it when Pays dresses up, and this was one of their favorite dresses!

After the Therapy visit we went back home to hang out with Sawyer & Rally. Sawyer gets to go on a visit on Thursday to The Fountains at Canterbury. He's getting better about visiting. I'm hoping that by taking him to the same place each time, he becomes more comfortable, and starts like going to visit..

Has anyone else noticed that Phone talking is pretty much over? Nowdays if someone wants to talk to you, they text..which I also enjoy..But in the past few weeks of my 'dating' life, I've noticed that its all about 'texting' and not really ever talking to people..This usually isn't a problem unless you are trying to be funny..Its MUCH harder to be funny through texting..but so far, I'm making it happen so I won't cry too much..but the problem with emails, or texts, is that people can't tell your emotions, or expressions..Is She being funny? Sarcastic? Sad? Its almost impossible to read those things through texts. A couple of weeks ago I quit talking to this guy because all he ever wanted to do was 'text' me..Never wanted to make plans..Never wanted to go on a date..Just wanted to "Text".. Just wanted to be "Textual".. Well that got irritating, so I just quit texting him back. Make a plan. I'm a planner! Come on! lol.. Okay..thats my rant about that little ditty for today..

My parents are still in Denver. Yesterday our Bull that we raised, Renegade won Reserve Grand Champion, which was HUGE. He has the cutest little black and white face. He's a Simmental. Meanwhile, his sister Lydia brought $19,500 for HALF of her at the sale..Which is pretty freakin amazing!! She will be an awesome Cow! So its been a good Denver Trip.

Tonight I'm headed to Church at Crossings. I am going to a class at 6:30 called "Religion in Politics".. Its been great so far, and very informative..I find myself sitting in the pew saying "WHO KNEW!".. Join me if you like..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cellphone Manners

The Picture above is of the "Sheperd" Family..Thats my 1/2 sister Lexi, dad Kirby, 1/2 Brother Grant, and Step Mom Joni..Thought you might like to see them.
This morning on the show we talked about obnoxious people on their cellphones. There are actually some Rules to talking on your cellphone. Don't know if you agree with them, but here's the list:

*Be nice to the person behind the counter - never be on the phone while talking to someone in person.
*Take it outside.
*Use your inside voice.
*Don't rive to distraction - don't talk or text while driving.
*In the theatre, turn off your phone, or put it on vibrate.
*Don't use the cellphone at the gym.
*Do not use in the public restrooms.
*Remember the people around you. Try not to annoy them.
*Wearing a bluetooth headset when you're not talking on the phone just makes you look like a geek.

I find it the hardest to NOT talk on my phone when I'm going through the drive-thru..I usually just put the person on the phone on Hold, place my order, and then move on..Usually I don't feel too bad about it, because the people behind the register could care less about what I'm doing, and half the time say nothing to me anyway!

Still waiting on my Computer to get back from HP. Yep, its in the shop again..and been there for over a week..Gotta love it. I swear that I have more PC problems than anyone in the world! WHY!!! I try to be good to them, but they never last..I need to get a Mac, but I can't afford one..Maybe later in the year.. Mom & Steve are still in Denver with the Cattle..Mom snapped this picture yesterday of Lydia all dolled up..
I Ordered Payslee a Valentine Dress from my favorite Dress lady Look how cute it is! Payslee is starting to accumulate quite a closet full of clothes. I've given her her own Closet at this point so I can hang all her sweet dresses in there. We have a Therapy Visit at Bradford Village. That one is always fun because we have a TON of people who show up to see the dogs. We also have the Listenenr Lunch today at Denny's..If you'd like to go to lunch with us, just go to and sign your office up to win!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Wii Party Fun

(<--- Picture of Little KC..Always with a Mic!)

Well I had a Wii party on Friday night. Meaning I had some friends over to play my new Nintendo Wii. We played a little Guitar Hero, Mario Kart, and Sports Resort..It was a ridiculous amount of fun!! I also got beat, which means I will have to go practice more..I think we are going to play again this weekend..

I also went to the Thunder Game on Saturday. It was awesome! Lots of folks, and the Thunder won over the Heat! We had great seats, and could see all the action. I'm happy with have the NBA team, and all the remodeling they are doing at the Ford Center makes it so much nicer.

Mom & Steve left on Friday to head to the Livestock show in Denver. It took them awhile to get up there..They stopped half way, and then made it up there by Saturday afternoon. We have 3 club calves up there on Display. Lydia, Lexus, and Renegade. They were all born and raised on our farm, and Kyle Walters is part owner, so they are all up there letting them show off! Here's a pic..Its kinda hard to see the Bull, as he is black..but thats his cute white face down below our Ad.

This week is a busy week. I've got two therapy visits with Payslee & Sawyer, and then I also need to go by and see Miss Dorothy, My hospice lady. I found out yesterday that my grandma Leona's (Who went to heaven in 1999) last living Sibling, Mildred Hawkins (Who I call Aunt Mildred) passed away yesterday. I'm not sad about it though because she was miserable, and had not felt good for about the last year of her life. I went to see her not long ago, and we had a good time laughing. She's always been so funny, and I loved hanging out with She & My Grandma, but now I know she is in a much better place, and she gets to see my Grandma Leona again. I will sing at her service on Friday. She was a very neat lady, and I loved her so much..but I know she is much happier where she is now..

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Fun

Well last night I took Payslee to Sterling House in Edmond for a Therapy Visit. She loves it there because she has a few 'favorite' people that she looks forward to visiting with. They always give her cuddles and pets and she smiles so big at them! She (Of course) was dolled up in her leopard print fur dress with a diamond bone bow in her hair that she got for Christmas from her Grandma Robbie.. lol.. She looked adorable!

Tonight I am having some friends over for a Nintendo Wii party. You can play up to 4 players on the Wii, so we are going to play Mario Kart, Guitar Hero & the Sports resort game .It will be fun. I love the Wii! I've been using my Wii Fit almost every day..and I also wore my Sketchers "Shape Ups" the other day..I was kinda surprised, but my legs were actually sore! I wore them again today so we'll see if they make me sore again.. Speaking of, I went to the Mall yesterday and let those Massage people in the mall who have the chairs work on me for awhile..Man! They really LEAN into it, but it was a great massage..

Today mom and Steve leave for Denver. They are taking some of our show calves that we raised to show there, and also be on 'display'..I hope they do well. They are all so pretty. Here's a picture of one of them, "Lydia & Lexus"

I went to my teacher Orientation at Francis Tuttle. I'm going to start teaching "Principals of Broadcasting" January 25 on the Rockwell Campus. Its basically going to cover the ins and outs of radio..if you would like to take it you can sign up at Its offered on Monday nights from 6-8, and I think its going to be pretty fun. Its also going to be a great class for anyone that is interested in getting into the radio or tv business, whether it be in promotions, on air, sales, sports, or whatever.. I cover it all! I'd love to see you there!

I'm no longer selling the KC Sheperd Gospel CD at the radio if you want one click the "BUY IT NOW" at the bottom of the page..Have a great weekend folks!

CD Prices

PS: If you want to give something to help the folks in Haiti Here's some more information. There has been an outpouring of support from the public. To help, people can make an unrestricted donation to the International Response Fund at or by calling 1-800-REDCROSS (1-800-733-2767). Also, people can mail a check to the American Red Cross of Central Oklahoma, 601 NE 6th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104. The public can text “HAITI” to"90999" and a donation of $10 will be given automatically to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts, charged to your cell phone bill.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yesterday was a fun day. Mom came up to go to Sams and get ready for her trip to Denver. She and my dad are going up on Friday and will be there a week. We have show-calves that they are taking, so she wanted to pick up some stuff at Sams, and also go to the Doctor. She's had this stupid cough for like a month, so I took her to a 'Quick Clinic' and it turns out that she had bronchitis, so she got a shot, and some scripts, and she is all better now! She wasn't wanting to cough all the way to Denver, and I can't say I blame her. So we had a fun time running around. Her therapy dog, Junior, is in a contest..If you want to vote for him click here Bissel MVP PET:

Tomorrow I have a orientation for my class at Francis Tuttle. It's for all first-time teachers, and its two hours we'll see what happens with that. I start teaching my "Principals of Broadcasting" Class on January 25, and will teach through April, and then I'll teach another course of it this Summer. I teach for 2 hours on Monday nights. I hope that I have 2 hours worth of stuff to say! However, I've never really been at a loss for words, so I think I'll be fine. lol.

Yesterday the dog babes and I took a long walk and it was so nice outside! When I came home I got on my Wii fit, and did some strength training..Which makes me realize that I am a wussy.. lol.. I need to start lifting weights. Lauren says that we are going to start taking a spinning class.. Geesh..I'll probably have to walk outta that..haha! Have a good day!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Great Weekend full of fun!

Hi Everyone! What a weekend! Friday of course I was at the Bob Howard Toyota store until it was time to head to the Ford Center for Brad Paisley.. I had several people and listeners meeting me there for their tickets, and wouldn't you know I get to the Will Call and they can't find my stuff! Meagh! So frustrating! I was supposed to be at the Justin Moore Meet & Greet at 6:35, and didn't end up getting there until 10 till 7! Thankfully they waited on us, and I was able to see Justin again. I had not visited with him since the New face showcase, so it was good to see him again.

So after that we headed over to see Miss Miranda Lambert for a bit..It was funny because our hair was highlighted in a similar way..How cute is that! We had to kinda hurry through that one because I wanted to see Justin on stage..He was excellent! I was so proud of him! He's grown so much as an artist since we saw him that first time. I loved it when he gave the $500 guitar to someone in the audience!! How cool was that!

The Miranda show was really good, although I'm not sure if it was where I was sitting, or what was going on, but for some reason I could only hear the guitar player, as opposed to hearing her sing. She put on a great show though too.

After Miranda's Show Lynn, Kevin & I went backstage to say Hi to Brad. We were supposed to go on his bus, but it was being torn up and having bunks put in it, so we met him in this little room. We had a lot of fun with him, and yes, we did ask him if he really was best friends with Jimmy Carter.. and YES..He is!! Actually he said that Jimmy Carter is better friends with his dad, but that he does know Jimmy Carter, and that he is a good guy, so that was pretty cool. He's a super nice guy.
The Brad show was great too. I liked the way they had the stage setup so that he could go out into the audience..and at one point he DID. He went off the side of the stage and down through a slew of friends from the left to ride sides of the stage..It was good times. I would post all the concert pics, but my laptop died..AGAIN.. so I can't do that right now..but for those of you who are my facebook friends, they are listed on an album there..for those that aren't you can send me a friend request and see them that way..Or at least until I get my laptop fixed, which will probably be 2 weeks or so..blargh to that.

Then Saturday Bill & I hosted the Rodeo Opry in Cowtown. It was a lot of fun because Darlin' Darla crashed the party and had me sing "When Will I be Loved with her".. we had a blast..Bill also played "If the House is Rockin" on the drums. It was fun, but lasted till around 10:30, so it was two late nights back to back for me..

Yesterday I had a date.. What! I know.. and it was fun date too. I'm not revealing too much information at this point, but we went to Cheesecake factory and had a very good time. I'm pretty sure I'm going to see this guy brace yourselves!!

Mom is coming to the City today. She and my dad are going to Denver on Friday for the big Cattle show up there. We have 3 really GOOD show calves and they are taking them up there to show in the next week, so they'll leave on Friday. She needed to go to Sams and pick up some stuff, so I'll tag along with her.. funtimes..I heart my mom!
I also want to say this morning that I'm so sorry to the family of Julia Gilbert, the girl that went missing from Edmond on Friday night. I didn't know her personally, but several of my facebook friends knew her, and that is just a heartbreaking situation, so I will be keeping her family and friends in my thoughts and prayers.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday its cold..but I have good hair.

Well Hello! Geesh its cold.. I spent 40 minutes at the post office yesterday waiting in line. Is it really like that everywhere? Because it seems to me that every single time that I go to the post office nowdays there is ONE person working, and 20 people in its a minimum 30 minute wait to get anything done! Okay..sorry for that little rant, but it was very irritating. I was waiting in line to pick up Payslee's new dresses..They are so freakin cute! The Leopard print one is trimmed with a fur bow, and black fur around the edges with a big diamond heart in the middle of it. She will probably wear it to the rodeo Opry on Saturday. Try to ignore her frowny face in the pic..She was irritated because I wanted to play dress up with her new clothes, and she wanted to play Wrestle with Sawyer.. Yes, we are hosting the Opry on Saturday, so if you don't have any plans, come by and hang out for a bit.
I went and got my hair done yesterday..LOVE IT. I go to Changes Hair Salon in Edmond, and Nicole is the one who works her magic on me. Her phone number is 340-8190 if you need a hair person..It took me forever to find one after I moved up I'm thankful I did..As we ladies know, the hair is very important.. I added the Red back into mine. I'll post pics after the Brad Paisley Show tonight..

Speaking of tonight..Blaine Larson Pre-party at Tobys starting at 5:30, although I won't be there..I've got a remote at Bob Howard from 4-6, and then I'm headed to the Ford Center to pick up the tickets for everyone. I'm planning on seeing Justin Moore & Miranda Lambert backstage. I'm taking Lauren, and my brother Grant and his new girlfriend. Grant thinks that he is going to be able to convince Miranda Lambert to leave Blake Shelton for him..Ironic since he's taking his girlfriend to the I doubt it will happen, but I'll keep you posted.

Its been so cold the past few days, but the babes still need exercise so for the past few days I've been taking them to thier magic field to run free for awhile..There is ONE patch of water, and Wednesday Sawyer jumped right in the middle of it..then got out and jumped into a giant snowbank like a deer..What the heck is he? A lab? Geesh.. So they looked like little mud-faces..I see no point in washing them until this snowy, icy, cold moves out of here..Hopefully next week they will get baths. Here's her other dress..a new green one.. She has another one, but she looked so messy that I'll have to re-take the pics when she is better groomed! You all have a great weekend, and stay warm!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

and you just THOUGHT it was cold!

Yeah..So I guess its going to be beyond Cold starting tonight. Not excited about that because last weekend my pilot light kept going out, and I'm not the best at 'home handy-man' type activities like lighting the pilot light. So I'm hoping I have "Winterized" my home enough to get through it.. However, if you haven''s some handy tips:

Before Freezing Weather
*Wrap all exposed pipes located outside or in unheated areas of the home.
*Remove garden hoses from outside faucets. Insulate outside faucets with Styrofoam cover, rags or paper.
*Cover vents around the foundation of your home.
*Know where your property owner's cut-off valve is located and how to use it. Apply oil such as WD-40 to the cut-off valve before operating to prevent the valve from breaking. The valve is located adjacent to the water meter box under a 6" metal lid.

In Sub-Freezing Weather
*Drip outside faucets 24 hours a day (5 drops per minute). This is not necessary unless temperatures are expected to be 28 degrees or below for at least 4 hours. (Be sure to turn off the faucets after the threat of freezing weather.)
*Open cabinet doors under sinks adjacent to outside walls.
*In unheated garages, shut off water to washing machines. Water softeners should be drained and protected from freezing temperatures.
*In sustained sub-freezing weather, let water drip slowly from inside faucets.
*Take extra precautions to protect pipes that have frozen in the past.

If You Are Not Going To Be At Home
*Cut water off at the property owner's cut-off valve.
*Drain all outside water faucets if your house will be unoccupied for several days (leave outside faucets open). Or, leave home heating system on at a low setting.
*Open cabinet doors under sinks adjacent to outside walls.

Once again thanks to everyone who inquired about the homeless shih-tzu, we did find him a home, so I'm very happy about that. Speakin of..I did walk outside the last 2 days, and MAN its just hard to love exercising in the cold! I have the Wii Fit Plus, and I've been doing that everyday, but the shih-tzu's still need exercise and mental stimulation, so we'be been walking..You would think they would be cold, yet they still race around like fools outside!
Tonight I'm going to a new Church Class at Crossings. This one is called "Religion in Politics" by one of my favorite teachers, and I think it will be awesome! Join me if you starts at 6:30 at Crossings Church on Portland. Then tomorrow I'm going to finally get my hair done! I'm getting a little "Rooty".. And Thursday we'll have a therapy visit with Miss Payslee! You all stay warm!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years Date Drama

Before I get started on this..I found a home for that sweet little Shih-tzu boy that I put on my blog yesterday..One of my good friends from Canute is going to take him home on Friday to be a friend to his Sweet Lhasa, so I'm happy about that..and thank you SOO SOO Much to everyone that responded trying to help.. The Pic from above is my friend Amy & Brandon's little boy who I call "The Wolf" meeting the "Tzu" for the first time..The Tzu, being my Sweet Sawyer..

Okay..Now onto the New Years Eve Drama..First off, I did have a date, but I brought my friends along too because we had already made plans to hang out. So we started off with Dinner & Drinks at Chelinos, which was funtimes..Then we headed over to Edna's to have a few lunchboxes..All was well until I left my Iphone on the table and my sneaky friend Lauren used it to update my facebook status to say "I love my Friends more than my dogs".. Which of course, caused an uproar on So from that moment on I had to take my phone into the bathroom with me.. Which was a bad idea..Why? Because it dropped IN THE TOILET!! You all know how much I love my Iphone, so my heart was breaking..thankfully it had a cover on it, and recovered..It appears to be working fine! Woo hoo!! Thank you Iphone Fairies!! for the date..Nice guy.. Not the guy for me. He probably hated us because we were laughing at stupid things and acting God Love him for going with us! Back to the drawing board..

I did go to Sunday School for the first time on Sunday, and the Lord sent me a sign that I was supposed to be there..You know what it was? My teacher was doing the lesson and guess what he brought up? "Nobody wants to play Rhythm guitar behind Jesus" by My Oak Ridge Boys.. I tell ya, the Lord gives us signs all the time..we just have to be paying attention..

Have a good day!

Monday, January 4, 2010

We're Baaack! Vacation is OVER.

Well I made it back.. I'll tell you though, after the Flat Tire I had on my way home..things just really went to crap. My Lazy Boy in my living room broke down on one side, so I flipped it over to take a look, and pulled some sort of muscle in my back. It was pretty beastly.. Hurt like a BANSHEE..Not cool. Well before Christmas I had bought Lynn's big screen TV from him since mine quit working YET again.. I decided that it set too low on the ground and that I was going to move it up onto another piece of furniture. Well if you've ever tried to move a big screen, you will know that is a TWO person job..Since I couldn't get my brother to come over and help, it became a ONE PERSON job, that being me, and I hurt my back AGAIN from doing that.. But.. I got it onto the taller shelf!!

So after the flat, the back, the tv, and the chair, I left the house to go to the movie to see Avatar on Saturday morning at 9am at the Imax Theatre in 3D at Quail Springs Mall..thinking that since it had been out 2 weeks, and it was 9 in the morning no one would be there.. WRONG. There was already a line out to the food court waiting to get in!! I made it in..with Popcorn in tow, so that was a bonus..and it was an Amazing Movie in 3D! I can't imagine NOT seeing it in 3d or Imax, because that totally made the movie..the Special effects were incredible..So that was fun..UNTIL I went home..When I walked in the door I tried to punch in my code to my alarm and part of the #'s on the keypad would'nt guess what? Yup. LOUD ALARMING SOUND..LOUD ALARMING SOUND..The keypad wouldn't work, and the alarm was screaming, so what did I do? Yes, jerked it out of the wall! Did that stop it? NO. LOUD ALARM SOUNDING.. So I run to the box, rip it out of the wall..LOUD ALARM SOUNDING.. Go get the screwdriver, and I unscrew the stupid wires to it..and FINALLY, goes off. I'm sure my neighbors wanted to punch me in the face, and I hope the tennants that move in Don't want an I'm scared to hook it back up, for fear that it will start going off again!!

Tomorrow I will talk about my New Years Eve.. Yes, I had a date..and my sad back injury.. But thats enough for today, I wanna leave you hanging.. lol.. IN the meanwhile though. One of my friends found a shih-tzu, that doesn't have a collar. As you all know, I love LOVE shih-tzu's, and this little guy is just if you love him, and want to give him a home, email me at and I'll pass your information along to them. He is so cute, just needs a good grooming, and a hugeroo!