Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cellphone Manners

The Picture above is of the "Sheperd" Family..Thats my 1/2 sister Lexi, dad Kirby, 1/2 Brother Grant, and Step Mom Joni..Thought you might like to see them.
This morning on the show we talked about obnoxious people on their cellphones. There are actually some Rules to talking on your cellphone. Don't know if you agree with them, but here's the list:

*Be nice to the person behind the counter - never be on the phone while talking to someone in person.
*Take it outside.
*Use your inside voice.
*Don't rive to distraction - don't talk or text while driving.
*In the theatre, turn off your phone, or put it on vibrate.
*Don't use the cellphone at the gym.
*Do not use in the public restrooms.
*Remember the people around you. Try not to annoy them.
*Wearing a bluetooth headset when you're not talking on the phone just makes you look like a geek.

I find it the hardest to NOT talk on my phone when I'm going through the drive-thru..I usually just put the person on the phone on Hold, place my order, and then move on..Usually I don't feel too bad about it, because the people behind the register could care less about what I'm doing, and half the time say nothing to me anyway!

Still waiting on my Computer to get back from HP. Yep, its in the shop again..and been there for over a week..Gotta love it. I swear that I have more PC problems than anyone in the world! WHY!!! I try to be good to them, but they never last..I need to get a Mac, but I can't afford one..Maybe later in the year.. Mom & Steve are still in Denver with the Cattle..Mom snapped this picture yesterday of Lydia all dolled up..
I Ordered Payslee a Valentine Dress from my favorite Dress lady http://www.doggiedudsbydeb.com/ Look how cute it is! Payslee is starting to accumulate quite a closet full of clothes. I've given her her own Closet at this point so I can hang all her sweet dresses in there. We have a Therapy Visit at Bradford Village. That one is always fun because we have a TON of people who show up to see the dogs. We also have the Listenenr Lunch today at Denny's..If you'd like to go to lunch with us, just go to www.kkng.com and sign your office up to win!

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