Wednesday, January 6, 2010

and you just THOUGHT it was cold!

Yeah..So I guess its going to be beyond Cold starting tonight. Not excited about that because last weekend my pilot light kept going out, and I'm not the best at 'home handy-man' type activities like lighting the pilot light. So I'm hoping I have "Winterized" my home enough to get through it.. However, if you haven''s some handy tips:

Before Freezing Weather
*Wrap all exposed pipes located outside or in unheated areas of the home.
*Remove garden hoses from outside faucets. Insulate outside faucets with Styrofoam cover, rags or paper.
*Cover vents around the foundation of your home.
*Know where your property owner's cut-off valve is located and how to use it. Apply oil such as WD-40 to the cut-off valve before operating to prevent the valve from breaking. The valve is located adjacent to the water meter box under a 6" metal lid.

In Sub-Freezing Weather
*Drip outside faucets 24 hours a day (5 drops per minute). This is not necessary unless temperatures are expected to be 28 degrees or below for at least 4 hours. (Be sure to turn off the faucets after the threat of freezing weather.)
*Open cabinet doors under sinks adjacent to outside walls.
*In unheated garages, shut off water to washing machines. Water softeners should be drained and protected from freezing temperatures.
*In sustained sub-freezing weather, let water drip slowly from inside faucets.
*Take extra precautions to protect pipes that have frozen in the past.

If You Are Not Going To Be At Home
*Cut water off at the property owner's cut-off valve.
*Drain all outside water faucets if your house will be unoccupied for several days (leave outside faucets open). Or, leave home heating system on at a low setting.
*Open cabinet doors under sinks adjacent to outside walls.

Once again thanks to everyone who inquired about the homeless shih-tzu, we did find him a home, so I'm very happy about that. Speakin of..I did walk outside the last 2 days, and MAN its just hard to love exercising in the cold! I have the Wii Fit Plus, and I've been doing that everyday, but the shih-tzu's still need exercise and mental stimulation, so we'be been walking..You would think they would be cold, yet they still race around like fools outside!
Tonight I'm going to a new Church Class at Crossings. This one is called "Religion in Politics" by one of my favorite teachers, and I think it will be awesome! Join me if you starts at 6:30 at Crossings Church on Portland. Then tomorrow I'm going to finally get my hair done! I'm getting a little "Rooty".. And Thursday we'll have a therapy visit with Miss Payslee! You all stay warm!

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