Monday, January 4, 2010

We're Baaack! Vacation is OVER.

Well I made it back.. I'll tell you though, after the Flat Tire I had on my way home..things just really went to crap. My Lazy Boy in my living room broke down on one side, so I flipped it over to take a look, and pulled some sort of muscle in my back. It was pretty beastly.. Hurt like a BANSHEE..Not cool. Well before Christmas I had bought Lynn's big screen TV from him since mine quit working YET again.. I decided that it set too low on the ground and that I was going to move it up onto another piece of furniture. Well if you've ever tried to move a big screen, you will know that is a TWO person job..Since I couldn't get my brother to come over and help, it became a ONE PERSON job, that being me, and I hurt my back AGAIN from doing that.. But.. I got it onto the taller shelf!!

So after the flat, the back, the tv, and the chair, I left the house to go to the movie to see Avatar on Saturday morning at 9am at the Imax Theatre in 3D at Quail Springs Mall..thinking that since it had been out 2 weeks, and it was 9 in the morning no one would be there.. WRONG. There was already a line out to the food court waiting to get in!! I made it in..with Popcorn in tow, so that was a bonus..and it was an Amazing Movie in 3D! I can't imagine NOT seeing it in 3d or Imax, because that totally made the movie..the Special effects were incredible..So that was fun..UNTIL I went home..When I walked in the door I tried to punch in my code to my alarm and part of the #'s on the keypad would'nt guess what? Yup. LOUD ALARMING SOUND..LOUD ALARMING SOUND..The keypad wouldn't work, and the alarm was screaming, so what did I do? Yes, jerked it out of the wall! Did that stop it? NO. LOUD ALARM SOUNDING.. So I run to the box, rip it out of the wall..LOUD ALARM SOUNDING.. Go get the screwdriver, and I unscrew the stupid wires to it..and FINALLY, goes off. I'm sure my neighbors wanted to punch me in the face, and I hope the tennants that move in Don't want an I'm scared to hook it back up, for fear that it will start going off again!!

Tomorrow I will talk about my New Years Eve.. Yes, I had a date..and my sad back injury.. But thats enough for today, I wanna leave you hanging.. lol.. IN the meanwhile though. One of my friends found a shih-tzu, that doesn't have a collar. As you all know, I love LOVE shih-tzu's, and this little guy is just if you love him, and want to give him a home, email me at and I'll pass your information along to them. He is so cute, just needs a good grooming, and a hugeroo!

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