Monday, January 18, 2010

Wii Party Fun

(<--- Picture of Little KC..Always with a Mic!)

Well I had a Wii party on Friday night. Meaning I had some friends over to play my new Nintendo Wii. We played a little Guitar Hero, Mario Kart, and Sports Resort..It was a ridiculous amount of fun!! I also got beat, which means I will have to go practice more..I think we are going to play again this weekend..

I also went to the Thunder Game on Saturday. It was awesome! Lots of folks, and the Thunder won over the Heat! We had great seats, and could see all the action. I'm happy with have the NBA team, and all the remodeling they are doing at the Ford Center makes it so much nicer.

Mom & Steve left on Friday to head to the Livestock show in Denver. It took them awhile to get up there..They stopped half way, and then made it up there by Saturday afternoon. We have 3 club calves up there on Display. Lydia, Lexus, and Renegade. They were all born and raised on our farm, and Kyle Walters is part owner, so they are all up there letting them show off! Here's a pic..Its kinda hard to see the Bull, as he is black..but thats his cute white face down below our Ad.

This week is a busy week. I've got two therapy visits with Payslee & Sawyer, and then I also need to go by and see Miss Dorothy, My hospice lady. I found out yesterday that my grandma Leona's (Who went to heaven in 1999) last living Sibling, Mildred Hawkins (Who I call Aunt Mildred) passed away yesterday. I'm not sad about it though because she was miserable, and had not felt good for about the last year of her life. I went to see her not long ago, and we had a good time laughing. She's always been so funny, and I loved hanging out with She & My Grandma, but now I know she is in a much better place, and she gets to see my Grandma Leona again. I will sing at her service on Friday. She was a very neat lady, and I loved her so much..but I know she is much happier where she is now..

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