Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Great Storm of 2010..

Well all the Weather people won't quit talking about how this Winter storm thats coming in is going to ruin our lives..I'm being optimistic and hoping for a light dusting! Although today I'm going to the store to make something Winterish..Like Chili, Stew, or maybe Potato Soup. I'm hoping the weather doesn't keep me from going to see my friend Joel do stand up comedy..He's at the Speakeasy tomorrow night, and he's very funny, so I want to go see him!

My dad's already called and told me to be careful..He cracks me up.. He knows I'm old enough to figure out how to get out of a storm but he still calls me to remind me! I told him that when I go to work NO ONE is on the roads..The only problem I ever have is getting BACK home when I leave the station..Thankfully, the guy I'm dating has a big awesome truck, and he said he would come rescue me if I got stranded somewhere.. Yes..I am dating someone! And yes, He's pretty awesome! Details to
So I taught my first class at Francis Tuttle on Monday Night..I had 7 students and we had a good time. I'm teaching "Principals of Broadcasting". Its a good class and I think it will be fun for the students. I'm going to teach it this summer too! You should come on over if you like..I try not to be boring or lame as an
Well we kick off our radiothon tomorrow for St.Jude..You can become a partner in Hope now by going to

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