Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yesterday was a fun day. Mom came up to go to Sams and get ready for her trip to Denver. She and my dad are going up on Friday and will be there a week. We have show-calves that they are taking, so she wanted to pick up some stuff at Sams, and also go to the Doctor. She's had this stupid cough for like a month, so I took her to a 'Quick Clinic' and it turns out that she had bronchitis, so she got a shot, and some scripts, and she is all better now! She wasn't wanting to cough all the way to Denver, and I can't say I blame her. So we had a fun time running around. Her therapy dog, Junior, is in a contest..If you want to vote for him click here Bissel MVP PET:

Tomorrow I have a orientation for my class at Francis Tuttle. It's for all first-time teachers, and its two hours long..so we'll see what happens with that. I start teaching my "Principals of Broadcasting" Class on January 25, and will teach through April, and then I'll teach another course of it this Summer. I teach for 2 hours on Monday nights. I hope that I have 2 hours worth of stuff to say! However, I've never really been at a loss for words, so I think I'll be fine. lol.

Yesterday the dog babes and I took a long walk and it was so nice outside! When I came home I got on my Wii fit, and did some strength training..Which makes me realize that I am a wussy.. lol.. I need to start lifting weights. Lauren says that we are going to start taking a spinning class.. Geesh..I'll probably have to walk outta that..haha! Have a good day!

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