Friday, September 15, 2017

Fall is in the Air! Can you feel it!

Well here we are.. Fall is almost here.. State Fair is in town, and I can practically smell My Favorite "Leaves" candle burning in my house! The girls are starting to get excited about getting "The Giant" and the "Bloody Clown" out because Halloween is just around the corner. They have decided on being a Skeleton (Londyn) and Queen Elsa (Crosslee) and yes.. I'm over Elsa.. but she's strong-minded on Being Elsa, and You are only little once.. However, I will tell you they both have about 15 Halloween costumes they could choose from at this point! Halloween is my favorite, so I'm looking forward to that too!

This year has literally flown by.. You know what they say "They Days are long, the Years are short" and I do find myself thinking that.. I mean I can't believe the girls are 4 and in Pre-K! They are doing pretty good.. Cross has really struggled with the amount of change that has been going on.. She is going to be a little girl that does not love Change.. Londyn on the other hand, loves everything all the time. She's truly fine with whatever situation you put her in.. so I'm 50/50.. Cross has had a hard time with going to school on a daily basis.. She was bored at home, but she likes to do things on her own time.. so She really liked only going to MDO a few days a week at Crossings with all her peeps, and then doing what she wanted on her 'days off'.. Well.. I mean don't we all love this? I'd rather do what I want all the time too, but.. thats not very realisitc..Especially for School.. because yeah, you have to go.. She loves her Teacher though, and once she gets there she has a blast. She's just a very complex little kid who already acts like a 4 year old Lawyer.. Lucky us.

Londyn on the other hand has been perfectly happy to go to school daily. She has met all kinds of friends and tells me all about her adventures daily. She is just happy like 90% of the time wherever she is at.. with whoever she is with. She's just a jolly soul. Some things never change.. like their faces.. lol She said she wanted to "Dance like the people on TV".. (we were watching those little kid dancers on America's got talent".. So we tried dance.. She loved it.. She loved Gymnastics.. We did Karate last week, she also loved that.. she's just pretty much happy doing whatever at any time.. I think we will go back to Karate though. We went to a place called "Christian Karate Academy" and it was so so awesome. They pray before.. set goals, teach respect, teach manners, teach self-confidence..and......Karate! It was the cutest thing ever to watch! So we will go back there next week.

We also had Neighbors night out in our Neighborhood and it was so fun! I love our neighborhood of always doing fun things for the kiddos and neighbors. We've still been swimming when we have time, and this weekend Gigi is Taking the Girls to Disney on Ice to see Queen Elsa.. they are very excited about this. State fair is a fun time!

Meanwhile I'm still buzzing along with my new radio gig. I have 4 jobs now.. but I love them all! I'm doing my regular Job as an IT Project Manager at Loves, I'm selling my Lipsense and loving that with all my girls, I do marketing for Spades Boutique, a cute little childrens online shop, and I've got my radio gig. On Hank FM 99.7. We stay plenty busy. If you haven't listened yet.. its an awesome station, and I'm on from 1-5pm on Saturdays, and 12-4 on Sundays.. so give it a listen! I'm enjoying it, and hoping to do more in the future.

Yeah My birthday is around the corner.. blah blah.. I'm old. I know.. blargh.. Anyway.. MJ has volunteered to take a few friends and I to a winery in Andarko for dinner and drinks.. that will be a good time.. Once again proving how awesome it is that I have a mini-van! So that will be fun.. Hope you guys are starting off your September with a bang! I'm blessed beyond I deserve and don't take it for granted! XoXo