Monday, February 28, 2011

The Wind..Blows..

What can I does. I get out of the car this morning and it whips so hard that I dang near lose my balance and fall down as the car door slams up against me.. The wind is just annoying to me.. In fact, all of Oklahoma weather is annoying to me.. First its snowing..then its sunny and 70, then its snowing again..then its raining, and then freezing, and then 80.. I wish it would make up its mind!

I had a productive weekend this weekend..I managed to get a laddar and change all the lights in my house! Even the ones in the 30 foot ceilings!

Speaking of lights.. Check out this website if you are looking for any: LIGHTS
Well I found out that I'm going to be singing at the Rodeo Opry on March 28th. I'm going to do a Patsy Cline Medly, so if you would like to join me you can go to From what I understand you can already buy tickets to the 28th show, so its should be a good time. I know my mama is excited to hear me sing again!

I've cut back my hours at Paws around Town.. AS much as I love working there, I also LOVE my weekends. Its really the only time I have to get things done around the house, and also spend time with the dog babes. Since its an 8 hour day at the store on Saturdays, I can't take Miss Payslee, and I missed hanging out with them on the weekends.

The Job at Chesapeake is going well, and I'm hoping to be a permanent employee there soon. In the meanwhile I'm still helping people upgrade to Windows 7 on their computers, so if you have any questions about that, feel free to ask me, lol. .Saturday night Jordan & I went with a group of friends to the Loony Bin..The comedian was hilarious.. We had a great time except for all the smoking. I can't stand my hair smelling like smoke, so I had to wash it the second I got home. Then yesterday we went around and looked at houses. We both like the same types of houses, so it shouldn't be too hard to choose one.. We just have to wait to see what is going to happen with my job situation before we actually get serious about buying one. Thats a big responsibility..

I watched the Oscars yesterday but the whole time I kept finding myself saying "Who cares".. I had watched "Black Swan" and it was good, and "The Social Network" and "Inception" .but I didn't see "The Kings Speech" or any of the others.. Plus it seems like its just a big moment of butt-kissing the actors and actresses of the films..Not that exciting to me.. However, I am enjoying American Idol this season..A Lot. .I think Steven Tyler makes it entertaining, and they really seem to have some amazing talent this year..

Payslee's Easter dress is on the way from Its got pink bunnies on it, and its soo cute! I'll post pics soon. We went on two visits last week and she was so sweet to the residents. She's a good girl. I'm glad she can make others smile as much as she makes me smile! I'm still enjoying my Sunday School class. We are now covering the book of Job..and I'm telling you..If you think you have trials, and suffering..just read Job..It will put your whole life into perspective..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine Cline

Well I had a great Valentines Day.. Jordan and I actually went out on Friday night to Boulevard Steakhouse..It was REALLY good.. REALLY expensive, but thankfully we had bought a Groupon that took $40 off our bill, so that was helpful. I had Tenderloin tips with Mushroom sauce and garlic mashed potatoes..He had a Fillet with Button Burgandy Mushrooms..It was delish. Saturday We rented all the X-Men movies and watched them. I usually don't enjoy Sci-fi movies, but I do like all the X-men movies..Hank is my favorite.. Because he is weird and puffish blue. Then on Sunday we went to watch "Just go with It" with Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston..It was a great movie! I love Adam Sandler.. More on V-day in a moment..

Saturday Brandon invited me to go see "Always, Patsy Cline" at the Lyric Plaza Theatre.. I wasn't sure what to expect, because not many people can sing like Miss Patsy Cline! So my expectations were pretty low.. But man, when the actress leaned into Walkin After Midnight we were hooked! She sounded so much like her that I thought she was lip syncing! She looked like her too, and ended up singing like 13 Patsy songs throughout the show! The actress that played her best friend, Louise, was an Oklahoma Native, and she was hilarious and awesome too! It was a REALLY good show. We were so glad that we went..In fact its inspired me to do a Patsy Cline Medley when I performa at the Rodeo Opry on March 26th. For tickets go to: and you can purchase tickets from their site. My mom is excited and she will be joining us. I'm not going to be HOSTING the Opry, just performing. I'm not really entertaining enough to host by

So on Valentines day Monday, I gave Jordan all his stuff..I got him a bunch of Ford Raptor crap.. Like a hoodie, T-shirt, matchbox car, and an OSU tag..Oh, and a head great is that! He came over and didn't have anything in his I was like "What! Where is my Valentine, and I was crying around to Sawyer and Payslee that I didn't get a Valentine.. Well little did I know that he had snuck into my Bathroom and put a giant vase of flowers (pictured above) in my Bathtub! He knows how much I love to take a bath, and that I would find them there..So of course I had to eat Crow and I also got a Silver "I love you" Ring from Tiffany's.. He's pretty much the best..

Last night we finally (because of 2 weeks of snow) got to finish the "Muslims & Christianity".. It has been SO interesting. Jordan has been going with me to it, and we both really enjoyed it. We'll start another class next week over the book of Romans. I'm also loving my Sunday school class too..I wish I could sing in Church, but I don't want to join the choir..I would, but they practice on Wednesdays, which would take me out of my class, and you have to sing in both services, which would take me out of my Sunday school class.. So if you want me to sing at YOUR church sometime, Holler at me! lol.. I'll see what I can do..

Therapy visits tonight! Have a great weekend!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Wow! Is this weather bizarre or what! It always cracks me up when people see snow and say "Yeah, Al Gore, this is really Global Warming!"..because if they did any research at all, they would realize that drastic highs and lows and giant snowstorms across the whole US IS a part of Global Warming..But whatever, thats a rant for another day..

Anyway, Chesapeake actually closed the campus on Tuesday & Wednesday, which apparently NEVER happens, so that tells you just how serious this snow and ice was in Oklahoma City! I was afraid to leave my garage because I knew my G6 would not "ramp" back in.. Jordan didn't want to leave his vehicle out either, so we did manage to move some things around, and fit that Giant Ford F150 Raptor into my garage! Yay! So we stayed in for 2 days while I made Potato soup, King Ranch Chicken, and fried potatoes.. I can't say that I didn't enjoy it.. I think Oklahoma City ended up with 12 inches of Snow..However, the dog babes were confused and bored. There was a 3 ft drift outside my back door, so if they wanted to pee, they had to cross over the drift and they were like "Mama, what do we do?".. so I grabbed a shovel and built them a tunnel..that made them much happier...but still bored. Finally yesterday after being shut in for 3 days and keeping themselves entertained with bully sticks and chews, I was able to take them to their field.. They ran and played and dove in and out of snow for 30 minutes! They were so happy! (See pic left) What great exercise for both them and me! I was glad they were able to use up some of that energy.. people, its important that your dogs get exercise..They need it, we need it, so yeah, do it...Payslee is NOT a dog that can go without it. She may only be 6 pounds, but she is 6 pounds of annoying when she doesn't get exercise! So this morning I took them back to the field again. AFTER..........

I realized that the damn garage door was broken.. Now to some this might not be a big deal. To me it means I'm going to be robbed blind if I don't figure out how to get that garage door back down! Thankfully my landlord answered the call and sent someone over to fix it..Apparently the wheels had come off the track, (which is incorrect and causes it to NOT work) and he put them back on, shot some WD-40 in it, and away we went! So thankful for garage door repair guys on a Saturday!

I'm still working at Paws Around Town on some Satursdays, although I've cut back quite a bit, because I worked 7 days a week since November and realized I needed a little time off..but I still love going there, and so does Miss Pays.. We also made some Valentines Day Cards to give out on our Therapy visits this week..The residents love to have little keep-sakes to hang on their walls after we leave, so I think they will like them.. They are pictured Below..They turned out really cute.. Speaking of Valentines day, I think I'm getting TIRES for V-day.. yeah, not that romantic, but dangit, I really need two new tires on my car..blargh though..Who wants freakin tires for Valentines day!! Damn.