Saturday, February 5, 2011


Wow! Is this weather bizarre or what! It always cracks me up when people see snow and say "Yeah, Al Gore, this is really Global Warming!"..because if they did any research at all, they would realize that drastic highs and lows and giant snowstorms across the whole US IS a part of Global Warming..But whatever, thats a rant for another day..

Anyway, Chesapeake actually closed the campus on Tuesday & Wednesday, which apparently NEVER happens, so that tells you just how serious this snow and ice was in Oklahoma City! I was afraid to leave my garage because I knew my G6 would not "ramp" back in.. Jordan didn't want to leave his vehicle out either, so we did manage to move some things around, and fit that Giant Ford F150 Raptor into my garage! Yay! So we stayed in for 2 days while I made Potato soup, King Ranch Chicken, and fried potatoes.. I can't say that I didn't enjoy it.. I think Oklahoma City ended up with 12 inches of Snow..However, the dog babes were confused and bored. There was a 3 ft drift outside my back door, so if they wanted to pee, they had to cross over the drift and they were like "Mama, what do we do?".. so I grabbed a shovel and built them a tunnel..that made them much happier...but still bored. Finally yesterday after being shut in for 3 days and keeping themselves entertained with bully sticks and chews, I was able to take them to their field.. They ran and played and dove in and out of snow for 30 minutes! They were so happy! (See pic left) What great exercise for both them and me! I was glad they were able to use up some of that energy.. people, its important that your dogs get exercise..They need it, we need it, so yeah, do it...Payslee is NOT a dog that can go without it. She may only be 6 pounds, but she is 6 pounds of annoying when she doesn't get exercise! So this morning I took them back to the field again. AFTER..........

I realized that the damn garage door was broken.. Now to some this might not be a big deal. To me it means I'm going to be robbed blind if I don't figure out how to get that garage door back down! Thankfully my landlord answered the call and sent someone over to fix it..Apparently the wheels had come off the track, (which is incorrect and causes it to NOT work) and he put them back on, shot some WD-40 in it, and away we went! So thankful for garage door repair guys on a Saturday!

I'm still working at Paws Around Town on some Satursdays, although I've cut back quite a bit, because I worked 7 days a week since November and realized I needed a little time off..but I still love going there, and so does Miss Pays.. We also made some Valentines Day Cards to give out on our Therapy visits this week..The residents love to have little keep-sakes to hang on their walls after we leave, so I think they will like them.. They are pictured Below..They turned out really cute.. Speaking of Valentines day, I think I'm getting TIRES for V-day.. yeah, not that romantic, but dangit, I really need two new tires on my car..blargh though..Who wants freakin tires for Valentines day!! Damn.

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  1. Think about for Valentine's Day IS VERY ROMANTIC!! Tires are more expensive than a lot of jewelry you might get. They say "I LOVE YOU" and want you to be safe. They show that what you NEED is the most important thing in the world. Tires are round being symbolistic of the circle of life/love. I could go on and on, but you can see HOW ROMANTIC TIRES CAN BE FOR VALENTINE'S DAY!!!