Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Friday to you!

Payslee's little Pink dress from Last Year..

Well its the last weekend of the Olympics. I've actually been watching quite a bit of it..but I'm also glad its almost over. I can't watch endless hours of Hockey on TV..I love hockey LIVE and in person, but not as fun to watch on TV. I've also liked watching the ski-jump events, and the skating stuff..But I'm also looking forward to some new shows coming back on TV.

Last night was crazy..Mom came up in a furniture truck to shop at "Lynn Waggoners House of Used Furniture".. She actually HAD a Furniture truck! So We loaded up Lynn's garage full of stuff..and then his storage room too! Mom had brought me a couch and chair, and it was HUGE so MJ ended up having to take off the dang door to get it in the house..Our arms are sore today from moving! We were going to go to Canute this weekend, but MJ ended up having to go to Tulsa tomorrow to help his mom, so we'll go next weekend for sure. While he's in Tulsa I think I will go to the Movies and watch "From Paris with Love" which is the new John Travolta movie..mmm mmm Popcorn!

In the meanwhile I'm SICK of Winter.. It seems like its never ending this year! You all have a good weekend..I'll post furniture pics after I get it all set up!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

James Otto baby?

So have you been watching the Olympics? I watch it when nothing else is during the day mostly.. Last night I watched "American Idol" and I think some of the girls are pretty good this year..Tonight I'll watch the guys..

MJ has been sick for two days..We went to eat Sushi on Sunday night after watching "Shutter Island" and he decided he would order a sushi roll called "Lucifer's Folly"...Well apparently that is exactly what it was because he has been sick with stomach type stuff for two days..He is finally better today after feasting on

Tomorrow our friend Joel is going to do some stand-up at the Speak Easy on Western..My friends and I are going to go..should be goodtimes..Last night I went and had Strawberry Margaritas with my Friend Whitney..They were delish..However, I was delivered some bad news yesterday..James Otto is having a baby with his wife! Blargh..What a ruiner..The only way I'll ever forgive him for this is if he names the child KC..Then I could love him again..but not until then.. I mean we all know how babies are made and I really don't want to think of MDO that way.. So I'm pretty irritated about it.. I'm also irritated because yesterday when I went to my gym I found out that it had 'merged' with another gym..Well suddenly all the Normal, slightly over weight people that I USED to work out with were replaced with Studly, muscled up, body builder model people.. How the hell did that happen? It made me feel selfconscious when I could only lift 10 pound weights on the arm machines! I felt like they were laughing at my sad, pathetic attempt at working out!! Dang it.. Oh well.. Maybe I'll work out to the point that my arms are bionic..then I will use my arms to show them specific gestures.. lol.. Have a good one folks!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Excellent Weekend fun

I had an amazing weekend folks..Friday night I went out and had drinks with my friend Whitney..Then we went to see "The Wolfman".. I cannot say that the movie was very good..It was just a bit ridiculous to me..but we had a good time hanging out. Saturday she had to go to Dallas so I volunteered to keep her Mini Aussie, Max..She brought him over and Sawyer instantly hugged him right in the face..Thankfully Max liked .It was too cute. Miss Payslee was OUT for awhile.. She just sat up on her perch like "Don't talk to me".. but she came around later and began to play..Rally liked him too..Max had a good visit..Here they all are relaxing on my bed..He was a very good boy..they all were!
Saturday was the "BIG DAY".. Mom had been wanting to meet MJ so we scheduled a trip to Weatherford..I actually went up early with Bill & Leslie to look at engagement rings for Leslie..(Bill is getting married July 11).. We ended up finding a very pretty ring, and Leslie loved it..Then afterward we went to another friends house who served us up some delicious Chocolate Martinis! MM MM! Then it was off to the T-bone to meet Mom & Steve..
They ended up loving MJ..Which I knew they would..and Steve's comment about him was the funniest thing at all..After we left mom texted me and said, "Steve really liked MJ..He said He wasn't a smartass or a dumbass".. lol.. So there ya go! He liked them too..Of course I knew he would because my family is pretty much the bomb.. lol.. I think we may go back out there this weekend to meet the 'other' parts of my family..Kirby & Joni.. I have the weekend off for the first time in awhile so I think it would be a good time to go out there and visit..Plus the dog babes need to go visit their mobile groomer out there..This rain is making them look homeless! But this is a cute picture of Miss Payslee pretending to be a Pillow..
Hope you all had a great weekend..I'm seriously ready for Winter to MOVE ON..

Friday, February 19, 2010

Chaka Weekend fun..

This is a Picture of Miss Payslee and her friends at Bradford Village.. Just so you know, she will have a St. Patricks Day dress too.. I tried it on her yesterday..I bought it last year but Miss Pays has not really grown much since she was 6 months it still fit perfectly! She will be a little leprechaun!

So Last night I was at the Riverwind doing a broadcast. They have some really good shows coming up.. Josh Turner, Diamond Rio, Mel Tillis, Joe Nichols, Queen.. and more.. Then I found out that Lorrie Morgan & Pam Tillis will be in concert at the Firelake Casino. I'm a huge Lorrie Morgan fan, So that will be an awesome show..Very excited about that one.

Tonight I'm going to go hang out with my friends..I think we may try to go see "Shutter Island" with Leonardo Dicaprio..It looks REALLY good..Either that or "The Wolfman" with Anthony Hopkins..I Freakin Love going to the Movies! Last night I watched the new Grey's Anatomy.. Loved it.. Been watching Idol too, and plan on wathing the Amazing Race on Saturday because Cord & Jet McCoy are on there..and I went to school with Jet at Southwestern. We had a Sci-Fi class of course I have to cheer for them! Sawyer missed his therapy visit last night because I was at the Riverwind..Poor little man may never get to go on a visit
Saturday I'm going with Bill's girlfriend Leslie to Weatherford.. She wants to go look at Engagement rings at Kelley's in Weatherford. YES! Bill is getting married..They think it will be in July sometime in I'm going to go look at rings with her and then have some delish Chocolate Martini's while playing a little Dance Dance Revolution! Should be funtimes.. After that MJ is coming to Weatherford with Brandon & Amy and we are all going to meet my parents for Dinner.. Wish MJ luck as this will be his first encounter with my parents..However, they are pretty fabulous so I think it will be good..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dental, tire, wheel rim Fun!

So yesterday I decided to roll the dice and drive on my sad doughnut tire to see my dentist, Dr. Cox in Newcastle..If I didn't go I would have had to drive all the way North to get the tire..then all the way back South to the dentist..Thankfully I made it..We were able to do two tooth build-ups yesterday. We were going to try to take out 3 silver fillings..but only got to two, because the two teeth we were working on were so bad. So we built them up with giant white fillings..took out all the silver and decay and then they will eventually get crowns put on them. They already feel better though, because that silver was leaking and causing my back teeth to be INSANELY sensitive! So they already feel better this morning..Excellent..

After the dentist I headed back North to get my tire changed..Only to find out that my rim had a crack in it..Well they won't put a new tire on a broken Rim..So I had to chase down a new rim somehow..Thankfully we found one at Bob Howard, and MJ was sweet enough to drive me back and fourth to get the new tire and the new rim..He's magical. I finally got the new tire and rim put back on my car about 5:45 then went to teach my class at 6:00..However I can proudly say that I am DONE worrying about car type issues..That will be in MJ's Control.. Apparently its not in your best interest to buy tires from an oil change place, and I probably got I'm washing my hands of car-care needs at this juncture! Hooray for me!

Today is another busy day..Payslee & I have a therapy Visit at Bradford Village. I was supposed to sing, but I doubt I will make it through too many songs because My Jaw is sore from keeping it open yesterday..I may sing a couple of songs though and then Let Miss Payslee entertain the residents with her cuteness!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Flat tire..deflates my Valentines day..

Well I had a fun weekend..Friday night Lynn & I went to the 'Affair of the Heart' to introduce new MCA Recording Artist "Mallory Hope"..She was doing a special show for the vendors and a few of our KING Listeners. She did a great job, and they had some magical desserts like Chocolate Molten Lava cake..carrot Cake..lemon drops..etc.. It was all delish.

Then Saturday I had an Awesome Valentines Day with MJ. He had reservations at Mahagony, but it was going to be late, and I was uninspired to instead he brought over Sushi from Kangs. MM MM! It was delish..Here's a picture of one of my Valentines..

Yesterday, however was not a GREAT day.. I went out to my car to get something for church to find that I had yet ANOTHER flat tire..So I called Triple A and they got there in about 20 minutes which was awesome. They put on my sad little doughnut spare. I thought I would be able to go over to the tire shop and get the new tire put on, but they were not this morning I had to drive all the way North going 50 mph on the sad doughnut tire. Thankfully not many people on the roadway at 4 am..but there will be when I head back NORTH to get the tire replaced. The other sucky thing is that my tires are odd shaped, So they always have to order the I'm hoping they can get it today..I'm already tired of driving on the doughnut. I'm not meant to drive 50 mph..Juss saying.. Plus for some reason my tires are "High performance" tires..which means they are $200 a piece..Blargh. Happy Valentines Day to me! MJ also had to spend the whole day in Tulsa trying to help get his grandmothers house I didn't get to see him yesterday..The good news? I did make it to church and Pastor Marty had an excellent message..He always does such a good job with his sermons.
The Dog babes and I finally got some rollerblading in this weekend..Nice on Friday & Saturday..or nice enough to rollerblade..which makes Miss Payslee happy.. and When Payslee is sleepy..KC is happy!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine Magic

Happy Valentines Weekend! Yesterday Payslee & I went to visit the residents at Sterling House on Sante Fe..She was wearing her Valentine dress from and of course a matching bow. She was feeling pretty sassy and kept letting me pose her all over while we waited on the folks to finish dinner..Then we handed out little Valentines with Payslee's face on them to the residents..They were very cute. Last night Payslee went with her friend, Fudge, the Chocolate Lab who is quite a bit bigger than she is! They had a good time.
It Didn't snow much on the North Side yesterday..Happy about that..I'm pretty much TIRED of Winter at this point..Not even really motivated to watch the WINTER Olympics! It will be nice when it dries up a bit and Sawyer can no longer put his face in the mudholes in the back yard..
Well today begins the Valentines Weekend.. I think MJ and I are going to watch "Wolfman" tonight..I've wanted to see if for awhile..but I'm thinking the Movie Theatres are going to be slam packed this weekend. Not really sure what our other Valentine plans are at this point..but I think Mom is coming up Sunday or Monday to pick up her furniture from "Lynn Waggoners House of Bargains".. lol..I'm getting a new leather chair too..So glad that Lynn got married so I can have his magical hand-me-downs! For those of you sending Roses for V-day!


Do you know what you're saying when you send your sweetheart a dozen yellow roses? Here's a handy-dandy guide:

Red Rose -- Love; I love you
White Rose -- Eternal Love ; innocence; heavenly; secrecy and silence
Red Rose Bud -- Pure and lovely
White Rose Bud -- Girlhood
Pink Rose -- Perfect happiness; please believe me
Yellow Rose -- Friendship; jealousy
Red and White -- Together; unity
Thornless Rose -- Love at first sight
A single, full bloom -- I love you; I still love you
Bouquet of full blooms -- Gratitude
Tea Rose -- I'll always remember
Be Romantical!! Have a good one!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hospital Visits & Fun

Yesterday Miss Payslee had a visit with her friend, Mollie the Golden Doodle at the Hospital in Norman. We take them there to help the patients with their physical therapy. It was so sweet when this lady was holding Payslee and said to me, "I've been here for 3 weeks and this has been my best day".. Aww! How Sweet is that..and Miss Pays just loves it too! She was smiling the WHOLE time yesterday. I had her in her cute Heart dress with matching Pink Bow..and everyone keep oooing and awwwing over her.. She did all her tricks including her "Oprah" trick..where I get the camera out and say "Smile like Oprah" and she opens her mouth and smiles (like she is doing in the picture).. She is such a good girl. I also took her by to see her Breeder..She had not seen Miss Pays in awhile, and she took a million pics of her..

So James Otto has a new song!! Its called "Groovy Little Sumer Song" and you can hear it on ITUNES. Its freakin awesome, and I'm quite certain you will like it.. He's supposed to release a new cd a little bit later this year..Very excited about that! Also excited about Lady Antabellum and Tim McGraw scheduling a concert at the Zoo Amp..Its coming up on June 13th I believe..Should be goodtimes..

Valetines Day is just around the Corner..Wanna be Cheap but Creative? Here ya go..

Have a lotta love in your heart, but not a lot of loot to back it up? Not to worry -- the most romantic Valentine's Day gifts require imagination, not money. "Think back on the most treasured gifts you've received," says Laura Shanahan, a New York consumer-tips columnist. "Chances are they were the most thoughtful, not the most costly." Here are her top 10 tips for Valentine's gifts that show the most caring, not the most cash:

*An appointment book with one date filled in -- that of a romantic getaway for the two of you. It doesn't have to be a Caribbean cruise. A day of "playing hooky" together at an out-of-the-way park and a back table at a dim bistro are perfect for creating that loving feeling.

*A gift certificate for your honey's choice of pampering treatments performed by you. A massage, shampoo, and a bubble bath with room service -- their wish is your command.

*A heart-shaped box from card or novelty store. Place a handwritten note inside: "Contains 365 blown kisses just for you -- take one a day."

*Pajamas for the two of you. He wears the pants, she wears the top.

*A cozy picnic. Never mind the snow. Lay out a blanket on the living room floor and serve up finger foods you can hand-feed each other. Don't forget the candles.

*Sweep your sweetie off his or her feet with tickets to a ballroom dancing class so you can stay cheek to cheek all year round.

*Indoor "sky writing" is a great way to say I love you to that special someone. Simply make a poster with a declaration of your devotion and tape it to the ceiling right over the bed. It will be the first thing your sweetheart will see upon wakening Valentine's Day -- and your final, sweet-dreams message.

*A fortune -- or more. Get a handful of fortune cookies from a specialty market or your local Chinese restaurant. Compose your own personal messages.

*A dozen red balloons. Before you blow them up, insert tiny trinkets or love notes. Give the blowup, treasurer filled results to your beloved for a popping good time.

*A blank journal you'll head "Reasons I Love You." Every reason will have it's own page.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine Magic

Well Valentines Day weekend is coming up..I didn't have a Valentine last year..So I'm pretty excited..Even though I agree its a ridiculous holiday built up to crush the dreams of many men who didn't find the perfect flowers, candy, or restaurant reservation..I really just like it because of its Pink, pretty wonderment..I love giving people those ridiculous little Valentines and I love Hershey's Kisses in Pink foil..& Big giant stuffed love animals.. See how girlish that is!

If you have trouble being romantic
A professor at Bowling Green State University has done a number of studies on romantic behavior. He asked adults between the ages of 18 and 79 what the most romantic behavior is -- and here's the top ten:

1)The kiss
2) Flowers (giving and receiving)
3) Dinner (out; making dinner for/with me; candlelight, wine, music, no kids)
4) Talking
5) Holding hands
6) The Hug (in bed after the alarm goes off; unexpected)
7) Sharing outdoor leisure activities (picnics, beach, ice skating, moonlight swim or drive, fishing, walk in the park)
8) Gifts (expensive; diamonds; jewelry; candy; unexpected or surprise gifts)
9) Walking (in the evening; at night; in the rain; in the moonlight)
10) Touching (hand on knee; pat on shoulder or hand; slight caress; petting; caressing; head in lap or sitting on lap; playing with hair)

Yesterday I let the babies go play outside for a little while..and MJ & I were sitting in the living room when he says, "LOOK AT HIM!!".. Um yes..Saw Saw had somehow managed to find a puddle and threw himself into it! He was dripping mud/water from his body, so into the sink he went! Why does he want to keep doing that! He's a shih-tzu, not a lab! I'll be so glad when my backyard dries up so I don't have to worry about him dancing in water! Rally is the only smart one..he stays OUT of the water!! Payslee & Sawyer are just messy biscuits!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Shogun Wii Superbowl fun!

Well I had a funtimes weekend..Friday MJ & I went and had sushi at Okura..It was delish..Mom came up on Saturday and we went shopping around..Found some great sales at the mall. She was pretty much sick of 'farm living' since they had been without power for so long, so she wanted to get out..We had lunch at Cafe 7..and that is just an awesome place to eat! We had a Asian Salad that was SOO Good!

Then on Saturday night MJ & I had made plans to meet up with some friends at Shogun..I had not been there in awhile, and we were looking forward to a little slicin' and dicin at the Hibachi Grill! I had some Sesame Chicken and it was delish! There were several at my table that decided to partake in something called a "Sake Bomb" in which you take a Saporo beer and put a shot of Sake On top of your chopsticks..then you slam it down and the shot falls off the Chopsticks into the beer and you 'shoot' it..This did not sound appealing to me, because I'm not a fan of Sake..but we had so much fun at our table that our Hibachi chef came back out and wanted to do a shot with us after he had cooked our meal!! How funny is that! So we had a great time..This was MJ's first time in meeting the majority of my friends. He did very well..he has 'Stranger Danger' like me, so I'm pretty proud of him for going at all! Then we went back to my house and played "Wii Karaoke".. It was pretty funny..Here's a sample of the magic..

Then Yesterday we watched the Superbowl at my house.. If you missed the Funny Commericals you can watch them SUPERBOWL COMMERICIALS

My Favorite was the Fiddling Beavers for I just like Fiddlin Beavers, what can I say! The game was good this year too, and I watched everything except the half-time show..During half-time we played a little Wii Frisbee..

Looks like more snow is in the forecast for tonight..I teach my class this evening, so we'll see if it gets cancelled..Tonight we are talking about Radio Programming, so it should be funtimes. Hope you all had a great weekend!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Well I went to the Dentist yesterday..It wasn't as bad as I thought! I'm going to have to have 16 procedures before its all said and done..and I got 3 of them yesterday. Yesterday Dr. Cox rebuilt a tooth for me..We thought I might have to have a root canal, but I didn't! Hooray! ...But just barely! He said if I had waited a MONTH longer it would have been Root Canal City! The crazy part is that its not like I haven't been to the dentist in years..I just went last year and got 4 fillings..but you really have to find a dentist that is willing to tell you like it is..because after looking at my silver fillings in my mouth yesterday, I should have been taking them out LONG ago..They are so awful looking! Leaking, and turning my teeth brown! Blargh..So seriously, if you have some of those fillings, ask your dentist if they are 'healthy'.. They don't last forever! So I go back on the 14th to start taking out more of the fillings and replacing them with good, healthy fillings.. If you ever need more info you can go to After all the crap dentist work I have had over the years, I was happy that I didn't even feel the shots in my mouth, and the filling removal was loud, but it wasn't painful.. so Now I'm not so scared anymore about the next visits..
No therapy visits this week..They all got cancelled because of all the schools being out and weather we'll pick it back up next week. Tonight I'm excited to watch "Grey's Anatomy".. Mc Dreams is finally chief of surgery!! Should be a good one..Then tomorrow its Sushi fun with MJ.. Delish to find a man who loves Sushi as much as I do!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

St Jude Total & Dentist Magic!

Thanks to everyone who helped with the St. Jude Radiothon. We raised $102,930 for the Kids of St. Jude!! Awesome!!

Well today beings my Dental Quest.. Dr. Jim Cox has so kindly volunteered to tackle what is the Mouth of KC Sheperd! We will be taking out all the silver fillings in my mouth and replacing them with Clear fillings, or Crowns..Today we are talking about ONE possible Root Canal, which makes me scared a little bit. I'm a HUGE fan of the laughing gas, so I'll definately be having that..but I've never had a root canal before, so I'm hoping it doesn't come to that..I'm going to take my Iphone and headphones and listen to music while the grinding is going on..Dr. Cox knows I'm a big baby, so I have full faith in him to take care of me.
So from this point on I'm going to refer to my new boyfriend as "MJ".. Thats going to be his on-air name too, so if you hear me talking about him thats who it is.. Speakin of..Had a lovely battle of Wii sports with him yesterday..I have to say that I am really kindof improving at Bowling..but still having trouble with Frisbee golf! I'm also really kicking up my game on Guitar hero..I'm enjoying the Wii Fit plus too..good times..
Payslee has been driving me insane with the snow crap outside..She needs a LOT of exercise, and when she doesn't get it..she is a pestering, whiney, little baby girl..She keeps acting out and taking away all of Sawyer's toys and stuff..then biting him on his ears until he cries..She's pretty much a bully in a 6 pound Shih-tzu Body! Hoping today it will be possible for us to rollerblade, or take a LONG walk!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hi there Winter..

Well Wow..What a lovely Snow/ice/sleet storm we have had AGAIN here in OK! Thankfully I haven't had any trouble getting back into my garage..I was worried about that, because I didn't want to have to clear all that ice off every morning.. The Dog Babes have been having a BLAST in the Snow..Sawyer bounds around like he is in a giant pile of fluffy fun..and Payslee bounds around with him, even though she sinks down so quickly because she is so small! They come in with giant snowballs attached to their fur that I have to rinse off with warm water! What a mess! But they can't exercise any other way, so I just have to let them be wild outside! I'm hoping in the next few days we'll actually be able to walk..
Well Friday was funtimes..I went out to eat with my new magical dating guy..Happy for me that he loves Sushi, so we went to Shiki and it was delish..Saturday
we met Brandon & Amy at 'On the Border' for a little Guacamole Live action! After that we decided to play a little Wii over at my house..I'm proud to say that I pretty much dominated at Guitar Hero..So Booya on that deal. Sadly..Still could not kick it up enough for the Archery game..So I'll have to practice more on that one. Did my Wii Fit last night since its impossible to do any other type of exercise!
Today is our St. Jude Radiothon. We had to suspend it last week due to the crap weather. So it will be today and tomorrow..If you have not become a partner in hope just yet you can go online to or call 800 516-7771.
I'm going to go teach my radio class tonight at Francis Tuttle..Woo ha!