Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine Magic

Well Valentines Day weekend is coming up..I didn't have a Valentine last year..So I'm pretty excited..Even though I agree its a ridiculous holiday built up to crush the dreams of many men who didn't find the perfect flowers, candy, or restaurant reservation..I really just like it because of its Pink, pretty wonderment..I love giving people those ridiculous little Valentines and I love Hershey's Kisses in Pink foil..& Big giant stuffed love animals.. See how girlish that is!

If you have trouble being romantic
A professor at Bowling Green State University has done a number of studies on romantic behavior. He asked adults between the ages of 18 and 79 what the most romantic behavior is -- and here's the top ten:

1)The kiss
2) Flowers (giving and receiving)
3) Dinner (out; making dinner for/with me; candlelight, wine, music, no kids)
4) Talking
5) Holding hands
6) The Hug (in bed after the alarm goes off; unexpected)
7) Sharing outdoor leisure activities (picnics, beach, ice skating, moonlight swim or drive, fishing, walk in the park)
8) Gifts (expensive; diamonds; jewelry; candy; unexpected or surprise gifts)
9) Walking (in the evening; at night; in the rain; in the moonlight)
10) Touching (hand on knee; pat on shoulder or hand; slight caress; petting; caressing; head in lap or sitting on lap; playing with hair)

Yesterday I let the babies go play outside for a little while..and MJ & I were sitting in the living room when he says, "LOOK AT HIM!!".. Um yes..Saw Saw had somehow managed to find a puddle and threw himself into it! He was dripping mud/water from his body, so into the sink he went! Why does he want to keep doing that! He's a shih-tzu, not a lab! I'll be so glad when my backyard dries up so I don't have to worry about him dancing in water! Rally is the only smart one..he stays OUT of the water!! Payslee & Sawyer are just messy biscuits!!

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