Wednesday, February 24, 2010

James Otto baby?

So have you been watching the Olympics? I watch it when nothing else is during the day mostly.. Last night I watched "American Idol" and I think some of the girls are pretty good this year..Tonight I'll watch the guys..

MJ has been sick for two days..We went to eat Sushi on Sunday night after watching "Shutter Island" and he decided he would order a sushi roll called "Lucifer's Folly"...Well apparently that is exactly what it was because he has been sick with stomach type stuff for two days..He is finally better today after feasting on

Tomorrow our friend Joel is going to do some stand-up at the Speak Easy on Western..My friends and I are going to go..should be goodtimes..Last night I went and had Strawberry Margaritas with my Friend Whitney..They were delish..However, I was delivered some bad news yesterday..James Otto is having a baby with his wife! Blargh..What a ruiner..The only way I'll ever forgive him for this is if he names the child KC..Then I could love him again..but not until then.. I mean we all know how babies are made and I really don't want to think of MDO that way.. So I'm pretty irritated about it.. I'm also irritated because yesterday when I went to my gym I found out that it had 'merged' with another gym..Well suddenly all the Normal, slightly over weight people that I USED to work out with were replaced with Studly, muscled up, body builder model people.. How the hell did that happen? It made me feel selfconscious when I could only lift 10 pound weights on the arm machines! I felt like they were laughing at my sad, pathetic attempt at working out!! Dang it.. Oh well.. Maybe I'll work out to the point that my arms are bionic..then I will use my arms to show them specific gestures.. lol.. Have a good one folks!

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