Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine Magic

Happy Valentines Weekend! Yesterday Payslee & I went to visit the residents at Sterling House on Sante Fe..She was wearing her Valentine dress from and of course a matching bow. She was feeling pretty sassy and kept letting me pose her all over while we waited on the folks to finish dinner..Then we handed out little Valentines with Payslee's face on them to the residents..They were very cute. Last night Payslee went with her friend, Fudge, the Chocolate Lab who is quite a bit bigger than she is! They had a good time.
It Didn't snow much on the North Side yesterday..Happy about that..I'm pretty much TIRED of Winter at this point..Not even really motivated to watch the WINTER Olympics! It will be nice when it dries up a bit and Sawyer can no longer put his face in the mudholes in the back yard..
Well today begins the Valentines Weekend.. I think MJ and I are going to watch "Wolfman" tonight..I've wanted to see if for awhile..but I'm thinking the Movie Theatres are going to be slam packed this weekend. Not really sure what our other Valentine plans are at this point..but I think Mom is coming up Sunday or Monday to pick up her furniture from "Lynn Waggoners House of Bargains".. lol..I'm getting a new leather chair too..So glad that Lynn got married so I can have his magical hand-me-downs! For those of you sending Roses for V-day!


Do you know what you're saying when you send your sweetheart a dozen yellow roses? Here's a handy-dandy guide:

Red Rose -- Love; I love you
White Rose -- Eternal Love ; innocence; heavenly; secrecy and silence
Red Rose Bud -- Pure and lovely
White Rose Bud -- Girlhood
Pink Rose -- Perfect happiness; please believe me
Yellow Rose -- Friendship; jealousy
Red and White -- Together; unity
Thornless Rose -- Love at first sight
A single, full bloom -- I love you; I still love you
Bouquet of full blooms -- Gratitude
Tea Rose -- I'll always remember
Be Romantical!! Have a good one!

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