Monday, February 22, 2010

Excellent Weekend fun

I had an amazing weekend folks..Friday night I went out and had drinks with my friend Whitney..Then we went to see "The Wolfman".. I cannot say that the movie was very good..It was just a bit ridiculous to me..but we had a good time hanging out. Saturday she had to go to Dallas so I volunteered to keep her Mini Aussie, Max..She brought him over and Sawyer instantly hugged him right in the face..Thankfully Max liked .It was too cute. Miss Payslee was OUT for awhile.. She just sat up on her perch like "Don't talk to me".. but she came around later and began to play..Rally liked him too..Max had a good visit..Here they all are relaxing on my bed..He was a very good boy..they all were!
Saturday was the "BIG DAY".. Mom had been wanting to meet MJ so we scheduled a trip to Weatherford..I actually went up early with Bill & Leslie to look at engagement rings for Leslie..(Bill is getting married July 11).. We ended up finding a very pretty ring, and Leslie loved it..Then afterward we went to another friends house who served us up some delicious Chocolate Martinis! MM MM! Then it was off to the T-bone to meet Mom & Steve..
They ended up loving MJ..Which I knew they would..and Steve's comment about him was the funniest thing at all..After we left mom texted me and said, "Steve really liked MJ..He said He wasn't a smartass or a dumbass".. lol.. So there ya go! He liked them too..Of course I knew he would because my family is pretty much the bomb.. lol.. I think we may go back out there this weekend to meet the 'other' parts of my family..Kirby & Joni.. I have the weekend off for the first time in awhile so I think it would be a good time to go out there and visit..Plus the dog babes need to go visit their mobile groomer out there..This rain is making them look homeless! But this is a cute picture of Miss Payslee pretending to be a Pillow..
Hope you all had a great weekend..I'm seriously ready for Winter to MOVE ON..

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