Wednesday, February 3, 2010

St Jude Total & Dentist Magic!

Thanks to everyone who helped with the St. Jude Radiothon. We raised $102,930 for the Kids of St. Jude!! Awesome!!

Well today beings my Dental Quest.. Dr. Jim Cox has so kindly volunteered to tackle what is the Mouth of KC Sheperd! We will be taking out all the silver fillings in my mouth and replacing them with Clear fillings, or Crowns..Today we are talking about ONE possible Root Canal, which makes me scared a little bit. I'm a HUGE fan of the laughing gas, so I'll definately be having that..but I've never had a root canal before, so I'm hoping it doesn't come to that..I'm going to take my Iphone and headphones and listen to music while the grinding is going on..Dr. Cox knows I'm a big baby, so I have full faith in him to take care of me.
So from this point on I'm going to refer to my new boyfriend as "MJ".. Thats going to be his on-air name too, so if you hear me talking about him thats who it is.. Speakin of..Had a lovely battle of Wii sports with him yesterday..I have to say that I am really kindof improving at Bowling..but still having trouble with Frisbee golf! I'm also really kicking up my game on Guitar hero..I'm enjoying the Wii Fit plus too..good times..
Payslee has been driving me insane with the snow crap outside..She needs a LOT of exercise, and when she doesn't get it..she is a pestering, whiney, little baby girl..She keeps acting out and taking away all of Sawyer's toys and stuff..then biting him on his ears until he cries..She's pretty much a bully in a 6 pound Shih-tzu Body! Hoping today it will be possible for us to rollerblade, or take a LONG walk!!

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