Monday, February 8, 2010

Shogun Wii Superbowl fun!

Well I had a funtimes weekend..Friday MJ & I went and had sushi at Okura..It was delish..Mom came up on Saturday and we went shopping around..Found some great sales at the mall. She was pretty much sick of 'farm living' since they had been without power for so long, so she wanted to get out..We had lunch at Cafe 7..and that is just an awesome place to eat! We had a Asian Salad that was SOO Good!

Then on Saturday night MJ & I had made plans to meet up with some friends at Shogun..I had not been there in awhile, and we were looking forward to a little slicin' and dicin at the Hibachi Grill! I had some Sesame Chicken and it was delish! There were several at my table that decided to partake in something called a "Sake Bomb" in which you take a Saporo beer and put a shot of Sake On top of your chopsticks..then you slam it down and the shot falls off the Chopsticks into the beer and you 'shoot' it..This did not sound appealing to me, because I'm not a fan of Sake..but we had so much fun at our table that our Hibachi chef came back out and wanted to do a shot with us after he had cooked our meal!! How funny is that! So we had a great time..This was MJ's first time in meeting the majority of my friends. He did very well..he has 'Stranger Danger' like me, so I'm pretty proud of him for going at all! Then we went back to my house and played "Wii Karaoke".. It was pretty funny..Here's a sample of the magic..

Then Yesterday we watched the Superbowl at my house.. If you missed the Funny Commericals you can watch them SUPERBOWL COMMERICIALS

My Favorite was the Fiddling Beavers for I just like Fiddlin Beavers, what can I say! The game was good this year too, and I watched everything except the half-time show..During half-time we played a little Wii Frisbee..

Looks like more snow is in the forecast for tonight..I teach my class this evening, so we'll see if it gets cancelled..Tonight we are talking about Radio Programming, so it should be funtimes. Hope you all had a great weekend!

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