Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Friday to you!

Payslee's little Pink dress from Last Year..

Well its the last weekend of the Olympics. I've actually been watching quite a bit of it..but I'm also glad its almost over. I can't watch endless hours of Hockey on TV..I love hockey LIVE and in person, but not as fun to watch on TV. I've also liked watching the ski-jump events, and the skating stuff..But I'm also looking forward to some new shows coming back on TV.

Last night was crazy..Mom came up in a furniture truck to shop at "Lynn Waggoners House of Used Furniture".. She actually HAD a Furniture truck! So We loaded up Lynn's garage full of stuff..and then his storage room too! Mom had brought me a couch and chair, and it was HUGE so MJ ended up having to take off the dang door to get it in the house..Our arms are sore today from moving! We were going to go to Canute this weekend, but MJ ended up having to go to Tulsa tomorrow to help his mom, so we'll go next weekend for sure. While he's in Tulsa I think I will go to the Movies and watch "From Paris with Love" which is the new John Travolta movie..mmm mmm Popcorn!

In the meanwhile I'm SICK of Winter.. It seems like its never ending this year! You all have a good weekend..I'll post furniture pics after I get it all set up!

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