Monday, February 15, 2010

Flat tire..deflates my Valentines day..

Well I had a fun weekend..Friday night Lynn & I went to the 'Affair of the Heart' to introduce new MCA Recording Artist "Mallory Hope"..She was doing a special show for the vendors and a few of our KING Listeners. She did a great job, and they had some magical desserts like Chocolate Molten Lava cake..carrot Cake..lemon drops..etc.. It was all delish.

Then Saturday I had an Awesome Valentines Day with MJ. He had reservations at Mahagony, but it was going to be late, and I was uninspired to instead he brought over Sushi from Kangs. MM MM! It was delish..Here's a picture of one of my Valentines..

Yesterday, however was not a GREAT day.. I went out to my car to get something for church to find that I had yet ANOTHER flat tire..So I called Triple A and they got there in about 20 minutes which was awesome. They put on my sad little doughnut spare. I thought I would be able to go over to the tire shop and get the new tire put on, but they were not this morning I had to drive all the way North going 50 mph on the sad doughnut tire. Thankfully not many people on the roadway at 4 am..but there will be when I head back NORTH to get the tire replaced. The other sucky thing is that my tires are odd shaped, So they always have to order the I'm hoping they can get it today..I'm already tired of driving on the doughnut. I'm not meant to drive 50 mph..Juss saying.. Plus for some reason my tires are "High performance" tires..which means they are $200 a piece..Blargh. Happy Valentines Day to me! MJ also had to spend the whole day in Tulsa trying to help get his grandmothers house I didn't get to see him yesterday..The good news? I did make it to church and Pastor Marty had an excellent message..He always does such a good job with his sermons.
The Dog babes and I finally got some rollerblading in this weekend..Nice on Friday & Saturday..or nice enough to rollerblade..which makes Miss Payslee happy.. and When Payslee is sleepy..KC is happy!

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