Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dental, tire, wheel rim Fun!

So yesterday I decided to roll the dice and drive on my sad doughnut tire to see my dentist, Dr. Cox in Newcastle..If I didn't go I would have had to drive all the way North to get the tire..then all the way back South to the dentist..Thankfully I made it..We were able to do two tooth build-ups yesterday. We were going to try to take out 3 silver fillings..but only got to two, because the two teeth we were working on were so bad. So we built them up with giant white fillings..took out all the silver and decay and then they will eventually get crowns put on them. They already feel better though, because that silver was leaking and causing my back teeth to be INSANELY sensitive! So they already feel better this morning..Excellent..

After the dentist I headed back North to get my tire changed..Only to find out that my rim had a crack in it..Well they won't put a new tire on a broken Rim..So I had to chase down a new rim somehow..Thankfully we found one at Bob Howard, and MJ was sweet enough to drive me back and fourth to get the new tire and the new rim..He's magical. I finally got the new tire and rim put back on my car about 5:45 then went to teach my class at 6:00..However I can proudly say that I am DONE worrying about car type issues..That will be in MJ's Control.. Apparently its not in your best interest to buy tires from an oil change place, and I probably got hosed..so I'm washing my hands of car-care needs at this juncture! Hooray for me!

Today is another busy day..Payslee & I have a therapy Visit at Bradford Village. I was supposed to sing, but I doubt I will make it through too many songs because My Jaw is sore from keeping it open yesterday..I may sing a couple of songs though and then Let Miss Payslee entertain the residents with her cuteness!

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