Thursday, February 4, 2010


Well I went to the Dentist yesterday..It wasn't as bad as I thought! I'm going to have to have 16 procedures before its all said and done..and I got 3 of them yesterday. Yesterday Dr. Cox rebuilt a tooth for me..We thought I might have to have a root canal, but I didn't! Hooray! ...But just barely! He said if I had waited a MONTH longer it would have been Root Canal City! The crazy part is that its not like I haven't been to the dentist in years..I just went last year and got 4 fillings..but you really have to find a dentist that is willing to tell you like it is..because after looking at my silver fillings in my mouth yesterday, I should have been taking them out LONG ago..They are so awful looking! Leaking, and turning my teeth brown! Blargh..So seriously, if you have some of those fillings, ask your dentist if they are 'healthy'.. They don't last forever! So I go back on the 14th to start taking out more of the fillings and replacing them with good, healthy fillings.. If you ever need more info you can go to After all the crap dentist work I have had over the years, I was happy that I didn't even feel the shots in my mouth, and the filling removal was loud, but it wasn't painful.. so Now I'm not so scared anymore about the next visits..
No therapy visits this week..They all got cancelled because of all the schools being out and weather we'll pick it back up next week. Tonight I'm excited to watch "Grey's Anatomy".. Mc Dreams is finally chief of surgery!! Should be a good one..Then tomorrow its Sushi fun with MJ.. Delish to find a man who loves Sushi as much as I do!!

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