Friday, December 14, 2012

Wrappin' Presents!

Merry Christmas everyone! We went on a therapy visit last week, and this week... Payslee had on her Christmas dresses, and was looking sassy.. Sawyer was just wearing his lovely fur coat. .We've decided that Sawyer is a Yeti.. For anyone who has watched "Rise of the Guardians" You will notice a similarity between my shih-tzu, and the Yeti's in Santa's Workshop:

So now I tell Sawyer he is a Yeti that is living in my house.. He's such a sweet boy. They had a good time at their visits.. Last week we went to Ranchwood Nursing Center, and Last night we went to The Fountains Assisted Living. Sawyer loves to ride on the people's walkers..the kind that have the little seats where they can sit down. We have a favorite lady there named "Johnny".. Both Saw and Payslee just wait for Johnny to come in from eating, and then she will come and sit on the couch, and they will jump up there and love on her.. Then Sawyer rests on her walker, lol..There's also another guy who is blind named Glenn.. He LIVES for the visits with Fudge, Payslee & Sawyer.. Fudge is the Chocolate lab that goes with my babes to visit.. Glenn waits for us to bring the dogs to him and he loves and loves on them.. It literally brightens his whole face talking to those dogs! It was a good visit last night.. Saturday, we will all be at Barnes & Noble on Memorial Wrapping presents for free, so come by and visit if you want. The dogs and I will be there from 9-11 that morning..

I encourage anyone who has a dog that would like to do this, to get involved.. We have so many therapy reqests and not neary enough therapy dog teams.. You can go to New Leash on Life and find out information about how you can take the therapy dog classes, and the therapy dog test.. I can't tell you how rewarding it is! There are so many people that need these visits.. and so many dogs that love to visit, so its a great time to get started. Always good to give back during the Holiday Season.

I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping.. MJ and I finally put up the tree and lights on the house.. Its pretty ghetto, I'm not going to lie.. He was 'in theory' going to put up lights on the house.. but that never really happened.. So we ended up putting lights in the tree, around the garage, in the flower beds, and then I hung snowflake lights on the fence.. For Ghetto, its pretty good, lol.

There is rain in the forecast today.. I sure hope it does rain.. It makes me so sad to look at Lake Hefner lately.. I know Western OK needs the rain too.. Looks like we might get another Winter Storm on Christmas.. I can't complain, we've had it pretty fluffy so far for "winter" weather..

I always look forward to this time of year.. My grandma Leona used to have the most amazing Christmas's for us.. She would always let me open one gift the night before Christmas.. And I would be so excited! Of course I had the best parents, and grandparents in the world, so I always got everything on my list.. (I know, I know..spoiled)..but I'm not going to lie, it was a sweet gig.

Then on day we celebrated Christmas, we would walk into the house and the first thing you would smell would be homemade Rolls in the oven... She would always make something 'different' for Christmas dinner because she knew we would be sick of eating turkey & dressing.. So one year we would have Mexican Casserole, and another year Noodles.. She was an amazing cook.. After we would eat we would all go to the living room and we would sing.. My Uncle Don would sing Tenor, My Grandma, Alto, Me, whatever key I was singing in that day, lol, and my dad would sing Bass.. It was really like watching a Christmas movie.. Such a neat time in my life.. I hope to someday have cool traditions for my own family.. I always get a little sentimental this time of year because even though Leona died in 1999, I still miss her like it was yesterday.. But, it always makes me look forward to the holidays because My mom has now taken on a few of those traditions, and I've taken some as well.. Grandma always made Date-rolls.. I hate dates, so she would make mine without, lol.. So now I make date rolls for my family.. and Mom makes noodles.. Its a neat time of year.

I hope you guys have your own Christmas traditions.. and if not, you are making some new ones! Merry Christmas!! Be thankful for what you have.. God is good!!!

My grandparents, Shep & Leona, and me!