Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas and Vegas!

Mom & I at Mandalay Bay--Las Vegas

Got in late last on Wednesday night. Southwest flights.. blargh. The one on the way out there was nice because it was a straight shot to Vegas. But then on the way home, they made us change planes in Phoenix (flight was delayed).. So we were supposed to leave at 7:55..didn't end up leaving till 8:45..That got us into Oklahoma at 11:30.. so long day. We left Vegas at 4:45 (their time)..another time change in Phoenix, then again in Oklahoma so I was all jacked up by the time I got home..Also had twin screaming toddlers, and a new-born baby hollering all the way home. LUCKY ME! I have been battling horrible allergies and I think because of that its weakened my immune system so I went to the Dr. Yesterday and she gave me a steroid shot...but then last night I guess I OD'd on allergy meds.. Had the steroid, the Aleve D, a Zyrtec D, and an Ibuprofin.. then realized, that I COULD NOT SLEEP AT ALL! Too much pseduoephederine I suppose, so I was up till 4am.. Ridiculous. Not doing that again.

Had a great time in Vegas..Stayed 3 days, 2 nights and that was plenty.. Got in around 1 (vegas time) on Monday..went to a show at BB Kings to hear some blues music.. and had some drinks at Fleur.. We stayed at Mandalay Bay since thats where the Michael Jackson show was playing. Then got up on Tuesday and went to the mile of shop to do some shopping.. got myself some sequined pink Uggs, and you the glitter red ring... I had seen the Red/Gold/Silver sparkle uggs, but not the Pink, and I loved them.. Then went to the Michael Jackson show.. it was awesome..good music, good acrobatics. They had these guys wearing light up suits that were I just loved the Cirque shows.. such talented people, and the music was awesome.. I just love Michael Jackson music, so it was a great show to it was the last night of it in Vegas, so everyone was there. So the Vegas trip with mom was Awesome!

WE also had a good Christmas..Jordan got his guns.. He got a Beretta Hand gun from my dad, and a scope from my mom.. he was thrilled..Got a bunch of other small stuff.. I got money from dad and mom.. So with that money I bought a new Lazy Boy.. the back had fallen off mine (it was about 12 years old) so it was time to replace. Got one today at the Lazy Boy store.. Its very comfy. Also went back to the dentist today to get a porcelain crown put on.. man, they can make those things look so real nowdays! So that is done.. Now one more crown and I'm home free!

Supposed to have a New Years outing today, but a lot of my friends are not feeling well.. Including me.. So I'm not sure what we are going to do. WE are supposed to go to Mcnallies tonight for drinks and food..but not sure any of us are going to make it.

In reflecting on this year I'm so happy to be where I am. I have an amazing job, amazing family, amazing dogs, and an amazing man.. Looking forward to more awesome things to come in 2012~!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Peanut brittle heart time

So I've realized that I love Peanut brittle..I had forgotten how much till recently.. My grandma Leona used to make it for me at Christmas, and I guess I always have that memory which makes me love it even more.. There is an amazing Chef here at Chesapeake that made it for me yesterday and its so good.. I just love it. I've sort-of been sharing it.. lol.
MJ gave us quite a scare last week.. He woke up in the night with his heart racing and we couldnt get it to go back down.. A normal heart rate beats at 60-100 beats.. his was racing to the point that he could feel it in his throat, and was short of breath, so we decided to head over to Mercy to get him looked at.. Well when they hooked him up to the machine his heart was beating at 180..not good.. so they gave him some meds, and it went down to about 130, but they couldn't get it to go much lower than that so they admitted him to the Heart Hospital where he was given two options 1) take more meds and see if that works to bring it down or 2) Shock his heart.. The shocking thing sounds crazy, but its not as bad as you think it is.. They knock you out, and do a small shock to regulate your heart beats..kinda "shock" it back into beating correctly.. So he opted to do that because he wanted to go home (t was Bedlam the next day) lol.. So they came in, shocked him, and it worked immediately!
The problem he has is called Atrial fibrillation (AF or A-fib) is the most common cardiac arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm). It is a common cause of irregular heart beat, identified clinically by taking a pulse. Chaotic electrical activity in the two upper chambers (atria) of the heart result in the muscle fibrillating (i.e., quivering), instead of achieving coordinated contraction.. It can be caused by a number of things, so they didn't really give him a to-do, not -to-do list, but he goes back tot he doctor tomorrow. They did put him on some heart meds, and a blood thinner, and tomorrow we will see if he needs to stay on those or not. They did stress the importance of for those of you who may have clots, asprin is literally a life saver, so remember that. My grandpa Shep died of a stroke, and I can tell you that is something you don't want to go through, or watch someone you love go through.
MJ is good now though. Has to lay off the caffeine, so thats been tough, but drinking 6 pops a day is NOT good for anyone, so thats probably for the best. We are very excited about Christmas! I've gotten people some amazing gifts, so I'm excited to give them to them! Plus MJ is getting some awesome stuf.. I know what it is, and he is going to be so excited!! I'm also excited about my presents.. of course..
The babes and I have been visiting.. Sawyer went last week with Payslee & I, and he was such a sweet guy! He's really getting better at being a therapy dog. Meanwhile Miss P's Christmas dress came in, and its adorable! Can't wait for you all to see it! I'm going to take pics of her in it this week, so I'll post them soon!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well this year has just flown by! I can't believe we are already at Thanksgiving time..but I always love this time of year..I loved it even more when I drove to work this morning and the ChesaCampus was all lit up with those amazing lights..Man, they really go all out! So my hair is dark now..I must change it too much because I really can't tell the difference..but people tell me its very different..I like it though, and it was by MJ's request..

Being that it is Thanksgiving I thought I'd go over my Thankful list: ( In No Particular Order)

1) I'm Thankful to have an amazing family.. Especially around this holiday time I am thankful that I had a mom and dad who took me to church and allowed me to learn the true meaning of Christmas. I feel so sad for those kids who never get to go to church because their parents are too lazy to take them, or too crazy to take them. They miss out on the cool stories about Noah, Adam, Zaccheus, and more.. They also miss out on learning that even if they are around bad stuff, bad people and bad situations that there is always someone looking out for them, willing to help, and willing to listen..And to know they always have a friend in Jesus.

2) I'm thankful for a great boyfriend.. This has been an interesting year for MJ and I to say the least.. but we made it through it. He's my best friend, and even though most of the time I think I have him scratching his head about the things I do and say, he does love me..He's a patient man, and a sweet man, and to be with me, you have to have both of those qualities. Plus Payslee & Sawyer are crazy about him!

3) I'm thankful for a great job. I never thought I would enjoy anything after the radio business..and truth be told, I still miss it every single day, and every single time someone asks me about it. But I have realized that working for good people who actually want you to succeed at your job, and encourage you to do so is Amazing.. Not only that, but pay you well, reward you, and support you! Its been crazy, because in radio that is NON-existent. I've never had a boss that wanted me to go to training, or told me I do a good this has really been a blessing.

4) I'm thankful to have an Amazing relationship with the Lord, and an awesome Church home. Crossings has been such a blessing to me throughout the years..Especially during some of my darkest days when I lost my job. I was surrounded by so many smart people who offered guidance and wisdom about the path I was on..and what I should be doing.. I look back now and realize that the Lord always has a hand in what we are doing..whether you acknowledge that or not..He's always in charge. At the time I lost my job, I lost a big part of who I was and felt like I didn't even know what I was supposed to be doing anymore.. Terry Feix said to me, "KC Did you ever think that God probably already knew you were great at radio, so now he's prepping you for something else?".. wow..Never even considered that, but Now I'm so excited about it! I've met an awesome guy at Chesapeake named Robin Wood, and I can tell that he is also going to be very important to me, and he's already a blessing..I have so many people around me that say they dont' go to church because they don't believe in "organized religion" or "I'm smarter than most pastors"..and the one that is the worst to me is "Your God is an angry God, and I don't believe in him..he lets bad things happen to good people".. those are the folks I pray for every night because I know they are hurting, and lost.. it took me a LONG time to find Crossings, but man, it was worth the hunt!

5) I'm thankful for my sweet dogs. Payslee, Sawyer, and Rally make me laugh every day, and they are so loving and cute.. I love the fact that they are so sweet and make everyone else laugh too. Payslee has turned into an amazing therapy dog who always seems to know just what people need..and Sawyer is so patient and gentle with everyone who loves on him.. Rally is almost 14 now and not going as strong as he used to, but he's still kicking on!

Those are my biggies..Now for some Random things I'm thankful for..
1)That Rob Kardashian didn't win dancing with the stars! I'm so sick of that whole family! I don't want to hear anything else about them!
2)My Iphone 4s.. Siri is amazing..and so is the Iphone..Man I love that invention!
3)American Horror Story.. What a great show!
4) Spray Tans.. Who knew you could look so dark without having to lay in the sun and get cancer!
5) Good Hairdressers..without Nicole at Changes my hair would not be as fabulous!
6) Popcorn..who cares about the movie..give me the popcorn!
7) 30" computer monitors.. Its like looking at a big TV at work!
8) Thyroid Meds..My metabolism is -36%, and this is supposed to kick it up a notch!
9) Woofs Gone Wild--without this awesome store, I couldnt order Miss Payslee so many cute dresses!
10) New Friends..This has been a year of meeting new people and trying new things..and I'm so glad I did it!

Hope you all have an amazing Holiday, and be thankful for What God has given you..
For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chesaweeeeen & Broken Thyroid

Well being that most of you know how crazy competitive I am, it will be no surprise to you that my team WON the Chesapeake Skit Contest for Halloween! Which means we walked away with a $2,000 prize! How great is that! I have been excited about Chesaween since I first got hired there because its such a big deal! They give away cars, trips, cameras, computers, TV's, vacations, etc.. So I was already on board..well then I found out you also got prizes for dressing up for Halloween, which I Always do every year.. So I was in the Hallway talking about Costume ideas and a person from my team said "You know we have never even entered the contest" and I was like "WHAT!".. so from that point on, we started planning..
We came up with a great idea called "Office Move".. it was a skit about having to change offices..For those of you who don't know, Chesapeake does about 5,000 moves per year..which means you will move from building nine to building 13, or building 5 to building 7..and so on and so the skit was about the Computer equipment being sick of moving and not wanting to go. My costume was a "UPS Battery Backup" which is basically (for those non-IT people) like a giant surge protector that keeps you from losing all your documents and work if the power should go out..
I built my costume, and also the costume of the "Desktop PC"..and all our costumes looked amazing! You can see the front and back of mine to the left..As you can see our costumes were GIANT and we fit inside them..We also had a giant phone, giant keyboard, two monitiors (shown above) and a mouse..It was a great skit and my team did awesome, so we were thrilled that we won!
So the Halloween party was awesome..I didn't win a car or trip, but was happy with my portion of the $2,000 prize for sure! Plus there were some amazing costumes, Gene Simmons from KISS, The Swiffer Wet jet girl, Whole Foods, Zombies, smurfs, etc.. If you want to see the pics go to I tried to take some pics of the best ones.. The whole party was great!
Payslee & Sawyer looked so cute in their Bee Costumes..Sawyer was a little apprehensive at first, but then realized he was really cute and started hamming it up. We've been visiting a couple that has been married for 65 years and met during WW II. So cool to hear their love story of writing love letters and building their own house..Very neat people.
On another high note, at Chesapeake they do something each year called a "Health Check" encouraging good health with blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, etc checks.. And if you pass it, you get a $300 bonus at the end of the year, and money off your insurance premium..So I went and had mine done last week and I passed! So that is also showed the problem with my thyroid..Apparently a normal working thyroid operates at a 1-3 range (I dont really know what any of that means) but mine is operating at 6..which means its really not working at all! Well this was really good news because my metabolism was a -36% and I have been working out for 3 months and not really seen any weight loss or now we know why! So I have some thyroid meds that I started taking today, and I'm really excited to see if that helps with the weight loss..
MJ has a new hobby now.. Hunting wild pigs. Lol. He has been going with his friend who has land near Ada, and the wild hogs are tearing up his land..So far they have shot....NONE...but he's going to try it again tonight. Being that he is a 'city boy'..he has not had the pleasure of hunting like most of my family has done all my now he's getting excited about Deer Season, Turkey hunting, and anything else! This is the first time he's ever been able to shoot his assault rifle, so he's been having a good time..and his next hunting trip will be to the farm to shoot a Turkey for Thanksgiving!
They are tiling my bathroom this weekend..and its such a pain..3 day event.. and I cant leave my house.. blargh. Already sick of that.. Also sick of anything pertaining to the Kardashians, because that whole family is full of media whores.. and I was sad to hear about Andy Rooney.. My mom always loved him, and turned me onto his 60 minutes bit a few years ago..I loved him too, but so cool that he got paid to give his honest opinion for so many years.
Things I love right now:
The TV show "Happy Endings
The Song "Mr. Know it All" by Kelly Clarkson
The Song "Easy" by Rascal Flatts
The Fact that I now work for an amazing company
Sawyer's new Haircut that makes him look like a little Chinaman
Cafe 7 (if you haven't been here..its so good..and everything is $7)
MJ & My Family
My Church and Church Family
Don't forget to take time to count your blessings for the things that you love!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Who has negative Metabolism??

So I've been working out fiercely for 2 months..and when I say fiercely, for me, I mean 5 days a week for an hour.. I get there at 6am, and workout till 7, 5 days a week, which I think is pretty good.. I do 30-45 minutes of cardio, and then I either go lift weights, or do some sort of strengthening exercises..

So I'm going along and a month in, NO weight loss, Not feeling any differnt..I got nuthin.. I of course find this very irritating.. So I decide to ask one of the trainer what the heck is going on, because why would you work out every day if you are seeing ZERO benefits from it?? So he puts me on a circuit training program along with my cardio, but also suggests I get a test done for my resting metabolic rate.. so I signed up. Well you go into this room and lay flat for 15 minutes while you are breathing into a tube..your nose is pinched, so you can only breathe into that tube.. So I sit there, and after 15 minutes she comes back and goes over my printout.. and I find out my Resting Metabolic rate is NEGATIVE 36%!!! What the hell is that about! So basically to put that into perspective.. If I worked out, and hour a day, like I have been, I could still only consume 1000 calories if I ever wanted to lose weight! Heck you could do HCG eat 700 calories and NOT work out and lose weight! So as you see, this was quite defeating to me..

But all is not lost.. My benefits kick in on November 1st..which means I can take me results to the Dr. on campus and he can tell me what is up with that... It is something that has to be fixed with medication..probably thyroid, or something.. So not much longer.. In the meanwhile I continue to work out every day like I have been.. Because I get to listen to Kidd Kraddick in the morning, and that motivates me.. I had forgotten what it was like to listen to a good morning show, so I was glad to find them again. I listen to them on my I heart Radio app on my phone..which is an awesome app by the way.. You can listen to radio stations all over town and its so clear! Its a fun show and it makes the workout go by fast, so that has been enjoyable..

As you know, Halloween is upon us.. My costume this year is amazing, but its only going to be funny to IT people, and people who work at Chesapeake.. I can't talk about it yet, because we are going to enter the Costume Contest skit..I could win some awesome stuff like a CNG Car, Ipads, Cameras, Vacations, TV's, etc.. Its like the most amazing Halloween party and I'm so freakin excited to be going to it!! So I'll post pics of the costume after we win! boom! The Pic of me above is when I was Marie Antoinette.. One of my fav costumes.

Pays and Saw's costumes came in and theya re so cute.. Payslee is a bee fairy and Sawyer is a bumble bee.. I'll post pics of them in a bit.. I was going to do it this weekend when we went to the farm..but they rolled in dead carcass and smelled like it, so I had to give them baths! They had a great time being dogs though!! We've got some awesome club-calves at the farm and they are by the Pays & Saw went to visit them..until the calves looked at them..then they would run off scared! It always makes me laugh..


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Do ya drink the Coffee?

MJ & I before Grant & Jenny's Wedding

So today I heard that women who drink 4 cups a coffee a day are less likely to be depressed...This is bad for me because I could never drink 4 cups of coffee a day or I would pee NON STOP.. however, I'm a pretty jolly gal, so I feel like I'll be okay with my 2 cups..MJ got me a Keurig for my birthday, so I've been enjoying the deliciousness of Chai Tea every morning, and found that I can mix it with a Vanilla Roast, and you get a perfect cup of Coffee!

I don't think I have mentioned to you that I changed offices at work. At first I was kinda sad because I had this amazing office in Building 5..and I was moving to the Old Funeral Home building, which I heard was Haunted..Once I got over there I setup my office in the front portion of the building because there were no other empty offices. Well the first day I moved over there I could was supposed to turn off the alarm..They had told me to spell a word and thats how you would turn it off, which would have been awesome, except there were no letters on the alarm panel! So it was blaring off and I had to call security..That was day 1. Day 2 I plugged in my small coffee pot (this was Pre-Keurig) and it blew up the outlet. Like sparks and such..and wiped out all the power to one wall of the building, which everyone just loved me for! The Battery backups were beeping till noon because of my little coffee pot! That was day 2. Day 3 I had come back from the gym (around 7:00am) and no one was in the building, since I get there early and others come in a bit later..Well..I'm thinking that since no one is in there I'll just go ahead and put on my work clothes at my desk (remember I'm in my gym clothes) so I do, and just as I'm buttoning my pants I realize: THE CAMERAS CAN SEE ME CHANGING!! WHAT! Yes, that happened. All day I kept expecting to get an email saying "Dear Miss Sheperd, please refrain from taking your clothes off at your desk, thanks, Security".. Thankfully that didn't happen. At all Chesadoors there is a security camera and why I forgot that, I'll never know..but its been a funny story. And so typical of me. I also realized after that day that I needed to move myself into the former kitchen, and set that up as my office, since I could not be trusted to not change my clothes in front of the camera!

So we went to my brother Grant's wedding last weekend. I sang "When you say Nothing at All" and it was really pretty. They had purple as their colors and so at the reception they had purple cotton candy, and some awesome center pieces on the table. Here's a picture of he and Jenny. Their wedding was beautiful, and afterward they went onto the Dominican Republic for their honeymoon. My amazing purchase for the weekend? Well that was when Dad, MJ, and I went to "Uncle Sams Guns & Ammo" in Lawton and I found my amazing Pepper spray gun! What! I know! And it came in hot pink, and shoots over 25 feet! Yup. So now when I walk and rollerblade with the dogs, I'll be packing..Pepper spray that is.. So keep that in mind in case you are ever thinking about coming after me.. Boom!

I think I'm going to be pretty lame this year for Halloween..I dont know anyone who is having a party, so the only costume I'll have is the one for the giant Chesa-Halloween party..Its going to be pretty good, but I'm not sure if I wore it out in public anyone else would "get it".. so we'll have to see.. This year I was lame on my birthday, and now I'm going to be lame on Halloween? Pretty sad..I'll have to kick it up a notch next year.

The dogs are great! Payslee is going to be a bumblebee fairy for Halloween & Sawyer is going to be a Bumblebee.. I know you can already see the cuteness forming..When their costumes come in, I'll post them (of course) and post pics.. Hope you all are enjoying the awesome fall weather! I went to Bath & Body works and got the best smelling fall candle known to man, which is called "Leaves".. (clever right?)..Yeah, but it is the best ever. Go get it.. Love ya, bye..

Thursday, September 8, 2011

When it rains.. You step in a lot of Mud.

Well what a week I have had..I'm not going to go into all the details, but its pretty much been an emotional roller-coaster. Some of these situations I look at and think 'How did I end up here?' or "How did this all happen?" But I have to remember that through trials comes grace, and I have been giving lots of Grace lately. I can honestly say that this week has proven to me that God can in fact, get you through just about anything..Its ironic too, because at the first of last week everything was all roses and cotton candy..How quickly things can change..But I do think its on the upswing, or at least I hope it is, so hopefully things will calm down a bit..

Well the other day Lauren & My mom were at my house and Lauren made the crazy mistake of parking on the side of the road by my crazy neighbors house.. She came out and glared at her for awhile..then we all get into mom's car, and she races out..sits on the bench by her door, sticks her hand down the front of her pants and starts scratching her crotch.. Lauren and Mom thought this was the funniest thing they had ever seen, however, they don't have to live by her!! She looked so scary that day that I thought she actually had a mask on!! Then she ran out by the road, shot us the bird, and watched us drive off. .How is she still in her house???? She is certifiably INSANE! I wish I had had my camera, because I totally would have taken a picture of it.. I know how you all love to ready the stories of my crazy neighbor, and on this day she DID NOT disappoint.. seems like she is crazier when Lauren was around, because the last time she was over, the woman charged me in a giant Turban and had her grand kids come after me..I think she is evil. MJ is even scared of her because he says she gives him the heebie jeebies.. lol.

I went to the farm last weekend..the weather turned and it was nice to be home..I always love to go out there and just spend time back in nature. The dog babes of course LOVE IT because they get to go around with the cow Dogs thinking they are 'working'.. or at least Sawyer does..Miss Pays is like "huh uh, Cows are giant and weird" so she leaves them alone..A herd of them were following her the other day and she got scared and ran back to the house. I think the cows are like "What is that? A bunny? A Rat? A dog?..we're not sure".. So they are always intrigued by her..

I'm going to an awesome church class right now called "Hard Questions".. Last night we talked about Why bad things happen to good people and the knowledge was pretty awesome.. So you want to know the answers? Alright..well assumption #1 is that There actually are good people in the world and they deserve good things to happen to them.. Who are we to know who's good and bad? Thats not biblical..Assumption #2 was that we should be able to judge..Are we really in that position? We can't judge because our fears and insecurities get in the we don't have that ability.Thats also not biblical. God's Goal for us is for us to look and act like Jesus. He wants to shape us, but God is not interested in events, he's interested in who we become as the result. This is something that hit very close to home for me this week. "Consider it pure joy, my brothers whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may become mature and complete, not lacking in anything."~James 1:2-4.. So wait a minute..we are supposed to be thankful for trials and hardships!!?? Yup..we are.. Why? Because it shapes our character..The Lord is willing to trade a few hardships for the end result/bigger picture, which is way better than anything we could come up with.

This is a hard concept, especially for those who go through tragedy..But in the events of tragedies we really don't see the alternatives, or the blessings..because there are things worse than dying..and if We know what God knows and could see it through to the end, we would have to make some really tough choices, and I don't think we are capable of always doing that, so God is gracious for NOT showing us the whole picture all the time, and NOT telling us why.. We'd probably gripe about the answer anyway! You also have to remember that life is not always all about you.. Maybe sometimes your hardships (or mine this week) were actually there to help others..So we always have to remember that he is working things out for the enternal Good..He loves us, and God is big enough to take something really crappy and make it work out for good..So if you are going through the trenches this week.hopefully that will help.. If not, come on by the class next WED night at Crossings and I bet Terry can help answer your questions too.. Dang, he's a GREAT teacher. Love,

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

High Fives for Blessings

I've had a pretty great week..Many prayers have been answered.There are some things that I've been struggling with for the past month and in this past week I have prayed about it, and felt so much better about it. Isn't it funny how God always knows just what you need? For example..I worry. I worry about stupid assinine things that are usually completely out of control..but I still do it. So Sunday I walk into Crossings, and guess what the sermon is about? "The Weeds of Worry".. My church does that to me all the time..well actually, its not my Church, its My God that works amazing things in my church..Anyway, here's the jest of it.. 3 Things that Jesus says about Worry:

1) Worry puts your focus on The wrong things..when you could be thankful for all the right things.

2)Worry Underestimates your Value..You end up forgetting how important you are to God.

3) Worry has no benefits. Worrying doesn't help, and stress & worry take time off your life. that we know all that, how are we supposed to deal with it? Well "Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don't get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes"~Matthew 6;34.

You always have to remember that God knows what you need every day, every week, every year.. God knows whats on the other side, so sit back and let God work. Watch what happens you get out of his way and let HIM work it out, because HIS plan is always going to be WAY cooler that YOUR plan. So when you pray to him, pray for God to bless his plan FOR you.. instead of just asking him to bless what YOU want. Cast your anxieties on him because he cares for you.. but don't just go to him when you need something. Talk to him like your your friend, and not just someone there to bail you out. No one likes someone that only calls you when they need something. Its obnoxious.

This past week has been really rough for a friend of mine. Her favorite dog died, and its just been heartbreaking. I've been there when my Pandora died. My heart hurt for her and I thought it would never heal..I also thought I'd never love another dog more than Pandora, but I do. Miss Pays brings so much joy and happiness to my life, so I know eventually her heart will heal, but there's just no words to make her feel better right now. So I ask you all to keep her in your thoughts and prayers too. Sometimes when we struggle just knowing someone is out there thinking about us and praying for us makes us not feel so alone. If you want to offer her some words of encouragment, here's the link: Modvintagelife. Remember when you think your life really sucks, there is always someone out there who has it worse, or who's heart is breaking. We can't fix everyone, but we can be good to them in whatever little way we can..and sometimes that is just prayer.

So MJ and I are going to the Elk City Rodeo this weekend.. Pretty sure he's going to laugh at me, lol. Cowboy up! Speaking of Cowboys.. Go Pokes! Hope we start off with a great season!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Help and The Change Up

Well I saw Two pretty great Movies.. completely opposites, but great. Last night Jordan & I had a double date with a new couple and we had a blast! We are trying to make new friends that we can go on double dates with since neither of us have any friends that are 'couples'.. I met this fun girl at Work, so we all decided to meet up at the Warren in Moore and watch "The Change up".. for those of you who haven't seen the previews, its about two guys (Jason Bateman & Ryan Reynolds) who end up wishing for each others lives, and it happens..One has a family, one is a single guy..Not a real original story, but the two actors made it hilarious..It was pretty crude, and lots of nudity, so not one for the kiddo's, but its FUNNY. We all loved it. Got to the Warren exactly on time, and danged if the thing wasn't FULL, so we all ended up on the 4th row from the front..but for those of you who have never been to the Warren, its really not bad to sit on the front Row even..Good Movie, Good Theatre, great popcorn!

Then today I went and watched "The Help".. I had read the book this week..started on Sunday and had read over 8000 pages of the book by Friday! Great Book! I wanted the movie to be as good, and it was! They had to take some stuff from the book out, but yeah, I would think so with an 8000 page book! But its a GREAT movie, so if you have time to see it, see it..

Tomorrow Payslee has been asked to appear in a video.. Yup, its official. She's a Celebridog! haha! Not really..well kinda..My Therapy Dog organization "New Leash on Life" is shooting a video over our therapy dogs and what we do, and who we visit..and Payslee was asked to be one of the Stars! She will be showing what she does when we go to visit the residents in the hospitals, assisted living, and nursing home facilities. The pics above are from her visits..I always like to Pose she and Sawyer before they go inside because they are all dolled up and looking cute! As you can tell they both still smile Huge when the camera is out..just like their mama! I'm so proud of them.

Everything is going well in my thankful for my family, dogs, and amazing boyfriend..And man, was I thankful for the rain! We needed it so bad, and they even got some in Canute, so hopefully it will grow a little grass for the cows..its been an awful year for the farmers..Always make sure you include them in your prayers..Remember without the farmers you have no meat, and you have no veggies..speaking of.. I still have not been able to pick a dang good Watermelon this season! Jordan even brought me one from a guy on the side of the road who told him how to pick them..but nope..still not done.. blargh.. I do love me some Watermelon!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Whats that Rain? Nope..

So I was one of the fools that went to Tim Mcgraw when it was 110 outside! At first it wasn't to shabby because I had amazing VIP tickets so I went up on the VIP deck and sat underneath a mister with the shade trees..But if you moved, or did anything at all, it became SO HOT. They even pushed the show back to start at 8 because it was so miserable..the heat has really been a pain this year for sure..Luke Bryan & Eden's Edge opened up and they both did a good job..That Luke Bryan has a good mouth on him with Pretty teeth! We (I took my friend Lauren) took our Pic with Tim, and I thought he was waaaay to skinny. Maybe he is losing weight for a movie role or something..because he was too thin..Needs some more pancakes or something..But a good show.

Everything at work is going really well. I haven't moved into my new position yet, still doing the Cleanup stuff for Windows 7, but I love my co-workers and my boss..Plus I get to all these classes during my lunch hour called "Lunch & Learns".. Last week I took one over the Chesapeake Stock, and another one over Insurance for your house and Car..They were very cool..As most of you know I'm obsessed with school and love it, so its like being at school all over again! So I sign up for anything and everything I'd like to learn about.

MJ is doing great..And he and I are doing great. We went to see "Planet of the Apes" today..but I cried the first 30 minutes because they are mean to the Monkeys, and I just can't stand that..but it was still a good movie, and as you know, the apes get their revenge, lol.. We watched "Captain America" last week and it was freakin awful..He hated it too..Then we've also seen "Friends with Benefits" which was hilarious..and Justin Timberlake was really good..and "Crazy, Stupid, Love" with Steve Carrell, and it was a really good Romantic Comedy.. Jordan went to see "Cowboys & Aliens" and said they should have left it a Western without the Aliens, lol.. We've seen a ton of movies lately, but when its 110 outside there is pretty much nothing else to do!!

I'm loving my Fiona, FJ..Its so nice to be up high! She's a pretty color, and I have enjoyed driving her so far. I put a "I love my shih'tzu" on the back of it, so if you see me driving, you'll know its me!

Monday, July 18, 2011

My teeth need to kick it up a notch..

So Dr. Jim Cox should be given a medal for putting up with my teeth..seriously..About 2 weeks ago I got a temporary crown put on and made an appointment for August to get the permanent Gold crown put on..Well wouldn't you know, as I was eating a soft hamburger, I manage to crunch into my temp crown and crack it in half..and it comes off.. Well for those of you who have never had a crown, this is the process: They grind your bad tooth down to a stub so that a new, golden crown will fit on top of it and act as your tooth..however, you still have your roots and nerves in your tooth..So you can imagine my discontent when we are getting ready to walk into the movie theatre and my wussy tooth is off! Um, I need popcorn! You all know I don't go to the movie without popcorn!

So I decide How hard could it be to just drink/eat on ONE side of my mouth? Um very. First of all if any of the cold liquid flows onto my exposed tooth its like death. The tooth is insanely sensitive so this leads me to drinking things with my head a site..Chewing was not that bad..Small bites, take it was okay. So I decided I could at least wait until today I call and realize my Magical Dr. Cox is away on vacation in Chicago, but he emails me (because he's awesome) and tells me to call a guy who is filling in for I do, and they agree to see me.. In my mind I'm thinking I'm going to tell him that I'll just put Wax on top of the crown until Dr. Cox gets back...Dr. Tommy Mayhue has a different idea, lol.. He informs me that if I do that I run the risk of getting a bad infection, the crown going on wrong, the crazy sensitivity.. the list goes on and He convinces me to get the new Temp crown made, and I do..he & His staff listen to me cry about it for a bit, and do an amazing job..So seriously, thank you so much to Terri and everyone at Dr. Mayhue's office in Blanchard for saving me.. And for anyone who thinks I just do those commericals for fun, Dr. Cox emailed me ON HIS VACATION to help..Now Thats a good dentist! So if you don't believe me by now, I can't help

It was also awesome that Terri and Megan used to listen to me on the air, so we got to relive a few radio memories. Terri is a superfan, and I love those the most! lol.. She was so sweet to say that she missed me..and I was quick to let her know that I miss radio everyday..but I'm loving Fiona FJ, and loving my new job..My life is on the up and up, (as if I wasn't blessed enough before) and I'm so thankful for all the good folks that I come into contact with each day.


Ol' Toothy, KC

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Welcome Fiona FJ!

Well I finally got to get my FJ Cruiser! I had my heart set on Yellow, but everyone kept telling me the resale was horrible, and that everyone hated them..I of course disagreed..But I am also one of the few people that got a bright orange there ya go..So anyway, I got a FJ Cruiser in light blue..I named her Fiona FJ..She sets up so much higher than my car..but man, My car was a good one! I had a Pontiac GJ and she had 3 bald tires and 112,000 miles! She still drove like a charm though! I will miss her, but I do love Fiona..The reason I wanted the FJ was because you can seriously wash it out with a hose..For those of you who know me, you know this is a very important asset..With hauling the dogs around I need to be able to wash something down! lol..So I'm very excited..I'm also excited to have XM radio..In the past I would have felt bad for 'cheating' on my profession..however since my profession has cheated on me in the past year, I'll be partaking in XM Radio!

So I had my first Orientation day at Chesapeake and it was awesome! They went over all the Chesaperks with us, and there are some great ones! I'm so happy to be working for a good company! I also got to meet some new friends and now I get to have some new lunch buddies!

Moms dog store ( is doing great! We've been thrilled with the sales and progress of the store, and its still so much fun ordering stuff for dogs! Speakin of.. Being that its been 100+ degrees lately, its been really hard to exercise the dogs I've been getting up at 5:30 and rollerblading the dogs..I thought they would be excited..but Sawyer has been I guess he likes to get up early and PLAY..but not get up early and EXERCISE.. I can't say that I blame him. Exercise Sucks. But its been good for me too..because we either blade, or walk a thats gotta be good right? Plus I'm going to start going to the Chesafitness center next week, and its got racketball, basketball, and dance dance I'm in!

Somehow for the past 2 weeks I have ended watching "Toddlers and Tiara's"..Why? I have no idea..yet I'm compelled to watch..That hair! That makeup! on a 3 year old! for some reason its awful, yet hilariously awesome to me..Jordan has been watching it too and always looks at me when the little girl is throwing a fit and says "Thats how our kid will be because of you!".. lol.. We'll see..

Friday, July 8, 2011

It Finally happened!

Well On Tuesday I got the word that I'm a real, live, Chesaperson! I accepted the position as a Client Technology Associate! I'm very excited to be working for an amazing company, and a company that offers so many perks to their employees! So I go to Orientation tomorrow and have my official "start" day..Very excited, and very happy that so many people sent me so many kind words, thoughts, prayers, and tried to help..
Its been a long year out of radio..and a hard one at that. I've struggled with feeling like I made wrong career choices, wrong people choices, wrong money choices, and it really just left me feeling like a loser, and a failure. I mean when you go to college, get a degree, get a Masters degree, you think that you are doing all the 'right' things..You go to work, you work hard, you get along with everyone, you do what you are asked..and you think you are doing all the 'right' things..Yet still some things just don't work out. And after you get out of the 'moment' you realize that it was supposed to happen that way..but it still usually causes you some hurt, and heartbreak.
Its been a blessing to find some of my listeners on facebook and even some fans I have at Chesapeake..They will say "I sure miss listening hearing you on the radio" and I always say "Not nearly as much as I miss being on the radio!"..And even though I'm not on the radio now, I do think that maybe later, in some capacity, I will be back on the radio..maybe a Chesaradio station, or an internet station..or something.. I have too many weird things, people, and events in my life to NOT have an avenue to share that with people..So I think it will happen again someday..But right now I'm just excited to have a good, stable job working for a really awesome guy with a really awesome team..It will be amazing to work for someone who not only appreciates my efforts and talents, but actually rewards them, and I look forward to the challenge!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Keepin it in Perspective

Payslee & Sawyer's Paparazzi pics..Sawyer looks homeless, but at least they look puffish and

Today Jordan & I went and met with one of our favorite pastors at Crossings, and we just had a GREAT talk. I tell you being around people who are so spiritual and so trusting with God is just inspiring to me. Jordan has just started going to church with me the past few months and I wanted him to feel comfortable talking to the pastor, and I wanted to as well..Crossings is a HUGE Church so you have to be willing to make it small enough to fit your needs and thats what we have been doing..First we joined a Sunday school class which we just love. Its so informative and taught in a way that lets you understand the scripture..Its not Preaching, its teaching and we love it..Our next step is going to be finding other folks our age that share our beliefs and values. We want to have a church family, so we're on a mission! lol.

One of the most inspiring and insightful things we talked about was how important it is to just love people. I am not the most compassionate person (unless you are a dog or an elderly person, then I'm a sap) so I have a hard time 'feeling' what other people feel..Lately I've found myself really irritated with people..I have a hard time relating to them, understanding their story, understanding why they act the way they do, etc..But at the end of the day, its not my job to understand them..its my job as a Christian to show them grace and pray for them. I may not be able to love them (right now) beacuse they irritate the pee out of me..but I can always continue to pray for them..Because if you were going through something, don't you think it would make you feel better if you knew 30 extra people were praying for you? I know it would from now on instead of telling someone OFF..I'm going to turn some praying for them ON..This will be very hard for me, so you all pray for me too!

We also talked about God's plan..I am an idiot when it comes to this. When I was on the air I woke up every day and Thanked God because I was going to a job I loved..that fulfilled me..that inspired me..that made me laugh..I thought I was doing EXACTLY what I was supposed to be doing and I was doing it well..I was wrong. I was living "KC's Plan"..not "God's plan for KC'.. While talking to the pastor he said, "God already knew you were really good at its time he teaches you to be good at something else".. And I'm thinking, "What? Why would God want me to be good at Computers?"..But its because I can't see the big picture, and I highly doubt its about Computers..Its about shaping my character..Shaving a little off the prideful side..adding a little to the service side..Scraping off a little of the attitude side..Adding a little extra to the Grace side..See the difference? If you went to work everyday and acted like God was your boss wouldn't you do a better job? Would you want to impress him and make him proud? YES. Completely new perspective for me..And I'm excited, and I'm inspired, and I love it!

How foolish sometimes we are to think we have all the answers..Or to think God is not big enough to 'fix' things for us..I've got so much to learn, but I'm so thankful to have Jordan going through the journey with me, and to have a church that fulfills my spirit and my mind..I've also joined the "In Touch" ministry which will allow me to visit more elderly people..Very excited about that too!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I finally finished the dang thing..

Well after much turmoil, and inner struggle, I have finished the website! Woofs Gone Wild is now up and active! Its not very fancy, and certainly not what I want it to end up being, but the good thing is that for those who can't make the trip to Elk City, and you want to shop at Mom's store..Now you can. So Check it out when you have time..It was a pain in the butt to create, so at least go see it so I can feel The treats at the top are some new treats we got in, and Yes, Payslee & Sawyer have their own! Payslee has chicken treats, and Saw is steak. The other two dogs are mom's, Junior and Bear, and they have Cheeseburger & Steak Jerky..So now you can actually get treats with Payslee's face on them! I cute!

Speaking of Elk City, we went back there this weekend. FETCH, a dog rescue in Elk City was having a fund-raiser where you could have your dogs pictures taken.. Now, in my mind, this sounded like a great idea..I mean you've all seen the pictures of Payslee.. smiling, and posing..One would think this would be an easy task right? And Sawyer with his sweet grin and happy face.. Well we get there and they just act awful! Just like a kid right! They were racing all around, and when I tried to pose them, Payslee's face looked like "I wish I was anywhere but here".. The only thing that made me feel any better is the fact that mom's dogs, (Bear & Junior) also acted terrible! lol.. I think we did end up getting some pretty good shots, but we had to wait for them to settle down a little bit.. When we get them back I'll post them.

We had a good weekend at the farm. We took MJ to Quartz Mountain for the first time..He had never been so we had supper at the Lodge. Delicious Steak with Horseradish sauce and grilled squash. It was really good and the scenery was awesome. The Lake is waaay down though, which makes me sad..It did make me feel better that we got some rain at the farm that night. Then last night Steve and MJ fired up the smoker and smoked Ribs while Mom and I made Baked beans and fried taters..Weight watcher friendly? NO..Delicious? YUP! And hey, you gotta splurge when you are at the farm right!
I took a pic of Miss Payslee at her "Doggie Drinker".. now for those of you who have not seen one of these you are going to say "KC, are ya kiddin"...but I actually found out about them from some of my Shih-tzu Friends, and they are pretty incredible. If you have a dog that has a beard, or face hair, then you know when they dip their face into the bowl to get a drink that it gets all over their face, and all over your floor..Well if you have the Doggie Drinker, then you have no worries! It basically like a giant hampster bottle for little Dogs. They come in 3 sizes, Regular, Tiny (For the small fry's, like Yorkies, Weenies who have tiny legs, chihuahua's, etc) and the Corner version which fits into corners..Payslee & Sawyer love theirs. If you have a bowl of water out, or their Doggie Drinker, they go for the drinker every time. The water is fresher, so I think thats why they like it. Its available at the store..its washable too. The way you get your babe to drink from it is by putting peanut butter on the spout..thats usually all it takes to get them hooked! They just love it! I'll try to get a video of it this week..

Not much going on for me this week...We haven't been going to Taco Tuesday much this week, but we're going to try to go back this week. We (Jordan & I) are going to talk with Terry this week..He's our Sunday school teacher, and one of our favorite guys..We've got some stuff we've been thinking about lately, so I'll keep you posted on his answers..Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Well would you look at that..

Well we had a Great Grand Opening at Woofs Gone Wild..We saw a ton of folks, and even more dogs! I think we had a pretty good day..I can't really tell what we sold, and what we didn't..but we had a lot of fun! Now I'm in the process of sitting up the website and I had forgotten what a huge pain in the butt it is!! So many little details and pics and descriptions..blah blah blah.. So I'll be working on that..its about to be done though, and I hope that folks who can't visit the store will be able to visit us online to buy delicious goods for their babes.

Speaking of Babes..Payslee & I are going to be taking an Advanced Therapy dog class starting next week. I'm pretty excited about it because we both love taking classes, and she is so smart! We will be learning some new tricks, and some more advanced therapy stuff..It should be fun..Notice I didn't say anything about Sawyer, lol.. I love that boy because he is so sweet..but he is a free spirit and will not be tamed! He likes doing what he wants to do..So I just let him. He's such a pretty sweet guy! Payslee did a great job selling stuff for us at the Grand Opening..She had on her Pink/Brown Zebra dress and it was adorable..She did a great job greeting everyone and entertaining them for awhile. I think we will be selling treats pretty soon that Have Payslee's pic on them, and also Sawyer and Mom's dogs, Junior & Bear..they will be cute..

In the meanwhile I've been extremely busy at work..I haven't been doing much of anything else other than work, or dog-store stuff..Not too glamorous. I still fit in Therapy visits once a week..but all work and no play makes KC a dull gal.. booo.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Woofs Gone Wild Grand Opening

The dog jog on Memorial day was Awesome! We had a ton of runners, and even More dogs! We all had a blast! Well I'm headed West today to go Help Mom get the store ready. We are going to open up tomrorow morning at 10am inside the Attic Door in Elk City. I'm so excited for her...and for me of course! lol.. I've had the best time ordering stuff that I think people will want for their dog babes. I may be an idiot about a lot of things..but dog's is not one of them! Each day I look at my dogs, and they are completely fulfilled. I think in my mind that is what a happy parent would feel like when they see their kiddos.. My dogs are happy, they are at their ideal body size, they are well fed, and they live a life most dogs would dream about..and it shows on their faces every single day.. That makes me happy, and makes me proud.

People think I'm too 'hard-core' about dogs..One of my friends is always antagonizing me because I think he is a horrible dog owner. Well I'm sorry..but he is! He hates messes..he hates hair..and he hates things that mess up his yard..Hmm... So how would a dog be able to fit into that life? It wouldnt.. and if it did (Like the first dog he got and later took to the animal shelter) it would end up having an unhappy life. I'm very tender about 2 things. 1) Animals, and 2) the elderly. I think if you are going to get a dog, you better be willing to put in the time to be a good dog parent.. Its just like a kid..You will have them for about 16 years, and if you do not intend on being good to them, feeding them the proper things, exercising them, or providing for them, then NO. You don't need to have a dog. Would you throw your kid in the backyard and tell him to entertain himself for weeks at a time? No. Would you feed your kid crappy food that made them sick all the time? No. Would you encourage your kid to get pregnant, or impregnante everything that walks? No. Same with dogs..Exercise them, train them, feed them right, and spay/neuter them. For me its pretty simple, but apparently I'm a "Crazy Dog Owner".. But I believe if you are going to do something, Do it right.. oh be it, and add it to the list of weirdnesses that I have!!

We've been getting some cool stuff in all week, and I'm super excited to see what is our best seller..I think we've really got some cute stuff! Plus we'll be featuring something new that my dogs LOVE called "The Doggie Drinker".. Its basically a giant water bottle for dogs..but if you have a dog that has a beard, like a Shih-tzu, yorkie, Pom, etc..You know that when they put their face in the water-bowl it makes their face all wet and yucky, and drips all over your floor..Well this little gem fixes all that! Payslee and Sawyer love theirs, and it really does help out..They would rather drink out of their doggie drinker than a bowl of water..It keeps the water cleaner, and prevents the wet beard. We'll be selling these in the store as well.

We also got some very cute fabric collars, and they come with this giant flower that slides on..So cute for bigger dogs, and small dogs! And of course, we had to have some "Bling" we'll have plenty of those as well. Miss Payslee hasn't decided which dress she will be wearing for the Grand Opening, but I know she will be a doll! Can't wait to see the plan come together!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Well here we go!

Sawyer resting in his new puffish bed..

We had a great time at the farm..We had the best Ribs EVER! They were so good! The Volleyball game got a little obnoxious, but I suppose thats to be expected with the crowd I hang out with.. Bill & Leslie got to come out and it was good to hang out with Bill for awhile..We definately miss laughing with each other every day so it was nice to have that back..He was on my volleyball team, and for a guy with a jacked up body, he did pretty well! lol.. We had fun.. The dog babes had a blast..but as you can tell, Sawyer played his little heart out, and was pretty sleepy by the time we got back home. He just LOVES being a farm dog!

All weekend long I helped Mom get ready to open the dog store..Spent hours doing inventory, pricing things, and making sure she had everything she needs..If you want to see the store, look over to the right..I put a "Like" button that shows the facebook account for "Woofs Gone Wild".. We don't have a regular site, other than Facebook just yet..But we'll be posting stuff under Twitter too, and here..Here's just a few things that we are going to have.. I'm so excited!

We have the cutest harnesses, treats, beds, cuddle cups, collars, toys, and some amazing things! It will be great. The Grand Opening is June 4th in Elk City, inside the Attic Door on Main Street, so if you have time, come on by..We'll be doing some specials, and some give-aways.. It will be great!

So I just had to pause from writing this blog to go to the cellar..Its a severe Weather day today in Oklahoma and its just wild..We are now out of the cellar, and everyone is okay, but I believe Piedmont got Hit, and now Noble is in its path..Scary stuff..Always is when its storm season in Oklahoma..Hope everyone is okay.

Well I was so glad John Rich won celebrity apprentice..I got to hang out with that guy last year and he's just awesome..he's fun, smart, and talented, and I always want the country star to win! Plus St. Jude is a great charity, so I'm very happy for him..He's a good guy. I do kinda hope that he and Big Kenny get back together..they were better as Big & Rich, than as solo Artists..Kinda like Brooks & Dunn..Have you all heard his new song? Bleed Red? Yeah, its not that great..He needs to go back to Kix, and be Brooks & Dunn again..

Still no word on my new job..Hopefully it will be something soon. I'd really like to get my 'life plan' back on track..being a planner, I like having a plan, and when the whole radio thing fell apart, that pretty much RUINED my plan. I honestly thought I was meant to be on the radio my whole life..I loved it, I was good at it, and I worked hard at this whole thing has been bizarre to me..I mean, how could I have got it so wrong?? Maybe I didn't.. Maybe I just am not seeing 'the big picture' right now..So every day I pray for God to let me know what I'm supposed to be doing..because I obviously don't know!!! lol..

Hey, the Dog Jog is coming up on Memorial day..We are going to be having a jog, and a contest for 'best trick' 'best dressed' and much more.. So if you have time, come on out..I believe the Jog starts at 8, tricks and treats at 10..I'll be the emcee, so bring it on down and meet the shih-tzu babes..Payslee & Sawyer will give you a kiss! Click on the link to sign up..Proceeds go to benefit my therapy dog group, "New Leash on Life".. see you there!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Boys & Girls getting down on the farm..

Well I'm having a big farm party this weekend..Should be funtimes. Sitting around with my friends and family, having beverages, cooking out, eating smores, and playing Volleyball.. Should be a nice relaxing time. Thats the cool thing about the farm.. you don't HAVE to be doing something for it to be fun..You can just hang out, enjoy nature, and chill out.. so I'm excited to be doing that.

Well we haven't really looked at houses much anymore..No point in doing so really until I get a permanent job somewhere, because I can't really plan how much we can afford finacially until I'm not a contractor anymore...So I guess we'll just keep waiting on that. I have been busy with "Woofs Gone Wild" though.. Keeping track of everything that we have and everything we need..We are getting closer and closer to the grand opening on June 4th.. I'm excited!

We just got back from taking the babes to run in their field..There are some Kildee birds there that have built a nest, and they really hate it when Payslee & Sawyer get to close, so they swoop down and pretend their wing is hurt..Sawyer falls for it every time and goes over to see about them, then they fly off, lol.. Payslee just tries to chase them away..they are very funny to me.

I'll post pics after the farm party..have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What Fun, what fun! Woofs Gone Wild!

Well I Have been having an amazing time for the past few weeks..For awhile Mom & I have takled about opening a dog store, and now it seems that time has come! Its actually just mom that is opening it in Elk City, and its not really a store, more like a Booth in the Attic door, but its a start! I've been having a blast helping her pick what to feature and buy, and of course Payslee & Sawyer have given their imput too.. In fact Payslee just insisted that she sell some dresses from her favorite seamstress, doggiedudsbydeb, so now all the other Celebridogs will be able to steal Payslee's fashions! lol.. Deb's latest creation is featured above..and its turned Miss Pays into a "Sweet" cupcake! So cute! And yes, she smiles..all the time..but why wouldn't she? She pretty much has the best life ever.. So we are planning on having the Grand Opening of "Woofs Gone Wild" on June 4, in Elk City, Oklahoma..Hope to see you all there! We will feature toys, all natural dog treats, fashions, chews, and all kinds of adorable doggie come out and visit if you are in Western Oklahoma!

For Mothers Day I had the perfect Idea for mom, but it took awhile to figure out. While shopping at TLC she saw a little green tree that she really wanted, but when she asked about it, they were out of I decided to track it down and get her one..So I had to call TLC, like an idiot, ask them to go out to one of their flowerbeds and try to find a green tree..Well after a few guesses, we found the "Little Green Smoke Tree" so I got her one for Mothers day..She was excited, and so was I.. I was also excited to find out that Jordan had got me a doggie-mom card and signed Payslee, Sawyer, and Rally's name to it..then he gave me some OSU jewels..How freakin cute is that!

We went to see "Fast 5" two weeks ago..and it was awesome..Lots of delish eye candy with Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, and The Rock.. plus cool cars, and lots of action..then Friday we went to see "Thor"..once again good eye candy with the Thor guy, and Anthony Hopkins was good as his dad.. It was a good movie too.. This weekend my parents are coming up and we are going to go see "Priest".. it looks good and scary..

I was so glad Star Jones got booted off Celebrity apprentice..I can't stand her..Never have been able to, and she irritates me. I thought it was Crap that Nene pussed out, because if she had stuck around she would have seen Star go home! Dumb..Also still cheering for Kirstie Alley & Ralph Macchio on Dancing with the Stars. .And I LOVE "The Voice".. Blake Shelton cracks me up, and I think the premise of the show is really good. Also been enjoying watching and cheering for the Thunder..I hope they win!

Things are looking positive on the job I'm excited about that. I cannot complain. I have a blessed life, awesome dogs, awesome family, and an awesome guy in my life! I've decided to sign up once again to volunteer for hospice, so Payslee & I will do that. We are also going to pick up a new visit on Tuesdays at Bradford Village..And don't forget, coming up Memorial day is the Dog Jog.. Its something my Therapy Dog Organization puts on every year.. You get to walk/jog with your dogs for a great cause, and I'll be emceeing the "Best Trick" contest with some amazing if your dog knows a good trick, come on out! For more info, or to sign up go to New Leash on Life.. See ya there!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

What a great day!

Therapy Dogs come in all sizes. This is Payslee's friend, a Great Dane, Achilles

Well let me start off by was a pretty great week..Mom came up on Saturday and we went to Easter service at Crossings..Man! It was so awesome! The music there is so good with a live orchestra that it immediately brings me to tears when they start in..I just love it. The sermon was really good too, and I'll talk about it on my other blog GOD & DOG when I get time to write it. But it was just awesome.. Before Church mom and I had time to pick up a few flowers..Mom loves planting, and is getting the pool area ready, and I had to plant some pots..Then we happened upon the buy one get one 1/2 off sale at Metro Shoe Warehouse! Yes..New Dansko's for both of us!! So cute!

Today I took Payslee & Sawyer on one of my favorite therapy visits. I swear people, if you are feeling sorry for yourself, or in a rut, get out an volunteer..These people are so inspiring! I had sat down with a few ladies that Pays had made friends with and they wanted to talk with me about American we got to talking about music, and country singers, and the fact that I used to be on the radio..they asked me if I was still doing it anymore, and I said No, and if I was sad about it, and I said yes..and this sweet lady put her hand on my arms and said "You know what though, God always works it out for the best, and something better will come along for you".. So awesome! And yes, I do believe that..

I'm also not going to lie and tell you I don't feel kinda good about the fact that their ratings came out this week and they got I know, I know, thats not very nice of me, but when I left there all of the management told my good listeners that asked "KC & Bill got fired because of their low ratings"..well when we left we had a 4.6, KKNG now has a 1.5, and Jake FM has a 3.9..both of which are lower than 4.6. So yes, something better is coming along, and yes, I'm glad to be around such amazing, inspiring people who brighten my day while my shih-tzu brightens theirs! Payslee also enjoyed a ride from a little lady who pushed her around for a bit..and hung out with her giant great dane friend, Achilles.

This is going to be a good weekend. MJ was gone last weekend visiting his grandma, so tomorrow we are going on a triple date with friends to go watch "FAST FIVE" which is basically "The fast and the furious part 5" but what it means to me is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, & Vin Diesel are in the same movie, and I'm not mad about that..they are both magically delicious!! Who cares if the movie is good or not right! Oh, and speaking of movies..DO NOT go watch "Water for Elephants".. I thought it was going to be a love story, and it was..sort-of..but they were really mean to an Elephant named Rosie, and it made me cry..I can't watch people be mean to if you can't either, SKIP that movie..

I'm still watching "Celebrity Apprentice"..I can't wait for NeNe to go off on Star Jones next week..I can't stand Star.. and I also watched "The Voice" This week.. Loved Blake Shelton on it, and so far, I think the show is WAY better than American Idol this year..I'm bored with Idol.. Have a great weekend!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Modeling and Memories

Payslee working the Run way..
Well it was an interesting week. I needed to record some spots and had to go back to Tyler media to do it..Not my first choice, but it actually went better than I thought it would. I didn't have to see any of the people who kicked me out, so that was a blessing. It mainly just brought up some sad feelings of me remembering happy times I had there and sad because I wasn't on the radio anymore. I have to keep reminding myself..bigger and better things..bigger and better things..But its a conscious effort everyday that I really have to keep doing, or how quickly I call fall right back into the sadness that I had right after I lost my job.

One really fun thing that I did this week was with Payslee. Susan from Paws around Town asked Payslee to model a dress for a Fashion show in North Park Mall. Of course we both agreed, and it was so cute! At first she was scared, but then she started working the runway! She wore a very cute "Paisley" Easter dress, and we had a great time. She's such a good girl. It was the only nice day we had over the weekend..with the stupid Wind blowing 50 mph thats pretty much a ruiner for doing anything outside.

This weekend my mom is coming up to go to Easter Service with me at Crossings Church. I'm actually going to the Saturday service because there are so many people that go on Easter Sunday and we are having 9 services at Crossings, one being Saturday evening at 6:00. I'm excited because the choir is always so amazing there and thats what made me fall in love with the church to begin with, so I just know it will be great.

Jordan & I also went to look at our 'dream house' over the weekend. We've basically found the neighborhood we want to live in, but we are stuck between two builders..We love them both, and their houses! One is Joe Roberts Construction, and the other is Dodson Homes..both houses are amazing and I'll love either one..but Jordan is partial to one that has a "man Cave" I'm not sure we really need that, but he's already talking about theatre seating, and video man. We have plenty of time to figure out which one we want. Mom is going to look at them with me this weekend and give her opinion..they are all just awesome, so I'm excited for her to see them.. Bigger and better things! Sometimes you just have to remember to "Let go, and Let God"..


Sunday, March 27, 2011

When one door closes..

Well Hi..First off, I want to say thank you to the people that read this blog. Last night I performed at the Rodeo Opry in Cowtown and I heard from so many people about how they read my blog, and thats how they knew I was on the show. That made me so happy, because sometimes when I'm writing these things, I really have no idea whether anyone reads them or not. I heard from several people who used to listen to me on the air and truly appreciate them saying how much they missed me, and appreciated even more them saying I was truly good at my job. My response is always the same, and I think it will always be the same: "You don't miss me as much as I miss being on the air." Even though I have gone on to do something else, I will always miss being on the radio.

The Opry was a great time. I sang "Sweet Dreams" "If you've got Leavin on your mind' and "Your Cheatin' Heart"..all Patsy Cline tunes, and the crowd (and my mama of course) seemed to enjoy it. Jordan came along, and even though he hatest country music, he had a good time. I liked seeing his sweet face in the audience too.. I think that mom bought a CD of the show, so if she did, I'll try to upload some audio from it. There were a lot of great performers on the show last night, including one of my former students from my Radio class that I taught at Southwestern, who did a GREAT job, Steven Jeffrey..So good to see him, and so glad to see that he chose a profession OTHER than radio! See..that class does work! lol. Owen Pickard also hosted and did a great job..Thank you to everyone who came out, it was a really good time!

I think the hardest thing to come to terms with is that people (and myself) thought I was actually really good at my job. I thought that too, and I still think that..But how many other people who are good at their jobs and go there every single day doing a good job, still get let go from their position? A LOT. I've talked to so many people this past year that have lost their jobs, by no fault of their own. Either the company was down-sizing, the company closed, or the company just couldn't afford to pay them anymore. Its a sad time for our country right now, because if you were brought up the way I was, people like Us don't lose their jobs. People like Us always do their best, work hard, do more than their fair share, act like team players and do what needs to be done for the good of the company. Yet a lot of people like "US" are out of work. I think I was a good radio talent, but thats not the only thing I did for the company. I knew that there would always be a need for other things, like websites, social media networks, photoshopping, video editing, I taught MYSELF how to do all that so I would be that more valuable to the company I worked for..But in the end that didnt' help me keep my job.

So I guess what I'm saying to you, is if you are good at your job, but you still lost it..don't give up. This past year has been such a learning time for me..Because of all the things I taught myself to do, I've realized now that I need to teach myself more. Chesapeake is an amazing place to learn new things. If the saying goes "Once you stop learning your brain will die" then let me tell you, My brain is pretty much busting at the seams! I learn something new everyday, and it makes me happy to know that there are OTHER things in life that I can do well..

Will I always want to be on the radio? Yes. I think its like other jobs in the entertainment field..Singers, Musicians, Comedians, etc..We all love the spotlight, and we love attention, so when that is taken away from its, its very hard to just fall into a regular job..But there are so many other blessings that have come out of NOT being on the radio..I get to spend more time with my friends and family, Jordan & I have grown stronger in our relationship, I have more opportunities to meet new friends and people, etc.. You just have to be willing to find the silver lining. There's no point in dwelling on the negative..And while I've forgiven those people who have wronged me, I certainly have not forgotten, and have realized that they were never really my friends to begin with, and certainly not the kind of people I should spend my whole life what a blessing to find that out and be able to move on to bigger and better people!

So if you have had a similar situation this year..whether it be through your job, or maybe a relationship..try to find the positive. Did you really want to be around those toxic people in your life? No..Did you really want to be taken advantage of, and not appreciated? No. Remember that you get what you ask for, and 6 months before I got let go at KKNG I had been praying "Lord, if this is not what I'm supposed to be doing, send me in another direction"..then when it happened I was like "Really Lord? REALLY!!"..but thats the way it works. We don't always see what the best thing for us is when we are in the moment..but he does. He's got a bigger plan and I'm sure its a much better my job now is to be patient and let it all play out to his will..Ask and ye shall recieve!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rodeo Opry is Coming up.. Reality BS

Well I'm on schedule to sing at the Oklahoma Rodeo Opry this Saturday. If you want tickets you can go to: and click on the "Tickets" link.. I'm planning on doing a Patsy Cline Medley, but I haven't talked to the Opry folks yet, so I'm hoping that is okay!! If So I'm going to do 1) Leaving On Your Mind, 2)She's got You 3) Sweet Dreams 4) Your Cheatin Heart.. Now won't that just be delicious! Mom is coming up so it should be fun..Jordan is going too, although I'm pretty sure he will be suffering through the whole event..How is it that I always end up with people who despise country music? I don't know.. But he doesn't like any of it, and doesn't even know who Patsy Cline is!! haha! So yes, if you are wondering what Jordan looks like..just look for the guy suffering in the front row!

We went to see "Lincoln Lawyer" this weekend..I was so excited to see my Delicious Trace Adkins in his movie role! He did a great job he played a tough biker, which really isn't too far of a stretch for him.. Matthew Mconaughhey was not hard to look at either..Nor was Josh Lucas or Ryan Phillipee..but besides all the eye candy, it was actually a really good movie.. I'd like to see "Limitless" with Matthew as well..Thats probably on tap for next weekend.. Friday night we rented Russel Crowe's movie "The Next 3 Days".. it was okay, but a bit far-fetched, and went on forever.. But it was okay for a rental..

Last night watched "Celebrity Apprentice".. It was good. I wasn't that sad that Nikki Taylor went home..She's sweet and all, but wasn't a big time player to me. I was excited that the men won the challenge, and kinda hoping that John Rich would take out Jose Canseco because he was making fun of people who listen to Country music.. John Rich defended us, and told him to shut it.. There was a time when I liked Jose, but that time has now come and gone. He seems like an ass, and acts like an ass.. I've always liked John Rich, and he's fun to watch.. So is Crazy Gary Busey, although lately Charlie Sheen is making Gary Busey look sain!!

Also on Idol I was cheering for Lauren, but she keeps picking sucky songs and now I'm forgetting her.. Pia is good, but a little too Carrie Underwoodish for me..I mean we already have Carrie, so do we need Pia? Not sure.. Its like the Scottie Guy..I like him, but I like Josh Turner better, so so far I don't really need either of those two..I'm cheering for Casey.. 1) because his name is Casey, and 2) he seems a bit insane, which I like.. So there ya go..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Do you need a part time Job?

So as most of you know I've been working part time at Paws around Town, the awesome little dog store in NorthPark Mall..However, I"m about to start taking a therapy dog class with Payslee on Saturdays and I won't be able to work there on Saturday's anymore.. So do you know of anyone, or maybe yourself that would like to pick up a little extra cash by working there on Saturdays? There are two pregnant girls there working now, and they are about to pop, so they are going to need some help! lol.. If you have never been to it, go to their website Its basically just an awesome place to go to get high-end doggie treats, clothes, food, etc.. And dogs are even welcome in the store.. So if you have any interest, email me at and I'll give you more details. You would mainly be helping out on Saturday's from 10-6..

Monday, March 7, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice is Fantastic

So I have been waiting awhile for the debut of Celebrity Apprentice, hoping it did not disappoint me.. Well alas, It did not. Who doesn't love Crazy Gary Busey as the "Pepperoni Prophet"?? Ridiculous.. I also enjoyed Jose' Canseco wanting to kick the crap out of Richard Hatch. I remember Richard Hatch from watching the VERY first Survivor..back when Survivor was actually still entertaining.. He was a snake then, and he's a snake now..but does that make for good tv? YES..Plus he's been in prison for 4 years, so now he's probably really hateful and crazy..I cannot stand Star Jones.. I despise her so much that a few years ago I actually took the time to write a letter to ABC stating why I wish they would take her off the air.. They did..But I don't think it was because of my letter.. dang. That is only one of two letters that I have written in protest of someone..Guess who the other one was? Omarosa from the first Celebrity Apprentice.. I didn't like her either.. But this season looks really good.. Dionne Warwick and Latoya Jackson can compare Psychic Friends, Nene and Star Jones can fight it out..John Rich and Lil' Jon have already become best friends, and Nikki Taylor appear to cook a mean Pizza.. I think its going to be quite entertaining.. I'm also watching Jet & Cord McCoy again on the Amazing Race..I went to college with Jet. We had an English Sci-Fi class together and I remember he would show up to class with his eyes black, or his arm in a sling from being thrown off a bull..He is a funny, nice guy, so I hope they win it this time around. Then there's Idol.. I was cheering for that Clint guy, but he got the boot. So Now I've directed my attention to the girls, and I'm cheering for that Lauren girl..I think she's cute and fun times. Everyone automatically thinks I'll cheer for the Country guy..Scotty. But I'm not..why? Because he's not original.. He sings just like Josh Turner, so until he shows me something a little more magical, I'm going to cheer for someone else.. Jordan & I played tennis last was fun times..Why? Because I won.. As most of you know I'm insane about being competitive..We are thinking we'll try to play doubles soon, so for right now we are both working on not serving puffishly..Doesn't look like the Weather is going to cooperate this week, but we'll see.. The Dogs are good..Payslee got a new easter Dress from doggiedudsbydeb..Its the picture up above, and yes, she's smiling again..People seem shocked that my dogs smile all the time, but geez..Have you seen my dogs? They live the lives of Kings! You'd be smiling too!