Monday, July 18, 2011

My teeth need to kick it up a notch..

So Dr. Jim Cox should be given a medal for putting up with my teeth..seriously..About 2 weeks ago I got a temporary crown put on and made an appointment for August to get the permanent Gold crown put on..Well wouldn't you know, as I was eating a soft hamburger, I manage to crunch into my temp crown and crack it in half..and it comes off.. Well for those of you who have never had a crown, this is the process: They grind your bad tooth down to a stub so that a new, golden crown will fit on top of it and act as your tooth..however, you still have your roots and nerves in your tooth..So you can imagine my discontent when we are getting ready to walk into the movie theatre and my wussy tooth is off! Um, I need popcorn! You all know I don't go to the movie without popcorn!

So I decide How hard could it be to just drink/eat on ONE side of my mouth? Um very. First of all if any of the cold liquid flows onto my exposed tooth its like death. The tooth is insanely sensitive so this leads me to drinking things with my head a site..Chewing was not that bad..Small bites, take it was okay. So I decided I could at least wait until today I call and realize my Magical Dr. Cox is away on vacation in Chicago, but he emails me (because he's awesome) and tells me to call a guy who is filling in for I do, and they agree to see me.. In my mind I'm thinking I'm going to tell him that I'll just put Wax on top of the crown until Dr. Cox gets back...Dr. Tommy Mayhue has a different idea, lol.. He informs me that if I do that I run the risk of getting a bad infection, the crown going on wrong, the crazy sensitivity.. the list goes on and He convinces me to get the new Temp crown made, and I do..he & His staff listen to me cry about it for a bit, and do an amazing job..So seriously, thank you so much to Terri and everyone at Dr. Mayhue's office in Blanchard for saving me.. And for anyone who thinks I just do those commericals for fun, Dr. Cox emailed me ON HIS VACATION to help..Now Thats a good dentist! So if you don't believe me by now, I can't help

It was also awesome that Terri and Megan used to listen to me on the air, so we got to relive a few radio memories. Terri is a superfan, and I love those the most! lol.. She was so sweet to say that she missed me..and I was quick to let her know that I miss radio everyday..but I'm loving Fiona FJ, and loving my new job..My life is on the up and up, (as if I wasn't blessed enough before) and I'm so thankful for all the good folks that I come into contact with each day.


Ol' Toothy, KC

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  1. It seems that your crown fits you perfectly. Yeah, it will be hard to chew with the crown on, so you really need to use one side of your mouth for chewing your favorite popcorn. Don't worry, you'll soon get used to it.