Sunday, August 7, 2011

Whats that Rain? Nope..

So I was one of the fools that went to Tim Mcgraw when it was 110 outside! At first it wasn't to shabby because I had amazing VIP tickets so I went up on the VIP deck and sat underneath a mister with the shade trees..But if you moved, or did anything at all, it became SO HOT. They even pushed the show back to start at 8 because it was so miserable..the heat has really been a pain this year for sure..Luke Bryan & Eden's Edge opened up and they both did a good job..That Luke Bryan has a good mouth on him with Pretty teeth! We (I took my friend Lauren) took our Pic with Tim, and I thought he was waaaay to skinny. Maybe he is losing weight for a movie role or something..because he was too thin..Needs some more pancakes or something..But a good show.

Everything at work is going really well. I haven't moved into my new position yet, still doing the Cleanup stuff for Windows 7, but I love my co-workers and my boss..Plus I get to all these classes during my lunch hour called "Lunch & Learns".. Last week I took one over the Chesapeake Stock, and another one over Insurance for your house and Car..They were very cool..As most of you know I'm obsessed with school and love it, so its like being at school all over again! So I sign up for anything and everything I'd like to learn about.

MJ is doing great..And he and I are doing great. We went to see "Planet of the Apes" today..but I cried the first 30 minutes because they are mean to the Monkeys, and I just can't stand that..but it was still a good movie, and as you know, the apes get their revenge, lol.. We watched "Captain America" last week and it was freakin awful..He hated it too..Then we've also seen "Friends with Benefits" which was hilarious..and Justin Timberlake was really good..and "Crazy, Stupid, Love" with Steve Carrell, and it was a really good Romantic Comedy.. Jordan went to see "Cowboys & Aliens" and said they should have left it a Western without the Aliens, lol.. We've seen a ton of movies lately, but when its 110 outside there is pretty much nothing else to do!!

I'm loving my Fiona, FJ..Its so nice to be up high! She's a pretty color, and I have enjoyed driving her so far. I put a "I love my shih'tzu" on the back of it, so if you see me driving, you'll know its me!


  1. When I saw that photo...I thought gosh he's so skinny! Your job just sounds better and better. How great is that to learn some useful stuff on your lunch hour? Have to say....I'm pretty jealous.

  2. I am sure he has been going 90 miles an hour in the heat and has not felt like eating. He really does not look well though.

    I love your new FJ and I am so happy you have MJ. It is exciting that you are getting to enjoy so many new things in your life!