Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Help and The Change Up

Well I saw Two pretty great Movies.. completely opposites, but great. Last night Jordan & I had a double date with a new couple and we had a blast! We are trying to make new friends that we can go on double dates with since neither of us have any friends that are 'couples'.. I met this fun girl at Work, so we all decided to meet up at the Warren in Moore and watch "The Change up".. for those of you who haven't seen the previews, its about two guys (Jason Bateman & Ryan Reynolds) who end up wishing for each others lives, and it happens..One has a family, one is a single guy..Not a real original story, but the two actors made it hilarious..It was pretty crude, and lots of nudity, so not one for the kiddo's, but its FUNNY. We all loved it. Got to the Warren exactly on time, and danged if the thing wasn't FULL, so we all ended up on the 4th row from the front..but for those of you who have never been to the Warren, its really not bad to sit on the front Row even..Good Movie, Good Theatre, great popcorn!

Then today I went and watched "The Help".. I had read the book this week..started on Sunday and had read over 8000 pages of the book by Friday! Great Book! I wanted the movie to be as good, and it was! They had to take some stuff from the book out, but yeah, I would think so with an 8000 page book! But its a GREAT movie, so if you have time to see it, see it..

Tomorrow Payslee has been asked to appear in a video.. Yup, its official. She's a Celebridog! haha! Not really..well kinda..My Therapy Dog organization "New Leash on Life" is shooting a video over our therapy dogs and what we do, and who we visit..and Payslee was asked to be one of the Stars! She will be showing what she does when we go to visit the residents in the hospitals, assisted living, and nursing home facilities. The pics above are from her visits..I always like to Pose she and Sawyer before they go inside because they are all dolled up and looking cute! As you can tell they both still smile Huge when the camera is out..just like their mama! I'm so proud of them.

Everything is going well in my thankful for my family, dogs, and amazing boyfriend..And man, was I thankful for the rain! We needed it so bad, and they even got some in Canute, so hopefully it will grow a little grass for the cows..its been an awful year for the farmers..Always make sure you include them in your prayers..Remember without the farmers you have no meat, and you have no veggies..speaking of.. I still have not been able to pick a dang good Watermelon this season! Jordan even brought me one from a guy on the side of the road who told him how to pick them..but nope..still not done.. blargh.. I do love me some Watermelon!


  1. Movies sound good. And of course Payslee is a star. I have not had a good watermelon this year either!

  2. I just want to see a photo of Payslee's closet. Pictures of her and Sawyer make me smile every time.

    Watermelon is suffering from lack of water too.