Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Michael Jackson Party Fun

Well I pulled off another fantastic Party this year for the girls. The theme was "This is IT--The Crosslee & Londyn 3rd birthday Tour" with Michael Jackson. It was pretty fantastic.. from an adult standpoint. I have no idea if anyone else "got" most of the little things I did.. but for me, it was awesome..

Now, some were saying..."Why would you have a Michael Jackson party.. the girls are too young to even know about him".. Not true. My girls have been Jackson fans pretty much since birth. He used to be the only thing that could make Cross quit crying..and it would instantly make her smile when she heard his songs.. I left the house yesterday morning with both of the girls wearing a sparkle Fedora, Glitter Gloves, and listening to Beat it.. So the music is strong with those two..and Michael Jackson. In fact Cross is in a phase right now where all she wants to do is sing 'Beat it'.. it used to be "Smooth Criminal".. but we have moved past that one, and onto Beat it full time now..

Here's some party pics.

As you can see.. I customized at TON of stuff.. So much so, That I've decided to start planning parties for people.. So if you ever need that service, and want to throw parties that are as ridiculous as mine, hit me up. I even created a facebook page for it.. And gave it a name "Pocket full of Funshine"  Feel free to go like it, and make me feel loved. 

I had custom Shirts made for the girls, they wore their glitter sparkle pants..and they also had Fedora's and Glitter Gloves.. with Glitter Shoes. We had Signs for every snack.. Like 
"Blame it on the Cookies"==Blame it on the Boogie
"Bille Cheese is not just Cheddar"==Billie Jean
"Don't Stop till you Get a Puff"==Don't Stop till you Get Enough
"Smooth Criminal Punch" "Off the Wall Fruit"... all of which had a Pic of Michael, and were lined with Glitter.. We had a Michael Jackson Cake, complete with Microphone Cake Pops (Made by Chubby Cheeks Cake Love) In each of the goody bags for the kids, I put Aviators, Inflated Microphones, Customized Michael Jackson Mix Tapes, Bubbles, (With Bubbles the chimp on them) Microphone Bubbles, Customized Black Hershey's kisses with Birthday Stickers on the bottom, King of POPCORN bags of Popcorn. I mean it goes on and on.. it was ridiculous..and over the top.. Pretty much like everything I do! 

But it was at the playground, perfect weather.. All the grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, Cousins, and Friends were there! It was an awesome time. When Cross got there she went and looked at everything and said "Mommy.. its just gorgeous!".. She's started using the word Gorgeous, and delicious quite a bit.. "Mommy, Can I have a delicious piece of candy?" She's a mess.. But they all had a good time. We are truly blessed to have such awesome people around our girls that love and care about them! 

Jordan & I started our LOVE and LOGIC class last night at Crossings.. its SO GOOD. We are really enjoying it.. its so freeing as a parent to have a guide, to know what to do, and to be prepared. We love it! And.. we will need it.. We started Potty training last week.. We need all the help we can get.. lol