Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Fun For All

We had a great weekend.. It didn't start off great.. On thursday when I went home LL was running a fever and acting very sad.. So I thought I had better take her in.. So I loaded the girls up and took them down to the 1st Kids After care clinic.. Which is is pretty great by the way.. Its a clinic made up of all the Pediatricians from Northwest Pediatrics, so you always see a great pediatrician.. Well when we got there she started acting a lot better (of course) and we found out that she had her top 2 teeth coming in.. and

was probably getting a cold.. Which seems to be the norm these days.. Every kid I see has a snotty nose these days.. So.. We went home.. The awesome thing about colds is that your baby gets like 25 of them.. and there is nothing you can do for them, so there's that stick of awesome sauce.. Thankfully, Mine don't seem to be too bothered by colds..or teething.. So we just gave her some tylenol and she was good to go.

I had a fun day with them on Friday. I took the day off (Because MJ was off too) and Cross & I went to the Good Friday Service and invited our Friends, Jenn and Jude.. LL stayed at home since her teeth were still hurting and just hung out with dad.. The Good Friday service at Crossings is INCREDIBLE. Its emotional, its hard to watch, and its powerful.. But its something everyone needs to see because you need to know and feel the sacrifice that Jesus made for us.. So I was glad I went, and glad I brought a friend.

After church we went home and let the girls open their Easter baskets from us.. We knew they would be getting baskets all weekend long, so we let them open ours.. They got Bunnetta (for LL) and Penny Chicken (For Cross).. They were Scentsy buddies so they smell delicious. So that was a fun time.. Then we strolled around the neighborhood and had a great lil family day..

On Saturday 2 of Jordan's Uncles came to town. One from TX,(Jim) and another from California,(Larry and Susi) so we went to see all of them at Jordan's dad's house. The last time I saw all of them I was a big pregnant lady, so it was nice to see everyone again with my little 10 month old babes! The girls got to meet Jordan's grandma for the first time too, so we had a big time. They had Easter baskets and ate some BBQ. We had a good time..they still were not 100%, but they had fun..and they looked super cute in their bunny dresses! Everyone enjoyed them, and they love being little hams. Cross was showing off her walking skills by pushing her walker, and LL was being her charming, sweet self..

ON Sunday mom came up and went to Church with us.. Steve is still not doing that great from his back surgery.. They said it could take 6-8 months for him to really see a difference.. well right now he's not seeing ANY difference, so we are hoping and praying that it starts to turn around pretty soon. Church was awesome though.. as Crossings Easter always is.. Uncle Brandon and his kiddo's joined us too.. It did not disappoint.. It moves my heart when I walk into a church and see 5,000 other people that are all there to worship and celebrate the Lord.. It also moves my soul when I see that many talented people in the Orchestra that are volunteering their time to come and play every Sunday. Its so awesome. I missed seeing my dad & Joni at Easter. Grant & Lexi were at his house, but we will get to go there next year and hunt eggs with Cousin Joe & Ava!

After Church we had lunch at the Delta Cafe and then the girls wanted to take a nap.. So while they were napping, MJ and I got some things done and then mom kept them while we went out to eat at Cheevers.. I had not been there, but they had chips with Blue Cheese on them as an appetizer, so of course I was down.. They were delicious. I had the Salmon and MJ had the Spare Ribs.. Both were awesome. We will go back there for sure.

Mom had to get up and go to the dentist on Monday so she stayed the night. Everybody had a great weekend.. Banks the Golden-doodle is doing great.. she is still stealing stuff, and I still need to get her into some classes soon to teach her some manners..but she is super sweet and she loves the girls. The Shih-tzu's are doing good too.. Its about the end of the road for Rally though. He's not getting around very good anymore, and his quality of life is not great.. So we may have to start thinking about that soon. But he's had an amazing life. I'm so honored to say that he has been MINE his whole 17 years of life.. Never had to be re-homed, or adopted, or slept somewhere he didn't want too.. he's been taken care of his WHOLE life by ME.. Always had the best food, the best care, and the best family. That is an accomplishment I'm really proud of.. especially since I see so many people giving up their dogs because they dont' do exactly what they want, or they have a baby, or they tear up their yard.. Rally has been mine for 17 years and I've given him an amazing life. This makes me happy.

Its weird to think that this time last year I was a month away from having the girls.. When I think back on that it seems like not very long ago.. I remember being so miserable because the girls were so big and heavy.. I could barely walk, and could only stand up for like 5 minutes at a time..Its so funny thinking about them being there, and now being out and little people.. MJ and I look at them every day and think "Can you believe we created those little people?" God is so good, and has such amazing plans.. I can't even begin to think about what his plans are for them..I'm so excited to find out, and so blessed that he has made MJ & I a part of their journey.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Are they Twins???

OMGosh..If one more person asks Jordan and I out in public "Are they Twins?" We are going to start getting clever with our answers.. These are a few of my favorite options...

  • "No, we actually just found an extra out in the parking lot and thought we'd bring her in too"
  • "Nope, I thought it'd be convenient to buy a double stroller & a second car seat so I could carry a doll too."
  • "Nope, it was 2 for 1 day at the hospital"
  • "No, they're actually triplets but we lost one at the mall" 
  • "Yes, from two different fathers" 
  • "No, that one is the other ones shadow" 

I know they mean well..and are only trying to bring up a conversation because they want to talk to my adorable girls.. but sometimes you just almost can't help yourself..

Now lets talk about the obnoxious things people say to us when they find out they ARE in fact twins;

  • "Wow, you've got your hands full" --NO! You think?!?!
  • "Better you than me"---Now this one is just rude.. 
  • "Man they are cute, but I don't want one"--Oh I'm sorry.. did I forget to take the 'for sale' sign off one?"... I mean really.. who says THAT. 
  • "How do you tell them apart?"--Well they look nothing alike to us, so its not very hard. 
  • "Do they have their own language?"---Well since they aren't talking.. I don't know. Maybe??
  • "Which is the good one?"--Ok, rude. No one would ever ask someone with a singleton if they are 'good' or 'bad'.. so why ask twins? Which is the good one? The one not crying!!! 
  • "Double Trouble"--This is unfair..No child should be labeled as Trouble!!!  
  • "Are they Identical, fraternal, Paternal?"--Um, they are frantrnal.. Maternal yes, they have a mom, I'm her... Paternal, yes, they have a father..thats MJ.. 

Ok, so onto the next.. We had a great weekend last weekend. The girls had their 3rd lesson at Aquatots. They are getting better at putting their face under water and blowing bubbles.. Cross also is getting really good at gripping the side of the wall, and LL is doing great on her kicking! They like splashing the most, and seeing the other babies in the water. Cross was swimming by a little girl named Elle, and Elle reach over and held her hand. It was pretty cute. 

After Swimming we went home and let the girls take a nap, and then when we woke up we took them to the park to play. LL liked wearing her sunglasses. They loved playing on the quilt.. They aren't sure about grass yet, so they were happy to just play on the quilt and have some snacks. I bought some frozen blueberries, since the others seem to be out of season now, and gave them to them.. GOOD GRIEF..they love blueberries so much! I also made them salmon patties, and spinach balls.. They loved all of that.. So far they love everything.. They also love swinging at the park. 

I also found these amazing products from BOON.. They are bowls.. WITH SUCTIONS! What! So this stops the girls from throwing them over the edge, or playing the drums with them, and teaches them to eat from a bowl. We are at that stage now, where we are trying to teach them to eat with bowls, plates, and utensils.. 

 This morning we tried eating Yogurt out of them.. Not a total success.. yet.. lol.. but they do love eating their berries out of it.. We haven't tried the plates yet, but I'm thinking they would also be awesome to take to restaurants.. So after the Park we picked up the Dog babes from the Groomer and took them to play in their field. The dogs had been at the groomer for awhile, so they were excited to run free, play, and be dogs.. They loved it. And they were all so puffed and cute. The girls strolled around watching them play.

On Sunday we had a fun time too.. We got up and went to church, and then to Home Depot.. the girls like shopping.. partly because people talk to them all the time, and they like that.. We bought some stuff for our lawn stuff.. Our lawn looks terrible.. the front has weeds, and the back has stuffed animal, dog toy carcasses laying all over where Banks has torn up everything.. I took her rollerblading for the first time the other day (me on skates, not her) and she was scared at first, but then liked it because she got to run.. Then we took the girls to the Mall to pickup MJ's new video game "Tital Fall".. well guess who was there.. THE EASTER BUNNY!! Cross went crazy for the Easter Bunny.. It was like her best day ever. It was like one of her stuffed animals came alive and met her at the Mall! She immediately went to him, giggling, and petting him.. lol.. LL loved him too, but she wasn't quite as crazy as Cross was! It was hilarious!

So we had a great weekend.. This is their last lesson at Aquatots.. They are going to take a couple of weeks off, and then we will start up again..

This is a video of how much the girls love their daddy.. especially when he is doing Kung Fu to them..

Crosslee will be walking in like 2 weeks. She is now standing by herself, and pushing her walker around. She's close! Are we ready for this!!! Probably not.. lol..

Also, if you guys haven't made your Easter Plans I'd like to invite you to Crossings. We have all sorts of options for services for you to go to, and they are ALL AWESOME. I first visited Crossings 6 years ago on an Easter Sunday and I've been there ever since.. because it was THAT good. Now I'm just so excited to call it my Church Home and go there.. Don't be intimidated by the size.. Once you get in, you will be glad you got there!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

People say the darndest things..

Well we had a pretty great weekend..On Thursday Steve checked into the Spine Hospital to have his back surgery. It went really well, but of course was painful and awful for a few days..He got to go home on Sunday, and things are going well so far. He feels MUCH better than he did BEFORE the surgery so that is an answered prayer. SO..On Friday Mom took us to PF Changs. The girls were BIG fans of Noodles, and Chicken at PF's.. Of course, who are we kidding.. the girls are big fans of ALL food. I'm so proud of that. They have tried almost everything they could get their hands on! They had Kiwi, blackberries, and brisket last week! They just love food!! I'm so glad.. because I've seen picky kids, and I don't want any of those, lol.. Our lives are packed full enough without having to take specific foods everywhere we go!

On Saturday the girls had their 2nd Lesson of Aquatots. They really do not care for having their face dunked in water.. The 1st time they didn't mind it, but this time they didn't like it.. and they don't love the Swim Instructor.. But they love splashing and sailing around in the water. They are learning to Kick, hold onto the sides, and to get up on a raft. Its basically for muscle memory, but they do have fun. We have 2 more lessons with that.

After Aquatots We took the girls to visit Jordan's dad and Stepmom, Rhonda,  in Norman (GT &Nana). They kept the girls for us so MJ and I could go watch "Noah". I had a lot of people tell me not to waste my money.. that it was Non Christian, All Hollywood, not true to the bible story, etc.. BUT.. I liked it.. Yes, it was a bit ridiculous. (There are Rock people in it) but it was good.. And I think if even one person watches the movie and is curious about the story of Noah in the bible, and reads it, that is one more person that is asking about Jesus. Plus, I think Noah DID probably need some help.. Was it Rock People? I don't know.. but if you are building an Arc and you and your family are the ONLY ones that get to get on it.. I'm guessing there are going to be ANGRY mobs trying to storm the Boat! So maybe it was Rock People, Maybe the Lord Smited them, Maybe Dinosaurs ate them.. Who knows.. But I found the movie entertaining, and good. We had not been to the movie in a long time..and the Popcorn with Real Butter at the Warren is Legit. MM MM MM.. How I love Popcorn.

So in other weird things that happen to KC news...The Other day Crosslee & I went to Walmart to grab some groceries (LL was napping) and in the parking lot I look up and an elderly woman is pulling down the lid to the trunk.. Well she misses, and falls DIRECTLY back on her head on the pavement.. Didn't catch herself..Didn't break her fall with her arms.. falls DIRECTLY into pavement backwards. I was like a Lady on fire.. I jump OUT of my almost still moving vehicle, threw it into park, (in the parking lot row) and go to save her. Well I get there, and as I'm helping her up she says "I've got a tough head" and gets up, gets into her car and drives off!! Tough old Bird that one!! I was so glad she was ok..I thought for sure she would have broken her head or something..It looked so awful. I can still see it playing out in slow-mo in my mind now..Speaking of Elderly People.. I got my car back finally.. Its all good as new.

But then Bob Moore Kia did the dumbest thing. They call me and claim that another customer wants to buy my car because they are looking for my Exact car and it is easier for them to buy the car back from me, than to find one at an auction..and if I sell them back my car, they will give me a new car to replace it.. So MJ goes down there, and sure enough, this ends up being a dumb scam.. as a way for them to try to talk us into a NEW car for more money, and more car payments.. then they wouldn't give Jordan his keys!! Idiots.. This is truly unfortunate, because the reason we bought my car there is because they were no-haggle, no pressure.. and now they pull this crap. Disapproving Bob Moore, disappointing.

We are busy planning the girls first birthday party. We are super excited about it, and so excited that we have so many good people around them, who love them unconditionally and just want to squeeze them all the time! When you see other people who love your kids, it just puts a smile on your face! And if they love my dogs, even better!! Having children has made me realize more than ever how important it is to set good examples and start traditions that are going to last a lifetime, and we are so thankful for our church family and the folks that help us do that. We have also learned that it takes a village to raise these girls, and we are so thankful for the people who have chosen to be a part of their lives!! All of you folks that post on FB and keep up with our lives, we always appreciate you, even if we don't see you all the time!