Thursday, April 10, 2014

Are they Twins???

OMGosh..If one more person asks Jordan and I out in public "Are they Twins?" We are going to start getting clever with our answers.. These are a few of my favorite options...

  • "No, we actually just found an extra out in the parking lot and thought we'd bring her in too"
  • "Nope, I thought it'd be convenient to buy a double stroller & a second car seat so I could carry a doll too."
  • "Nope, it was 2 for 1 day at the hospital"
  • "No, they're actually triplets but we lost one at the mall" 
  • "Yes, from two different fathers" 
  • "No, that one is the other ones shadow" 

I know they mean well..and are only trying to bring up a conversation because they want to talk to my adorable girls.. but sometimes you just almost can't help yourself..

Now lets talk about the obnoxious things people say to us when they find out they ARE in fact twins;

  • "Wow, you've got your hands full" --NO! You think?!?!
  • "Better you than me"---Now this one is just rude.. 
  • "Man they are cute, but I don't want one"--Oh I'm sorry.. did I forget to take the 'for sale' sign off one?"... I mean really.. who says THAT. 
  • "How do you tell them apart?"--Well they look nothing alike to us, so its not very hard. 
  • "Do they have their own language?"---Well since they aren't talking.. I don't know. Maybe??
  • "Which is the good one?"--Ok, rude. No one would ever ask someone with a singleton if they are 'good' or 'bad'.. so why ask twins? Which is the good one? The one not crying!!! 
  • "Double Trouble"--This is unfair..No child should be labeled as Trouble!!!  
  • "Are they Identical, fraternal, Paternal?"--Um, they are frantrnal.. Maternal yes, they have a mom, I'm her... Paternal, yes, they have a father..thats MJ.. 

Ok, so onto the next.. We had a great weekend last weekend. The girls had their 3rd lesson at Aquatots. They are getting better at putting their face under water and blowing bubbles.. Cross also is getting really good at gripping the side of the wall, and LL is doing great on her kicking! They like splashing the most, and seeing the other babies in the water. Cross was swimming by a little girl named Elle, and Elle reach over and held her hand. It was pretty cute. 

After Swimming we went home and let the girls take a nap, and then when we woke up we took them to the park to play. LL liked wearing her sunglasses. They loved playing on the quilt.. They aren't sure about grass yet, so they were happy to just play on the quilt and have some snacks. I bought some frozen blueberries, since the others seem to be out of season now, and gave them to them.. GOOD GRIEF..they love blueberries so much! I also made them salmon patties, and spinach balls.. They loved all of that.. So far they love everything.. They also love swinging at the park. 

I also found these amazing products from BOON.. They are bowls.. WITH SUCTIONS! What! So this stops the girls from throwing them over the edge, or playing the drums with them, and teaches them to eat from a bowl. We are at that stage now, where we are trying to teach them to eat with bowls, plates, and utensils.. 

 This morning we tried eating Yogurt out of them.. Not a total success.. yet.. lol.. but they do love eating their berries out of it.. We haven't tried the plates yet, but I'm thinking they would also be awesome to take to restaurants.. So after the Park we picked up the Dog babes from the Groomer and took them to play in their field. The dogs had been at the groomer for awhile, so they were excited to run free, play, and be dogs.. They loved it. And they were all so puffed and cute. The girls strolled around watching them play.

On Sunday we had a fun time too.. We got up and went to church, and then to Home Depot.. the girls like shopping.. partly because people talk to them all the time, and they like that.. We bought some stuff for our lawn stuff.. Our lawn looks terrible.. the front has weeds, and the back has stuffed animal, dog toy carcasses laying all over where Banks has torn up everything.. I took her rollerblading for the first time the other day (me on skates, not her) and she was scared at first, but then liked it because she got to run.. Then we took the girls to the Mall to pickup MJ's new video game "Tital Fall".. well guess who was there.. THE EASTER BUNNY!! Cross went crazy for the Easter Bunny.. It was like her best day ever. It was like one of her stuffed animals came alive and met her at the Mall! She immediately went to him, giggling, and petting him.. lol.. LL loved him too, but she wasn't quite as crazy as Cross was! It was hilarious!

So we had a great weekend.. This is their last lesson at Aquatots.. They are going to take a couple of weeks off, and then we will start up again..

This is a video of how much the girls love their daddy.. especially when he is doing Kung Fu to them..

Crosslee will be walking in like 2 weeks. She is now standing by herself, and pushing her walker around. She's close! Are we ready for this!!! Probably not.. lol..

Also, if you guys haven't made your Easter Plans I'd like to invite you to Crossings. We have all sorts of options for services for you to go to, and they are ALL AWESOME. I first visited Crossings 6 years ago on an Easter Sunday and I've been there ever since.. because it was THAT good. Now I'm just so excited to call it my Church Home and go there.. Don't be intimidated by the size.. Once you get in, you will be glad you got there!!

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