Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Fun For All

We had a great weekend.. It didn't start off great.. On thursday when I went home LL was running a fever and acting very sad.. So I thought I had better take her in.. So I loaded the girls up and took them down to the 1st Kids After care clinic.. Which is is pretty great by the way.. Its a clinic made up of all the Pediatricians from Northwest Pediatrics, so you always see a great pediatrician.. Well when we got there she started acting a lot better (of course) and we found out that she had her top 2 teeth coming in.. and

was probably getting a cold.. Which seems to be the norm these days.. Every kid I see has a snotty nose these days.. So.. We went home.. The awesome thing about colds is that your baby gets like 25 of them.. and there is nothing you can do for them, so there's that stick of awesome sauce.. Thankfully, Mine don't seem to be too bothered by colds..or teething.. So we just gave her some tylenol and she was good to go.

I had a fun day with them on Friday. I took the day off (Because MJ was off too) and Cross & I went to the Good Friday Service and invited our Friends, Jenn and Jude.. LL stayed at home since her teeth were still hurting and just hung out with dad.. The Good Friday service at Crossings is INCREDIBLE. Its emotional, its hard to watch, and its powerful.. But its something everyone needs to see because you need to know and feel the sacrifice that Jesus made for us.. So I was glad I went, and glad I brought a friend.

After church we went home and let the girls open their Easter baskets from us.. We knew they would be getting baskets all weekend long, so we let them open ours.. They got Bunnetta (for LL) and Penny Chicken (For Cross).. They were Scentsy buddies so they smell delicious. So that was a fun time.. Then we strolled around the neighborhood and had a great lil family day..

On Saturday 2 of Jordan's Uncles came to town. One from TX,(Jim) and another from California,(Larry and Susi) so we went to see all of them at Jordan's dad's house. The last time I saw all of them I was a big pregnant lady, so it was nice to see everyone again with my little 10 month old babes! The girls got to meet Jordan's grandma for the first time too, so we had a big time. They had Easter baskets and ate some BBQ. We had a good time..they still were not 100%, but they had fun..and they looked super cute in their bunny dresses! Everyone enjoyed them, and they love being little hams. Cross was showing off her walking skills by pushing her walker, and LL was being her charming, sweet self..

ON Sunday mom came up and went to Church with us.. Steve is still not doing that great from his back surgery.. They said it could take 6-8 months for him to really see a difference.. well right now he's not seeing ANY difference, so we are hoping and praying that it starts to turn around pretty soon. Church was awesome though.. as Crossings Easter always is.. Uncle Brandon and his kiddo's joined us too.. It did not disappoint.. It moves my heart when I walk into a church and see 5,000 other people that are all there to worship and celebrate the Lord.. It also moves my soul when I see that many talented people in the Orchestra that are volunteering their time to come and play every Sunday. Its so awesome. I missed seeing my dad & Joni at Easter. Grant & Lexi were at his house, but we will get to go there next year and hunt eggs with Cousin Joe & Ava!

After Church we had lunch at the Delta Cafe and then the girls wanted to take a nap.. So while they were napping, MJ and I got some things done and then mom kept them while we went out to eat at Cheevers.. I had not been there, but they had chips with Blue Cheese on them as an appetizer, so of course I was down.. They were delicious. I had the Salmon and MJ had the Spare Ribs.. Both were awesome. We will go back there for sure.

Mom had to get up and go to the dentist on Monday so she stayed the night. Everybody had a great weekend.. Banks the Golden-doodle is doing great.. she is still stealing stuff, and I still need to get her into some classes soon to teach her some manners..but she is super sweet and she loves the girls. The Shih-tzu's are doing good too.. Its about the end of the road for Rally though. He's not getting around very good anymore, and his quality of life is not great.. So we may have to start thinking about that soon. But he's had an amazing life. I'm so honored to say that he has been MINE his whole 17 years of life.. Never had to be re-homed, or adopted, or slept somewhere he didn't want too.. he's been taken care of his WHOLE life by ME.. Always had the best food, the best care, and the best family. That is an accomplishment I'm really proud of.. especially since I see so many people giving up their dogs because they dont' do exactly what they want, or they have a baby, or they tear up their yard.. Rally has been mine for 17 years and I've given him an amazing life. This makes me happy.

Its weird to think that this time last year I was a month away from having the girls.. When I think back on that it seems like not very long ago.. I remember being so miserable because the girls were so big and heavy.. I could barely walk, and could only stand up for like 5 minutes at a time..Its so funny thinking about them being there, and now being out and little people.. MJ and I look at them every day and think "Can you believe we created those little people?" God is so good, and has such amazing plans.. I can't even begin to think about what his plans are for them..I'm so excited to find out, and so blessed that he has made MJ & I a part of their journey.

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