Friday, May 2, 2014

Twinsies in the Rye

What a difference 11 months makes.. Just look at my little babies in their newborn pics, and then my sassy girls now.. I still cannot believe I had twins! Who does that! lol.. Its still shocking to me every day, but I quickly remember when I go into their rooms in the morning and try to figure out how to easily carry BOTH of them to their high-chairs for breakfast! Everything is harder.. 

But.. one of the most awesome things is watching their relationship start to blossom.. We went to Canute last weekend and mom has 2 cribs for them in a bedroom.. We pushed their cribs together and they had the BEST time..They would both stand up and look over their crib and giggle and talk to each other. They would spend about 30 minutes/night just giggling and talking to each other before Cross finally gave up and passed out.. but it was so cute to watch.. So thats pretty cool.. because otherwise they would just be in there by themselves.. not mine, they have each other!
Watching their relationship has been funny the past few weeks. Sometimes they are so sweet to each other, and then other times they are pushing each other and poking in the face. LL has started pushing Cross in the face, and it never ends well.. Because then Cross pushes her back, or squeezes her arms, and LL does NOT like that.. Plus Cross is crazy strong.. So we have been telling them to 'be sweet' and working on things like that with them.. I'm thinking this is always going to be an issue.. lol..
So when we got back to OKC, we also pushed their cribs together and found that they still like talking to each other and giggling before they go to bed. Its funny because Cross just cannot stay up as long as LL.. so she eventually just sits down with her Owl, and gradually lays down.. Meanwhile, LL is just chatting up a storm.. lol.. I'm thinking that will be their relationship MOST of their lives.

So over the weekend at the farm, Mom gave the girls these little ponies that one of her friends had gotten for them at their baby shower.. They sing a little song and Rock..Both of the girls loved them. Cross liked putting her hands in the horses mouse while he was singing to her, and LL loved riding him.

We Also took the girls to the Canola Field. Last year at this time I was around 35 weeks pregnant and the Canola was beautiful, so MJ and I stopped on our way to church and took a pic of me in the Canola.. So this year, Mom and I put the girls in the canola.. It was hard getting them to pose because Cross just wanted to EAT the Canola.. But we got some cute pics. We also put them in the rye across the road from us, and those turned out really cute. They are really good little posers.

On Sunday we got up and took the girls to see Pops & Grammy J in Sentinel. Dad had been wanting to take them to church for awhile to show them off, so we met them there.. The girls had fun. They went back to the nursery and played with these cool wooden tables. They always act pretty great in the nursery, and I'm glad about that. LL loves playing with the other kids.. and Cross just loves exploring new toys and things.

We had a great weekend. We still have not taken them to the Zoo yet, but that is on the horizon. We get a special Zoo pass at Loves, so we will use it soon.

I have had a ridiculous allergy cough for the past 2 weeks and I'm so sick of it. I've went to the Dr. twice for it, and so far we can't get it much better.. But I think the stuff I'm taking now is working better, b/c I don't sound like a hacker today (AS BAD).

Last week I went to Hobby Lobby to get some stuff for the girls Bday party projects I'm doing.. I actually saw a grown woman take yarn and throw it at the cashier! Apparently she didn't think the line was moving quick enough, so just lost it, and threw the yarn.. At what point do you get in your life where throwing yarn is acceptable? I'm not sure.. but it made me laugh..

These are the girls chalkboards for their bday. I love them. I got the frames half off at Hobby Lobby... and the designs came from Etsy. Then I jazzed the frames up with a little bling (of course I did).. They turned out perfect. I also loved their invitations, which also came from Etsy.. They were ladybugs with wings that moved.. SO cute. I might be getting a bit ridiculous with this party.. but they only turn ONE ONCE right!!

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  1. Love love your post, The girls will be so thankful someday that you chronicled there life. I wish they would have have something when Jason and Sephanie were little. Someday I would love to meet these sweet babies. Thanks again KC for sharing these sweet babies life with us. Peggy